Top 5 Most Luxurious Restaurants in London You Could Visit

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When it comes to enjoying a fine dining experience, there are plenty of excellent opportunities in London – and, with this in mind, we’ve outlined five of the most luxurious restaurants in London you could visit. After all, there’s a reason it’s so often considered one of the most luxurious and expensive cities in the world; and, with fine dining luxury restaurants like these, it’s definitely clear that London is home to multi-millionaires and billionaires alike.


The Top 5 Most Luxurious Restaurants in London You Could Visit
So, you’ve been looking for the most luxurious restaurants in and around London? Whether you’re looking for somewhere to spend an extra special evening, or if you’re simply curious about how the other half lives, we’ve come up with some of the top five most luxurious restaurants in London to help you find an effective solution overall.

The Ritz London in Mayfair
We’ve all heard of the Ritz. However, for so many of us, thoughts of actually dining in this fine establishment are the things of dreams. Indeed, with a single omelette at the Ritz potentially costing as much as £180 (it’s made from caviar, admittedly), it’s clear to see that this level of luxury is restricted to a very specific few. Indeed, you might need to win the lottery or come into a massive inheritance to enjoy a meal at the Ritz – but if you ever got the chance, it’s sure to be more than worth it.

As recommended by the Conde Nast Traveller, f you’re looking for a more soothing and calming dining experience, the Hide restaurant in Mayfair might be just the opportunity you need. In fact, though it’s the newest restaurant on this list, it achieved its first Michelin star within half a year of opening; as such, diners can expect a lot when visiting this truly unique, split-floor dining destination.

When visiting, you absolutely have to try the restaurant’s most iconic dish – the Nest Egg – to enjoy the full experience. An irresistibly rich blend of egg yolk, smoked butter, cream, and gently toasted mushrooms, it’s undeniable that the Hide restaurant has firmly established itself as one of the most luxurious and creative in all London – truly a destination for those wanting a luxury, millionaire-worthy dining experience.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsey
Gordon Ramsey – he’s a household name, and with this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Restaurant Gordon Ramsey offers an equally unparalleled experience. In fact, the restaurant holds three Michelin stars and has done so continuously since 2001 – that’s over two decades!

One of the most notable features of the Restaurant Gordon Ramsey has to be its tiny size; in fact, with only 14 small tables, booking is irrefutably necessary to get a space. All the same, this small-scale experience ensures that every dish is finished to perfection without compromise, and all guests hence know they will be treated to a truly incomparable experience overall. 

Head Chef de Cuisine, Matt Abe, never fails to pull out all of the stops to impress diners, just as his predecessor Clare Smyth had done. It’s this dedication that ensures every dish is cooked to perfection, and diners hence head into the Restaurant Gordon Ramsey with some of the highest expectations possible.

La Dame de Pic
If you have been looking for a luxurious dining experience in London, chances are, you’ll struggle to find a location that’s more sophisticated or sensual than La Dame de Pic. Indeed, it may not be one you’ve heard of in passing, but La Dame de Pic is a truly iconic restaurant that’s in equal parts a restaurant as it is a fine work of art in its own right.

La Dame de Pic was launched by Anne-Sophie Pic, who came from a long line of Michelin-starred chefs and internationally acclaimed culinary experts. As such, her uncompromising dedication to quality ensures that every diner knows just what to expect when they walk through those majestic doors – and this ensures that La Dame de Pic surely deserves a spot on this list.

Sketch Lecture Room and Library
It might not be quite as iconic as the Ritz, but few locations offer quite the same luxury as the Sketch Lecture Room and Library. Indeed, designed with a palette of deep reds and creams, this stunning property was even listed in the Michelin guide 2020, and for good reason! 

The stunning Grade II listed architecture perfectly compliments the refined and sophisticated feel of the interior; from studded ivory leather walls to luxury velvets and silk, there’s no expense spared for this truly iconic property. As such, if you can afford the meal prices, few celebrations are quite the same as a meal at the Sketch Lecture Room and Library – and, with a full 7-course meal on offer, you certainly won’t leave feeling hungry.

There’s no shortage of fine dining opportunities in London. Nevertheless, choosing that one perfect restaurant can seem like a challenge, in many cases; still, today’s top five picks are surely among the most luxurious restaurants in the big city.

While their prices ensure they typically remain reserved for just millionaire lottery winners and CEOs, there’s still something quite magical about the thought alone. And, after all, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy some time in the big city with these five fine luxury restaurants, too; you might just need to sacrifice a large lump on your savings in exchange for these once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences.

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A To Z Date Ideas

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I know it doesn't seem that long since Christmas but Valentines Day is just around the corner. One of our resolutions last year was to make more time for each other, and spend time together as a couple. We did really well and managed lots of date days and nights. It's so nice to step away from life for even just a few hours and spend quality time with each other. 

