Visiting Disneyland Paris During Halloween Season

This post has been updated for 2021 including all the attractions for the 2021 Halloween Festival. 

Halloween season is lots of fun and even more special if you are heading to Disneyland Paris. We really enjoyed visiting during Halloween and there are lots of tricks and treats to enjoy at the hotels and the parks to keep you busy. If you are planning a trip this Halloween season then I've gathered some information to make the most of your visit. 

Happy Halloween Sign at Disneyland Paris

Disney's Halloween festival is back in 2021 and begins on the 1st October right up until 7th November. 

Disneyland Park

I'm Walking Right Down The Middle Of Main Street, USA
From the moment you head in to the park you will be greeted with pumpkins and Halloween decorations as they line the streets with tricks and treats ready to pop up anywhere to give you a spooky surprise.

Main Street is one of our favourite places to take photographs as it is always decorated perfectly for the Halloween season. There will be lots of Mickey pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls ready to be snapped. 

The decorations and music at Disneyland Paris really add to your whole experience and they do it so well.

Disneyland Paris

Pumpkin at Disneyland Paris
Maleficent at Disneyland Paris
Spot A Villain
Halloween brings out the villains and you will definitely spot a few of your favourites. Halloween season is the only time you can spot some of the villains so you won't want to miss them.

Maleficent will be lurking around Sleeping Beauty's Castle so make sure you check out Fantasyland.

If you fancy seeing Captain Hook head to Adventureland and look out for the Jolly Roger.

Make sure you have your phones ready for a villain selfie. 

pumpkins at Disneyland Paris

Jack Skellington at Disneyland Paris
Spooky Selfies
Spotting your favourite character in their Halloween costume is such a good feeling. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy will be ready to have a selfie with you.

Little boy with Mickey at Disneyland Paris

Hollywood Studios

Who's Lurking At Hollywood Studios?
From 1 October, evil villains and other mischievous characters are invading Studio Theatre for your goosebump-inducing pleasure. A screamingly good time awaits those courageous enough to spend time in the presence of these rebellious rapscallions.

tower of terror at  Disneyland Paris

The Tower Of Terror
Welcome to the dusty remnants of the once-glamourous Hollywood Tower Hotel. Going up? Hop inside the service elevator and discover the surprises that lie on the upper floors - we’re sure you’ll fall quickly for this old Hotel’s quirky charms. Oh, and make sure you strap in, you never know what can happen in a rickety old lift.

As well as all the spooky shenanigans you can enjoy all your favourite rides. 

Opening times and ride closures are updated on the Disneyland Paris website under plan your visit so make sure you check that out before your visit so you can plan your days. 

disneyland paris

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Neon Effect Message Frame Giveaway

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The Neon Effect Message Frame allows you to create your own message by writing on the glass of the light up neon effect frame.

Neon effect message frame

The frame is 23cm square, made of plastic and features a glass panel in the centre of the frame which is perfect for writing your messages. All you need to do is use the bright, vibrant neon pens to create your messages. There are three colours to choose from, pink, green and orange. 

You can choose how you wish to display your frame. It can be hung on the wall or can be free standing on any flat surface. 

Once you have created your message all you need to do is turn on the frame and watch your message illuminate with a bright neon effect glow. 

Once you have finished all you need to do is simply wipe clean using a dry cloth and start all over again. 

Neon Effect Message Frame

I've teamed up with Wicked Uncle to give one our readers the chance to win a Neon Effect Message Frame. 

Wicked Uncle offer a range of gifts for all ages and occasions.

All you need to do is complete the entry form below and remember to pop back daily for bonus chances to win. 

Good Luck



Competition closes on Sunday 3rd Oct 2021

Entrants must have a valid UK address. 

Bulk, third party or any other entries using automated software will be disqualified. 

All entrants and entries are checked and verified. 

1 lucky winner will be chosen at random by the Gleam application. 

