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Okay so this may not be something that you stop and think about every day - but there are some startling facts around about the UK's general pension provision.

Nutmeg offer an easy to use, intelligent approach to pension planning.

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They offer an expertly managed pension fund that you can tailor make to suit your overall attitude to investment risk, and they will rebalance this on a regular basis as part of the service - with surprisingly low annual management charges.   Rebalancing helps to keep your plan at the risk level you choose, and encourages selling investments when they are highly priced and using the funds to buy other low pried investments, with a constant view on enhancing the value of your pension pot, whilst ensuring that your risk level doesn't go above what you have chosen.

Nutmeg offer an online service allowing to check the value of your plan at any time and are very proud of the level of customer care offered both online and on the phone. There are no hidden charges  and no intermediaries or brokers to pay, so more of your money will be invested.

Did you know

  • Over 7 of 10 UK workers will currently not have sufficient pension income to sustain their lifestyle in retirement
  • The average pension pot in the UK is just £25000 - this is not per year - this is the total pot - how long would that last you? 
  • Half of the pension holders in the UK never review their pension - so how could you know whether it was on track to give you what you want? 
  • The average state pension age is now 67 with the average income being just £126 per week - based on full National Insurance contributions. 
  • Fewer than 10% of the UK population understand or make any use of the tax efficiency of pensions - for example did you know that every £1 contributed to a personal pension becomes £1.25 instantly through tax relief
Nutmeg offer a simple guide to personal pensions, with some handy key facts to help you decide if they are right for you.  If you have heard of nutmeg before it be more along the lines of managed investments, however their pension plan is available to almost all - and offer a simple, intelligent approach to investing your money.   Check out Nutmeg for more information and make sure you review your plans before its too late!

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  1. Great post, I really don't understand my pension at all and my dad is currently a few months away from retiring and it's so confusing!

  2. Nutmeg sound great! Especially for someone like me. I need to start planning for mine soon.

  3. I'm not very good at pensions at all, all I know is that I have one, but I've never thought to review it - thanks for the post! x

  4. I really need to sort my pension out...sadly military girlfriend so technically single white female when it comes to pennies to put aside for my future as alas, no pennies for now! But it's certainly something that I worry about!! Xx

  5. This is another one for the list - checking as soon as possible. Funny how we don't prioritize what is really important in life. thanks for the reminder! R

  6. I'm ashamed to say that I don't have a pension. When I started in my job I opted out as it was never suppose to be a permanent thing - 15 years later I'm still there

  7. Great post! My work automatically sorted out my pension and takes a percentage of my pay towards it ☺️ X


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