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Hi and welcome to Playdays and Runways. Playdays and Runways is our family blog all about me, Michelle, my husband John and our two boys big and little J.

I first started blogging when little J was just about to turn 1 and I have never looked back. Over the past 9 years I have used our blog to document our lives so the boys could look back at all the fun we had when they were young.

First up is me, Michelle. I am a young at heart, Disney mad 40+ year old who loves spending time with my family, rom-coms, reality tv, planning trips and of course Disney. I have also jumped on the Marvel band wagon and I have a bit of a thing for Captain America... sorry John. 

Although I do try and blog as much as I can I actually work part time in childcare and I absolutely love it. Helping and watching little ones grow and learn is the most rewarding thing ever and I get paid to do it.

John is my husband. We have been together for 23 years and married for 13 of those. John also loves spending time together and although he isn't much of a planner he loves heading out on days out I've planned and trips away. He is so passionate about technology especially consoles and retro games. He is always tinkering with gadgets and has done for as long as I have known him. He loves football and Everton and manages a local kids football team.

Big J is 21 and has certainly grown in to his nickname being way over 6ft. Big J has just finished his teaching degree and passed with a 2:1 and is dream job is to be primary school teacher. I know this job will suit him so well because I see every day just how much he cares for his brother and also when looking after the boys on the football team that he coaches. Big J loves socialising with his friends, stays up far too late and loves his XBox.

Little J is 10 and is a rollercoaster thrill seeker. He loves theme parks and spends lots of time studying old theme park maps working out what ride he can go on next. He loves his Playstation, his VR but most of all he loves his friends. They are everything to him. He plays football for a local team and at the age of 10 he has a way better social life than all of us!

This is us an ordinary family of four with a passion for travelling,  visiting theme parks, all things Disney and stay at home play days.

If you would like to chat about working with us please do get in touch

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