Playdays and Runways will contact the lucky winners within 7 days of the competition closing. 

The winners will be emailed to the email address given at the time of entering. 

The winners will not be announced on my blog or social media until they have agreed that their name can be displayed. 

The winners must respond within 28 days, if no response a new winner will be chosen. 

This prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative 

The Prize : A Neon Effect Message Frame

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Roald Dahl Day - Ten Interesting Facts You May Not Know About The Author

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The 13th September is recognised around the world as Roald Dahl Day. Roald Dahl was born in Wales on the 13th September 1916 and would have celebrated his 105th birthday this year. We all know Roald Dahl for his children's books. Whether you are a fan or not you will have heard of his stories or seen the movie versions of the children's classics. Roald Dahl wasn't just a children's author, in fact he didn't start writing until much later on in his life after having children of his own. 

a selection of Roald Dahl books

There is much more to Roald Dahl and I have gathered ten very interesting facts that you may not know. 

1. Dahl was a young RAF pilot in World War 2. He almost died after his plane crashed suffering from skull, nose and spine injuries. He went on to have six surgeries and two hip replacements. 

2. He became a spy for William Stephenson during the War. 

3. Dahl worked alongside Ian Fleming as well as many others. It is said that due to his friendship with Fleming, Roald Dahl went on to write the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice and then co wrote the screenplay for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Roald Dahl created one of the scariest children's villains of all time, The child catcher.

4. When Roald Dahls daughter was seven she died from measles complications. The virus entered Olivias brain and caused inflammation. 

5. Roald Dahl reached a height of 6ft 6 when he became an adult. 

roald dahl book

6. Roald Dahls first children's book, James and The Giant Peach appeared in the US in 1961. It was banned in several states as people claimed it encouraged disobedience, there were flirtatious characters and it referenced drugs and alcohol. 

7. It was 1967 before a British publisher decided to publish James and The Giant peach in the UK. Roald Dahl had to front up half the costs of publishing or the deal was off. 

roald dahl book

8. Gobblefunk language was created by Roald Dahl and features hundreds of words including ringbeller, trogglehumper, whizzpopping, biffsquiggled and gizzardgulping. An Oxford Roald Dahl dictionary was created in 2016 to mark his 100th birthday.

9. Roald Dahl had a dislike for beards. It was because of his dislike he created The Twits as a campaign against them.

10. At the time of his death, Roald Dahl was planning a 3rd instalment to his popular classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The book was to be called Charlie and The White House. 

How many of these facts did you already know? Do you have any others you can share? 

roald dahl books

We are huge fans of Roald Dahl, both his books and the their movie versions. We first introduced little J to his stories way back in 2015 when McDonalds featured Roald Dahl books in their Happy Meals. I think everyone has their own favourite and for me it's Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory movie. The original starring Gene Wilder just reminds me of when I was little and I just loved it. I would watch it all the time. 

What's your favourite book or movie?

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Pennington Flash, Leigh

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A few friends have told us about visiting Pennington Flash recently so during the Summer holidays we decided to put on our walking shoes and head to the flash for an afternoon walk. As we had never visited before and couldn't really find much online we didn't know what to expect, other than the flash is a very large body of water. 

pennington flash

What To Expect At Pennington Flash, Leigh WN7 3PA
When looking at the map of the flash both online and upon arrival it's quite difficult to see which path leads where so we started out at the car park and took it from there.  There are maps dotted around the car park to show the different paths so we took a photo of the map to help us navigate . 

The car park is chargeable at £1.50 per day. There were plenty of spaces even though some of the car park was taken up by travellers.

boy walking alongside a lake

When looking at the flash we headed right towards a toilet block which was closed. These were the only toilets on site which made it a little tricky as we were expecting to be at Pennington Flash for at least a few hours. Someone did tell me that there is a Morrisons about a 15 minute walk away if the toilets are closed on your visit. 

boy on a swing

Just behind the toilets is a children's playground. It had the usual play equipment, swings, see-saws, climbing frame. 

