Pumpkin Picking at Kenyon Hall Farm

We did our first ever Pumpkin pick last year and at first we had no idea which pumpkin patch to choose as there are quite a few local to us, however we heard lots of good recommendations for Kenyon Hall Farm so we chose to visit there. We loved it and chose to go again this year too.

pumpkin in pumpkin patch
What To Expect At Kenyon Hall Farm, Warrington WA3 7ED
Kenyon Hall Farm has been growing pumpkins for over 30 years and has become one of the most popular and biggest pumpkin patches in England. 

As well as the Pumpkin Patch you can also enjoy a bite to eat or drink at the cafe, visit the shop or let the little ones explore the play area.

Boy in pumpkin patch

Boy in pumpkin patch
Pumpkin picking begins on the 1st of October and lasts right through till Halloween. (31st October).

Pumpkins can last up to 3-4 when un-carved so you can visit earlier on in the month however there is no guarantees it will last till Halloween. The only bonus about visiting early is the Pumpkin Patches will look prettier earlier on as they can become very muddy. 

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

If you don't manage to find a pumpkin in the patch you can head indoors where you will find lots of pumpkins to choose from which have already been picked and put on display.

Pre Booking your ticket is essential when visiting Kenyon Hall Farm. 

Tickets cost £2 each for adults and children. Children under 18months go free.

The play area is free to enjoy and was fully revamped in 2019. 

If you would like to visit the cafe, no booking is required. Turn up and order your food and collect from the hatch. There are picnic benches around the farm however indoor seating options will be reviewed during the colder months. 

Kenyon Hall Farm is open every day 9-5pm.

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Review | Oven Cleaning With Fantastic Services


 I know we all like to do a spot of Spring cleaning but I also like to do a big clear out and clean in Autumn, getting ready for Christmas. I think the Summer months are so busy for us that we tend to be on the lazy side when it comes to cleaning so I really feel it this time of year. I have been browsing Fantastic Services looking to see what they could help me with and I found a job that I knew would be perfect for us.
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Disney On Ice, Dream Big

Disclosure - We were gifted Disney on Ice tickets for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Last week we headed to Manchester to the Manchester Arena to see Disney On Ice Dream Big. We have seen Disney On Ice many times over the years but each show is completely different and we couldn't wait to see what magic was in store for us this time.

belle skating on ice
When we first arranged the tickets I wasn't sure whether little J would want to see this show or not. I have seen many trailers and adverts and it is all about the princesses but we decided to book him a ticket too and I am so glad we did. He was mesmerised from start to finish.

Our seats were rink side so we were so close to the characters and you could feel the cold breeze from the ice as they whizzed past. I would definitely recommend rink side as it made our whole experience so much more magical.

Mickey and Minnie introduced the show and continued to pop out after every segment to introduce the next princess.

Aladdin and The Genie on ice
Aladdin opened the show as he weaved in and out of the market stands on the ice stealing bread to eat for him and Abu only to be caught. Luckily Princess Jasmine was close by and saved Aladdin from a gloomy fate.

Watching Aladdin and Jasmine dance around the ice to A Whole New World was beautiful and was one of my personal highlights of the show.

Next up was the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Little J likes the songs from the film and I caught him a few times singing along.

Belle danced around the ice with Lumiere but unfortunately there was no sign of the Beast or Gaston.

rapunzel and flynn disney on ice
My favourite moment was watching Rapunzel dance with Flynn to 'I See The Light'. Tangled is my favourite Disney movie ever and Rapunzel is my favourite princess so this was a special moment for me.

Moana caused a buzz in the air as most of the little ones got all excited as she skated on to the ice. Moana was probably the strongest skater we had seen so far as we watched her dance around to 'How  Far I'll Go'

It was nice to see demigod Maui make an appearance too.

We had seen The Little Mermaid on ice before but it's so colourful and the songs are great that it felt like the first time we had seen it. 

There was a 20 minute interval and the seating areas where soon flooded with staff selling popcorn, ice creams and candy floss. An actual merchandise stand was quickly erected just behind us for people to grab any souvenirs.

The one thing that I feel lets Disney On Ice down is the costs of the snacks and the merchandise. We have bought stuff in the past but now I just refuse. £22 for a spinning wand or £30 for a princess teddy. It's so costly especially when you are buying for 2 or 3 children.

We actually took our own light up toy that we bought in Florida last year and little J was just as happy waving that in the air. We did let him choose a snack in the interval. He wanted an ice cream which was £3 and John chose popcorn which was very over priced at £8.