This year we will be doing alphabet dating again (we did it a few years ago) and the aim is to try and schedule at least 2 date days or nights in each month that begin with the letters of the alphabet  by the end of the year you will have completed 26 different dates. It's a great way to think of new things to do together and if you need inspiration there are so many ideas.

hands making heart shape
Afternoon Tea
Art Gallery
Air BnB

Bike Ride
Boat Ride
Bar Crawl

Comedy Club

Driving Experience
Driving Range
Dinner Date
Double Date

man and woman in an escape room

Exercise Class
Explore A New City
Escape Room
Eat Out
Experience Day

Ferry Ride
Foot Golf
Fish n Chips
Film Night

Games Night
Ghost Walk
Go Karts
Go Ape

Horse Riding
Helicopter Ride
Hop On / Hop Off Bus

Ice Skating
Ice Cream
Indoor Climbing

Jigsaw Puzzle
Junk Food Night

Karaoke Bar
Kite Flying

Live Music
Lazy Day
Lunch Date

Movie Night
Mountain Biking
Mini Golf
Murder Mystery Night

quarry bank mill

Nature Walk
National Trust
Night In
Night time Walk

Outdoor Adventure
Outdoor Cinema

Pamper Day
Pub Lunch

Quiz Night

Riverboat Cruise
Roller Skating
Re-enact Your First Date
Retail Therapy

man and women at the seaside

Scavenger Hunt
Spa Day

Theatre Trip
Ten Pin Bowling
Treasure Trail
Theme Park

Unplug and Unwind

Visit Somewhere New
Visit Old Friends


Wine Tasting
Welly Walk 
Whisky Tasting
Walking Tour
Water Park

Xbox Night

Yes Day

Zip Wire

I'll make sure I pop back and update you on what dates we chose and if you have any different ones I can add to my list let me know? I am always looking for inspiration. Good luck and have fun!

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Our Goals For 2022

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Happy New Year! I like to start every new year with a fresh and positive outlook and 2022 will be no different. I know there is lots of uncertainty still in the air (almost two years on...) but we just have to make the most out of the situation and try our best to stay positive and that's what I am planning to do this year. I'm going to focus on all the things we can do rather than the things we can't. Every year I make the same resolutions as the year before, eat healthier, exercise more etc etc but this year whilst those resolutions will be in the back of my mind I am going to focus on small achievable  (hopefully) goals for us to accomplish this year.

man and boy in a maze

1. Explore The UK
I've had it in my head for some time now that I would love to visit some of the top UK landmarks. I think when I last checked there were over 60 so I think that might be a bit too ambitious but I would love to visit maybe half of them before the year is through. 

As a family I think we are very adventurous but we always visit the same places when we head for weekends away or days out. I really want to try and step out of our comfort zone and explore more of the UK because it is beautiful. 

2. Enjoy Screen Free Time
We spend a lot of time on our screens and although I know it will be impossible to cut out screen time all together I would love to limit the time we spend looking at devices. I know I am not the only one who can waste a lot of time scrolling through social media randomly clicking on useless articles and photos. I could have been doing something more productive with that time and that's my aim for 2022. Limit the screen time and enjoy doing other things that doesn't involve a device. 

3. Walk 365 Miles At Home
During lockdown whilst doing PE with Joe I also found Walk At Home on You Tube. There are lots of videos from Leslie Sansone where you walk at home. Each video is broken down in to very simple steps to help you walk miles from the comfort of your own home. I absolutely loved doing the videos and was walking up to 3 miles a day. Life then got in the way as things got back to normal and I stopped doing the videos. I want to start up my walking again and my goal is to walk at least 1 mile per day.

4. Say Yes
One of my goals for 2021 was to say yes more and I am going to continue in 2022. It's so easy to say no to a drink after work with colleagues, a meal out with friends or a late night trip to the cinema. I felt like I was always saying no for various reasons when in fact I was just being lazy. I think because we had spent so much time at home in our own bubble I found it a huge effort. I smashed this goal in 2021 and I know I will in 2022 too. 

view of a plane's wing from the window

5. Leave The Country
Our Disneyland Paris trip was postponed last year so we are rebooked for Summer. That is the only overseas travel we have planned so far and I really really hope we get to go. If travel is up and running again in the Summer months I would love to go away for a much needed two week beach holiday but it won't be something we book till nearer the time. 

6. Plan A 21st
Big J will be 21 next year and I am really hoping we can make it as special as possible seeing as he spent his 18th in Lockdown. He's not really a party, centre of attention type of person so I'm thinking it may be a breakaway with us and maybe one with his friends. He loves America so I would love to take him over to the USA to watch a basketball game and no doubt lots of shopping!

7. Continue To Be Happy and Healthy
The past two years have been so worrying watching so many people get really ill and some die. It's also affected a lot of peoples mental health and jobs. I really hope we can continue to be healthy as well as happy throughout this year and be able to deal with whatever 2022 throws at us.

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