We then followed a path which led us alongside the flash, in towards the woods and up alongside the Liverpool Leeds canal. 

bird watching hideout

There were hideouts alongside the paths which are great for bird watchers and were very popular. Some of the seats where marked as belonging to people, which I assume is just their way of saying they spend a lot of time here watching the wildlife over the year. 

bridge over the liverpool leeds canal

the liverpool leeds canal

After we had walked alongside the Liverpool Leeds canal we had to find our way back on the path which was a little tricky and very steep so we did double back. Luckily we were able to watch a canal boat going past, the man on board looked like he was enjoying himself waving to the kids as he went past.  There is a large bridge which takes you over the canal just here and its a great place for taking photos and looking out onto the canal. 

We then joined the path but somewhere on that path we should have turned and followed a path back to the car park which is approx a 1-2 mile walk if we wanted a short walk that wouldn't have covered the entire flash. 

mum and son walking

dad and son walking

We continued on a path which took is right around the flash. The path was mostly defined however it was wet and muddy in places so we did have to go in to the bushes a few times and climb over a fence. We managed to get really close to the waters edge at times too which meant we could stop to throw stones and have a little break watching the birds and swans.  

We then ended up on a main road but managed to get back in to the country park again on clear paths that took us through some private land with public footpaths through. There are signs to let you know where you need to go and which areas are private.

boy sat by the water

This walk wasn't what we expected and took us around 3 hours and was approx 7-8km. However it was enjoyable and there was plenty to see along the way including the boats on the flash from the nearby sailing club. 

Walking shoes or boots are definitely essential as even though there are defined paths they are rocky and proper walking boats will protect your ankles. 

There is an ice cream man at the car park until close each day. Luckily we had £10 cash with us as the ice cream man wasn't taking cards when we visited. 

Pennington flash

We really enjoyed our walk around Pennington Flash and although we only expected to walk 1-2 miles it was a nice walk and was easy on the legs for most of it. The hideouts are great if you want to spot birds and the walk along the canal was really calm and peaceful. 

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It Only Happens In The Movies by Holly Bourne Book Review

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This post contains affiliate links.

Audrey isn't like the majority of her friends. Whilst they are gushing over boys, Audrey is over romance. Audrey had been brought up by two parents who were head over heals with each other until one day it was over. So whilst dealing with her parents divorce, a hurtful breakup of her own, and distancing herself from her friends she has every reason to feel cynical. To avoid being at home with her Mum who is clearly not over her Dad, Audrey starts a job at the local cinema. She meets Harry. Harry is her fellow coworker, brash, impulsive, and a major flirt. Audrey isn't interested and tries to resist, however she finds herself falling for his charms. 

In this funny, insightful, and ultimately empowering novel, love and life isn’t what it’s like in the movies. It Only Happens In The Movies by Holly Bourne.

It only happens in the movies book

My Book Review
This is the third book I've read since joining the monthly book club in May. It Only Happens In The Movies got the majority of the votes including mine. I am a sucker for a romance books however this really wasn't a romance book, but I loved it. 

The story tells a story about a teenage girl, Audrey who had been brought up by two parents who loved each other. Their proposal was epic in Rome similar to the movie Roman Holiday. Their daughter Audrey was actually named after the actress Audrey Hepburn. Audrey had no idea that one day her Dad would up and leave to be with another woman. He actually starts a new family. 

There is a lot of responsibility on Audrey to look after her Mum who doesn't take the situation very well. Audrey does have an older brother but he is away in college. I really felt for Audrey as she never seems to know what she will come home to so starts staying out later and later at her new job at the cinema. 

Audrey has had a failed relationship herself just recently so the idea of love isn't in her thoughts at all right now until she meets Harry. Harry is a charmer. Harry is funny, cute, says all the right things but has a reputation. I think we all knew this kind of boy in school. Some girls stayed clear and others fell for him, Audrey was a bit of both. 