The second half saw a very brief visit from Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and then it was on to Frozen.

Elsa and Anna on ice
We have seen the Frozen part of the show a few times now and I guess because its so popular they want to include it in every new production. I love this part of the show it lasts about 20/25 minutes and it will have you singing along guaranteed.

Anna and Elsa do more skating than all of the other Princesses and Characters and they really do put on a performance and it's the perfect ending to a wonderful show.

I would highly recommend Disney On Ice to any fans of Disney as the whole production is so magical and children and adults of all ages will enjoy it. For me personally this was the best Disney On Ice. We definitely got to see more characters than we have before.

There are usually a few opportunities to see a Disney on Ice show throughout the year as it tours arenas up and down the country. Keep checking Disney on Ice for up to date information.

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Review | Autumn Wardrobe with Fashion World

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Autumn is here and I have been removing all my Summer clothes from my wardrobe and replacing them with lots of Autumn / Winter clothes. I have a few new additions thanks to Fashion World.
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Parenting | Preparing For Year One

It only seems like yesterday that little J was starting Reception but fast forward a year and we are almost at the beginning of his second half term of year one. For me this is when school really starts. I think it's been a big shock for him as in Reception it is mostly learning through play, however his classroom is very different now. There are almost no toys but lots of desks. He still seems so young and although he has lots of energy he does get tired quite easily as I've mentioned before. He's usually in bed before 7pm and needs his 12/13 hours sleep. John and I have discussed whether he may need to take a multivitamin as he is quite fussy when it comes to eating foods that are good for him. We were delighted when Bassetts vitamins sent over their Omega-3 + Multivitamins Orange Pastilles. They were just what we needed.
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Review | Cozmo by Anki

Meet Cozmo.  Cozmo is the cutest little robot that we have ever seen.  Anki offered us the chance to review Cozmo, meaning we could get to know him and he could get to know us.
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Closed Giveaway | Dessineo Learn To Paint Bundle

We have teamed up with Jumbo Games to offer one lucky Playdays and Runways reader the chance to win a Dessineo Bundle worth £100. Dessineo Learn to Paint and Draw range is perfect for any budding artist.
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Review | Drumond Park Foxy Pants

Autumn in our house means board game season. We love playing games all year round but just play more when the darker nights creep in. Little J is at the age now were he loves playing games and a few weeks ago we were sent a new addition to our collection, Foxy Pants by Drumond Park. You will be able to tell from our blog that we love Drumond Park games as they never disappoint.
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Collaboration | How To Create A Warm And Cosy Home This Winter

This year will be our first winter since our whole house had a makeover. Everywhere feels so fresh and new but it just needs some finishing touches to help create a nice warm and cosy feeling for the winter. We have already started buying a few little bits and pieces and Christmas decorations too. There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa while the weather is cold outside. We have created some tips for you all on how to create a warm and cosy home this winter.
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Days Out | Royal De Luxe Giants Come To Liverpool

Last weekend we were very fortunate to witness the amazing Giants as they visited Liverpool. Royal De Luxe last visited Liverpool in 2014 and I was so amazed back then that when we heard they were bringing their giants back to the streets of Liverpool we just couldn't wait.
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Closed Giveaway | Family Ticket To Winter Wonderland

One of Liverpool’s most iconic landmarks will be transformed into a magical, immersive, Christmas attraction for 2018.St Luke’s “Bombed-Out” Church, situated at the top of Bold Street, will be turned into a Winter Wonderland for almost four weeks this festive season and is set to become the ‘must visit’ Christmas Grotto experience of the year in Liverpool. I have a family ticket worth £60 to give away to one lucky reader.
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Review | Thunderbirds Are Go International Rescue

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Thunderbirds Are Go - International Rescue is a new free game from Kuato games, who you may have heard of with their range of Dino Tales Storytelling and literacy skills apps for children. Thunderbirds has been around for ever, however is still really popular with children and with this game, you can become the hero and stop a disaster from destroying the arctic.
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Parenting | Portion Sizes For Children

I've spoken a lot about mealtimes with the kids recently and I did a little research about portion sizes for children. Portions sizes obviously differ from child to child and as a parent you know best what your child needs and what they don't, however this is just a guideline and may help those who need it. 
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Parenting | Venue Ideas For Kids Parties

