Monday, 22 February 2016

Drumond Park LOGO Prize Bundle Giveaway

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 You all know that I am a big fan of board games. It's a great way to spend time together and have lots of fun. We have a huge collection of games and I am always on the lookout for new ones. You can never have too many. 


Friday, 19 February 2016

A World Of Fun At Your Fingertips

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You might think that you’d have to be a technology expert to get the most of your smartphone or tablet, but these devices are now being designed with everyone in mind. Whether you just want to shop, watch movies or even play bingo online, all of these things are really easy to do on your tablet or smartphone, especially when you have the right apps. So whether it’s for the youngest or oldest members of your family, here are some apps your whole family can enjoy.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Our Potty Training Tips

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Before Christmas we decided it may be time to start to potty train little J. We bought a potty and left  it in the room at first so he could get used to it. When we thought about it we would ask him if he needed a wee wee or a poo poo on the potty and most of the time he would say no. Now we didn't really help him along with this and would just accept the fact that he didn't want to go. Although obviously he did because he had full nappies. We were so busy on the run up to Christmas it just seemed like the wrong time to focus on this so we decided once we had finished work for Christmas we would give it our full attention.

Now I know some people say that the child will give you signs when he/she is ready but I also know as a Nursery Nurse that some children don't. They will happily sit around in a dirty nappy not telling you they need to go or even that they have been. So I think there is probably never a right time or a wrong time to try potty training you just have to take the leap and see where you end up.

So first we told him that from now on wee wee's and poo poo's are for the potty. He totally understood and seemed quite excited about it. We bought a reward box full of cars. He loves cars and these were pretty cheap considering they were Hot Wheels. Little J isn't too keen on stickers so we couldn't use them and I didn't really want to reward him with sweets and chocolates, so cars it was.

I do think it's important to offer a little reward for potty training. It's such a big deal and we are all motivated by something. We all want to do well for that little reward at the end so this isn't any different.

So on our first day we showed him the box of cars, told him if he wanted to 'win' one he needs to go on the potty. We whipped off the nappy and took the plunge.

To say I am gobsmacked of the outcome is an understatement. From the minute the nappy came off he has been in control 99% of the time. Telling us when he wants a wee wee or sitting on when it's been a while and we ask him to. He loves it and even now weeks later he is still proud when he goes on the potty and shouts "I've been". The cars really helped, at first he was getting a car for a wee wee or a poo poo but because he was so good and we were running out of cars it changed to just a poo poo.

We made the decision for him not to wear any type of pull up nappy. Whilst they are great for convenience I don't really understand how a child can differentiate between a nappy and a pull up, to me they would just think its the same thing. We decided undies was the best way to go. If he wee'd and didn't like the wetness on him or on his legs it may encourage him to tell us next time. He has had about three accidents in nearly three weeks. It's unbelievable how well he has done. He is using the potty all the time now and even the toilet in Nursery. Proud Mummy moment.


Our Tips For Potty Training

I don't think there is ever a 'right' time to start as you don't really know whether a child is ready or not. You just need to take the plunge and see what happens.

Try and plan the potty training when you have time to help your child with this new adventure. Take a week or two off work or just when there is you and them at home. Having one to one really helps, no distractions is the key.

Give it time. For most children it won't just happened overnight.

Be supportive at all times. Never get upset or angry if they have an accident. It can really knock their confidence and set them back.

Reward them. How nice is it to get a little reward in life when you've done well. It makes you smile, happy and want to do well again. Same for our little ones if they get a little treat it may just spur them on.

Make the decision of whether you will go for pull ups or just underwear. I do think this is really important as like I said earlier if I was a child I would just think I was wearing a nappy. I wouldn't know the difference between a pull up or a nappy, they both look the same. I know lots of children that have had great success wearing pull-ups but my tip is to stick to underwear. They can feel if they have had an accident, and I can guarantee they won't like that feeling of wee wee dripping down their leg. Might make them think twice next time.

It is really important to know your child's routine for a poo poo. Some children go the same time every day or at least once a day and so on. When potty training children seem to get the hang of going for a wee wee easier than a poo poo. It's important to make sure they are still doing their poo poo's because if they are not they can become severely blocked and it could become a medical issue. If your child isn't ready to poo poo on the potty you need to make the decision of putting a nappy back on them on or around the time they usually go. They just might not be ready for this stage and that is normal.


 I honestly thought the potty training posts would drag on and on but that's it, nothing more to say. I am so proud of him and although he hadn't given us any signs he was definitely ready.


Monday, 15 February 2016

Not Just A Mummy or Daddy - Jessica's Story

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This week on 'Not Just A Mummy or Daddy' you can read all about Jessica's hobby. Jessica who blogs over at Babiafi tells just about her love of dolls and doll house miniatures.

As a child with my dolls house and trolls

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Not Just A Mummy Or Daddy - My Story

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When you become a parent everything changes. You don't seem to get the time to do anything. When I had big J it was the day before my 22nd birthday. I didn't have any hobbies I just enjoyed doing 'couple' things with Daddy. Whether it was going the cinema or for a meal we just enjoyed doing stuff together.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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I love Valentines day and whilst I don't feel the need to run out and buy lots of gifts or receive any I do like the idea of celebrating 'being in love'  

Daddy and I have been together for 16 years and I know we still love each other the way we did when we first started dating, if not more. When we were younger Valentines Day seemed more important. I'm not sure why but we really used to make a big effort. Nice gifts, flowers, chocolates and even a trip to Dublin. Now we don't need all that, maybe because we are parents we would be just as happy with a hour or two to ourselves.

For those who would like to spoil their loved ones this Valentines Day I have a few ideas for you.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Baby Born Wonderland Interactive Doll Giveaway

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I have teamed up with Baby Born to offer my readers and followers the chance to win a very special prize.

Baby Born Wonderland Interactive Doll

Crown Carveries - The Greenhills Review

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Last week to help celebrate my Dads birthday we were invited to our local Crown Carveries pub restaurant. We have visited The Greenhills many times over the years and have always been impressed with the food and also the pub itself.


Monday, 1 February 2016

Paradise Island Adventure Golf - Cheshire Oaks Giveaway

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You may have read about our recent visit to Paradise Island Adventure Golf a few weeks ago. Newly opened the mini golf really is a must do if you are in the area or want a break from shopping at the nearby retail park. We had a really great time and I was shocked at little J who absolutely loved playing and lasted the whole 18 holes without getting bored. 
 I am so pleased to be able to offer my readers the chance to win a round of golf for the family in my new giveaway.

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