I finished this book within a week or so, I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed watching the relationship build between Audrey and Harry. There is something special about your first love and although it doesn't always ends the way you want it too it's one you will always remember.

Take a look at my other book club reviews

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August 2021 | Looking Back

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I said last month that August will fly by and before we know it the kids will be back at school and yes, I was right. Days, weeks and even months can drag sometimes when you are in work however as soon as you are off they whizz past. I really can't complain as we had an absolutely brilliant Summer and it has probably been my favourite Summer for a long time. 

standing in front of the disneyland paris castle

toy story land disneyland paris

One of my favourite memories from this Summer was booking a very last minute to Disneyland Paris. It had been about 18 months since we visited a Disney park and as soon as they announced that France had been removed from amber plus we booked. It was the best Disneyland Paris holiday I think we have ever had. Everything went so smoothly and although we had to wear masks and the castle is under refurbishment it was every bit as magical as I remembered

hotel cheyenne

We tend to visit Disneyland Paris around Christmas time so it was nice to enjoy the parks in just t-shirts rather than jumpers, coats, hats and scarves. We stayed in Hotel Cheyenne which is the only Disney hotel we hadn't stayed in before so it was a nice experience.

hyper space mountain

This visit was the first time that little J went on every ride we did except for Indiana Jones. He was so brave and went on Hyper Space Mountain and The Tower of Terror.

We had a truly amazing time and it was just what we needed. 

jumping in to a foam pit

We visited quite a few indoor play centres this month including Flip Out, Kick Air and our local soft play. We love visiting indoor play centres, they are perfect for wet days, to burn off any extra energy and to spend time with friends. 

legoland discovery centre

legoland discovery centre

John and big J were in and out of work all month so I had planned a few days out just for little J and I. We went to the Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester followed by a visit to Sealife which is just next door.

sealife centre

As Merlin Pass holders we can visit the attractions throughout the year as and when we want however I still prebook our tickets as they can sell out very quickly. 

John and I enjoyed just one date day this month but it was a good one. We headed to Breakout which is our favourite escape room. We chose Detectives Office and we did manage to escape with just over a minute to go. 

salthouse dock

albert dock

afternoon tea

We then hopped aboard The Floating Grace for afternoon tea and a cruise around the docks in Liverpool. I love afternoon tea and John had found this unique experience and it was a lovely way to spend a few hours. The food was delicious and the sights were stunning. 

dinosaur trail

A few years ago we did a trail around Blackburn looking for Lego Paw Patrol models and it was one of our favourite days out that Summer. This year it was back so we headed back to Blackburn but this time we enjoyed the Brickosaurs Brick Trail looking for huge dinosaurs. It was lots of fun. 

pennington flash

pennington flash

pennington flash

pennington flash

We headed outside quite a few times this month however a highlight was Pennington Flash. It's advertised as a 2 mile walk around the flash (like a large lake) however it was about 7km for us but I think we may have took a few wrong turns. We reached the Liverpool Leeds Canal which was lovely to walk along. We actually saw a boat going past which little J loved as the captain waved at him. 

The walk itself wasn't tough however there were parts were we had to improvise as the path was muddy or blocked off completely but it all adds to the fun I suppose. 

In Other News

I was really stressing about back to school shopping however it went really well and we got everything in just one trip. 

I've started planning our days out for Halloween and Christmas. Things sell out so fast so you have to be very early. 

Big J headed to Creamfields for the weekend. It's his first festival but he was very excited as well as nervous but had an amazing time. 

Our paddling pool didn't really get much use this year compared to last year. It's not been that warm at all however we managed to get it out over the bank holiday weekend which was fun. 

How was your Summer?