Little J hasn't had a proper birthday party yet but we will definitely be planning something for his 6th birthday next year. He received another birthday invitation last week to a play centre that we haven't been to before so he is looking forward to that. It got me thinking that over the years we have had so many different types of birthday parties for big J and I'm looking forward to planning lots of parties for little J as he grows. I have had a think about our top venue ideas for kids parties.
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Our Favourites | Bedtime Stories - Autumn 2018

Ever since I can remember little J has had a story before bed. It's part of his bedtime routine and no matter how tired he is or how late he's gone to bed he has to choose a book for us to read.At the moment he does have quite a few favourites so I thought I would share with you what we have been reading as it is Libraries Week.
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Days Out | Knowsley Safari Park

We live under 20 minutes away from Knowsley Safari Park yet we haven't been for years which is such a shame. Last week we visited and I instantly remembered all the things I loved about the park and how much fun we have missed out on.
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Review | Zuru Smashers Series 2

When I was asked if little J would like to try and test Zuru Smashers Series 2 I obviously said yes. He loves blind bag type toys and these are advertised as Gross so I knew he would love them. I wasn't wrong. The Smashers are actually quite fun because instead of opening a bag to find out what's inside, you have to smash an eye ball!!!
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Spending Time Together As A Couple

John and I make sure that we spend time together as a couple as often as we can. When you become a parent it's sometimes hard to be anything else except for a Mum or Dad. You have to remember that before baby came along you were you, and if you are in a relationship or you are married you are a couple. Sometimes we lose the chance to be a couple and do couple things but its so important not to. Date nights can be tough but with some planning and a good babysitter they won't be as hard as you think.

man and woman

I've popped down a few date ideas that John and I have enjoyed so far this year. They are not crazy nights out just simple ideas that will get you out of the house for a few hours away from the kids to enjoy each others company.

We love going to see a movie but rather than just going to the local cinema we will head to Odeon and pay for the Gallery experience.

It's not available in all Odeon's but if there is one by you that offers Gallery screening then I would definitely recommend.

The gallery is available for those over the age of 18. There is a separate bar area with comfy seats and unlimited soft drinks, popcorn and nachos for those who purchase a gallery ticket. You then get to watch the movie from a sofa for two.

It makes going to the cinema a bit more exciting and we would definitely recommend it.

man and woman holing a I broke out sign
Break Out
Last week we visited our local Break Out. You may have heard of something similar basically we were locked in a motel room for one hour and we had to find clues to help us escape.

I wasn't sure what to expect and whether I would actually enjoy it but I did, it was so much fun.

When we arrived at our chosen game we were shown inside the room. There was a TV screen that had a countdown timer on. You get just one hour to escape. It was tough at times and you are literally on your hands and knees searching for clues to help you unlock padlocks, solve clues and eventually escape. We did with just 39 seconds to go.

It was a completely different idea for a usual date night but it was lots of fun and we laughed so much.

man and woman
John and I like to visit the theatre at least four or five times a year and we are always looking for concerts to attend too.

The theatre is probably my favourite date night and we are lucky to have a few theatres close by. We have watched Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Sister Act, Hairspray to name a few. Then we planned a more exciting date day/date night by visiting Birmingham to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and London to watch Wicked. We just went for the day on the train to help reduce costs and we didn't need the boys to be watched overnight.

Going to a concert together is lots of fun too. Unfortunately for John he has had to watch Steps, 5ive, Spice Girls, the Vengaboys and more cheesy pop which wouldn't be something he chooses to watch but he does it so we can have  good night together and we always do.

John's concerts are artists like Coldplay, The Script, Snow Patrol, Jimmy Eat World which aren't as fun for me but I will always go along too.

man and woman
Everyones idea of a date night will be completely different. For us we are not interested in going out drinking at the weekend till all hours and feeling ill all Sunday. It's just not us. We've done all that when we were younger, nowadays we would much prefer PJ's, Baileys and a Movie.

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About Me | I Found A Lump

It's day two of Blogtober and today's topic is boobs as its Breast Cancer Awareness month. I know some people have gone off topic today because this subject is either too sensitive for them or they don't feel they can write about it as it hasn't affected them or someone close. For me I wanted to write about it for two reasons the first I have had someone close to me diagnosed with breast cancer and because of that it made me become more aware of my boobs and what they felt like. It also made me realise one day that they didn't feel their normal usual self which led me to have a mammogram.
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Review | Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom

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Summer may be over but we have been trying out Kinetic Beach Sand for the last few weeks and its made us feel like we are back in Cyprus. The Kinetic Sand actually feels like wet beach sand and the set includes a variety of moulds and tools so perfect for making lots of sandcastles.
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