An Evening With Giovanna Fletcher

Last night I attended an evening with Giovanna Fletcher at Waterstones. I have never been to anything like this before because if I am being honest I am not a big reader. I do like reading but I always have something else to do so although I have lots of books, they just sit there gathering dust. So I assume you are wondering why I went to a book event then if I'm not really a book lover. The truth is I do like Giovanna's books and have all four of them but I actually like her as a person too. I know that might sound crazy as I have never met her (until last night) but I follow her on you tube and I really enjoy watching her vlogs.

As you will know if you read my blog I am a huge fan of McFly/McBusted and have been since the very beginning. Giovanna is married to Tom from Mcfly/Mcbusted and its probably since 'The Wedding Speech' that I became a fan of Giovanna too.

I put her books on my christmas list last year and I absolutely love them. They are right up my street because I am a sucker for romance and her books tick every box for me. Billy and Me has been my favourite so far because I just fell in love with the characters instantly and their love for each other just had me in tears.

I have recently just bought her fourth book Dream A Little Dream and when I saw she was coming to our local Waterstones I wanted to get involved. Daddy bought me tickets and off we went.

Like I said I had no idea what to expect so I have nothing to compare it to but I really enjoyed it. Giovanna was interviewed by author Caroline Smailes and answered lots of questions about the books, herself and also her life.

If anyone has ever met Giovanna will know how lovely and down to earth she is. I think that's what interested me more that she is just a normal working mum. She feels guilty leaving her son Buzz with his nan, 3 days a week while she writes. I know I don't like leaving little J when I go to work, but I have too because I need to earn the pennies! Giovanna is actually no different and although many may say she is different to us because she is rich and famous, I honestly don't see her like that at all. If you watch her vlogs and also husband Tom's you will see a genuine loving family where both parents work extremely hard whilst bringing up their son.

I wasn't brave enough to ask a question when it went to an open Q & A but the questions I had in my head were asked quite early on.

After the Q&A, Giovanna headed downstairs to do a book signing. This was extremely busy and she had agreed to sign all books so I was so happy that I had brought my others too. I also purchased another there to giveaway on my blog.

When it was our turn I explained that I needed a book signing so I could give it away. She was more than happy to do this and you can check out the competition here. She asked me about my blog, how long I had been blogging for and did I enjoy it. She was very friendly and posed for a photo which is awful because Daddy took it on his phone and I always look the wrong way. Haha.

The book Dream A Little Dream is out now and you can purchase it HERE if you haven't got it already. The story is based around Sarah who's life is okay, not great, just okay. She was dumped my her boyfriend who is now dating the perfect woman. One night she falls asleep and a handsome stranger is just lurking in the background of her dream. The next night he appears again and again and becomes a recurring character. Things get a little saucy and then one day he pops up in real life.

So it was a great night and after hearing about Dream A Little Dream at the event I am really looking forward to it.

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  1. I'm so jealous! They are probably my favourite couple and I love her books and her for the same reason as you. She's just like you and me and it really makes me smile. I must buy this latest book :)


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