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Ideas To Keep You Busy In September

For some of us, September means back to school. School runs will come back with a bang and the chaos of making packed lunches, washing uniforms and PE kits and trying to manage our kids social lives will keep us busy this month. However if you are looking for more there are some ideas to keep you busy in September. 

september drawing

Read A New Book Month
Reading is something I have really enjoyed over the past few months and I actually joined a Monthly Book Club. If you have one local to you or if a group of friends could set one up I would definitely recommend. It opens you up to a variety of genres and you all get to talk about it at the end of the month, giving your thoughts and opinions. 

Friendship Month
Make time for your friends this month. Arrange a lunch, a meet up for a coffee or go for a nice walk in the park. It's nice to have a catch up and friendship month is a gentle reminder to make time for people who are important to us. 

Lazy Mum's Day (3rd)
It's only the 3rd day of September and already us mum's out there need a lazy day. Take advantage and get someone else to take the kids to school or make the dinner. Enjoy your day. 

Cheese Pizza Day (5th)
Today is the day to celebrate the cheese pizza. Head to the shops and pick up a cheese pizza for dinner. If you are feeling creative why not make your own. If you don't fancy making dough out of flour then you can always but a pre made base. It's actually a great activity to try with the kids too. 

It only happens in the movies book

Read A Book Day (6th)
As it's read  a new book month today is the day to make sure you actually sit back, relax and read a few chapters of your latest book. 

Beer Lovers Day (7th)
There are lots of ways you can celebrate the day dedicated to beer. Stay in and enjoy your favourite beverage, head out to the local pub for a pint or two, enjoy a brewery tour or try a new beer. 

Star Trek Day (8th)
Fans will enjoy this day to celebrate everything Star Trek. Binge watch your favourite series. 

boy buried by teddies

Teddy Bear Day (9th)
A teddy bear is one of the most popular children's toys ever. I think at some point we have all had that favourite teddy that we couldn't sleep without. Do you still have yours? Give it some love today and look back on all the memories you shared together. 

Grandparent's Day (12th)
Grandparents day, we can celebrate the wonderful people that are grandparents. We tend to celebrate on Mother's Day or Father's Day but if you don't then today is the chance to celebrate. 

Roald Dahl Day (13th)
Today is Roald Dahl's birthday and this day was created to honour the amazing writer he was. Enjoy a Roald Dahl story today, throw a themed party or watch a movie. 

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day (13th)
Another chance for us to sit back and let someone else cook the dinner tonight. 

Play Doh Day (16th)
Do we really need an excuse to play with some dough? We love play doh here, lots of fun using our imaginations to create and it's a great activity for fine manipulative skills too.

First Love Day (18th)
Who was your first love? Take a trip down memory lane and remember your first love. Do you still know each other? Maybe you married and are still together now.

Wife Appreciation Day (19th)
This day sounds good to me. A day to celebrate all the wives out there and recognise what amazing people we are.

Pepperoni Pizza Day (20th)
Another day dedicated to the Italian favourite, pizza. This time it's Pepperoni. 


Autumn Begins (22nd)
Today is the beginning of one of my favourite seasons, Autumn. There are many reasons why I love Autumn but my favourite reason is that Christmas will soon be here. 

Car Free Day (22nd)
Leave the car at home today and choose to walk or take public transport.

Hobbit Day (22nd)
A day to celebrate the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. This year also celebrates 20 years since Lord of The Rings movie was released so it's even more important fans celebrate on this day. 

ice cream

Ice Cream Cone Day (22nd)
Ice cream cones are usually a popular after dinner choice here for little J every day but am sure we will all enjoy a cone today. 

One Hit Wonder (25th)
Some of my favourite songs over the years have been one hit wonders, what's yours?

Family Day (27th)
Life can be busy so make sure you make time for each other today, come together and celebrate family day. It could just be making sure you all sit down for dinner together, watch a movie or just chat. 

Ask A Stupid Question Day (30th)
The phrase 'there is no such thing as stupid question' springs to mind however I know I have been too shy to ask questions in the past in case it sounds silly. Today is the day to ask those questions and don't be shy.

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