Warner Bros. Easter DVD Bundle Giveaway

Little J has become really interested in watching TV and movies over the last few months and I am actually quite excited about it. There is nothing better than siting down in front of the tv and watching a dvd or movie. I am hoping this continues and we get to have some nice family chill time on the sofa this Easter half term.

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Pampers #BabyGrooves

To celebrate the launch of NEW Premium Protection™ Active Fit, Pampers want to see your little one’s #babygrooves for the chance to win a starring role in their upcoming video.

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Disney Tigger Soft Toy Giveaway

Disney have partnered with Google to create an interactive, three-dimensional version of Winnie-the-Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood built using Google Maps. The interactive Hundred Acre Wood offers games, stories, videos and activities – all themed around the different characters and stories from Winnie-the-Pooh. The Hundred Acre Wood can be found at Disney, and aims to provide mums and dads with a moment of fun and inspiration for everyday life from ideas to mark baby’s first milestones to activities for all the family to enjoy.

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Best Relationship With Your Child DVD Giveaway

These past few weeks we have been watching a 3 DVD series entitles Best Relationship With Your Child. Both Daddy and I have made time to watch these and I'm so pleased we did.

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Sshh! Don't Wake Dad Electronic Board Game Review

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When big J was younger this was one of our favourite games to play. We would spend hours playing and I genuinely mean hours. He would make us sit and play it again and again and again. It is probably still in the loft somewhere as little J isn't in to games just yet as I thought he was a little too young for them but I was wrong.

Sshh Don't Wake Dad Drumond Park
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The Beatrix Potter Collection DVD Giveaway

When I heard that The Beatrix Potter Collection was to be released on DVD I was genuinely excited.   I loved watching Peter Rabbit when I was little and I am hoping little J loves it as much as I do. Its amazing to think that 2016 marks 150 years since the birth of Beatrix Potter. For me she is one of  best children’s authors and has captured imaginations around the world with her beautifully illustrated tales. We were lucky enough to visit Beatrix Potter's home Hilltop a few years ago and if you are a fan I would highly recommend a visit. To walk around the home where all the amazing characters were thought of and drawn is truly special.

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Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan Giveaway

I made a promise to myself that I will read more this year and so far I'm doing quite well. Being a Mummy I don't get lots of spare time but when I do I've been reading Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan.

sleepless in manhattan by Sarah Morgan

 The title appealed to me straight away as my favourite movie is Sleepless in Seattle so I imagined lots of love and romance and so far it hasn't disappointed.
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Bacofoil Voucher Giveaway

As Spring begins I am ready to dust off the cobwebs and get out and about with the boys. I love it when the weather starts brightening up and the nights get lighter. We like to go for walks and days out and it means we can start taking out picnics again. I love making picnics and I think it just makes the day a lot more fun. Little J loves finding a place to eat and is always excited opening his picnic box.

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Time Tokens - Keeping Track Of Screen Time

Deciding how much screen time you allow your child to have is definitely a personal choice and should not be judged by others. We decide how much screen time little J can have depending on the day he has had already, the time of day and also as a reward if he has been good. I recently came across Time Tokens and after reading about them I knew this would help us as a visual for little J to remember how much screen time he is allowed per day. 

Time Tokens

Created by Amanda, Time Tokens were designed so we could try and keep track at how long our children are using computers, phones, iPads etc. Using the time tokens we can control how much screen time our children use.

Each Time Tokens pack contains 

Time Tokens

Time Tokens Wallet - Perfect for your child to take responsibility for their own Time Tokens.

A Timer - Just like a stopwatch.

Time Tokens

Time Tokens - They come in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes which we have used for little J.

Time Tokens
60 minute Time Tokens are perfect for big J.

Time Tokens Promise Contract - This allows you to work on the expectations of your child and also agree how much screen time / Time Tokens they will be allowed each week.

Time Tokens

A Golden Time Token - This will hopefully encourage your child to stick to their side of the agreement. If they do they will get a special reward.

Time Tokens

The Frazzles - These are so cute.  Every Time Token features a Frazzle on the reverse. They tell you all about the things they love to do when they are away from screens.

Instructions - Easy and simple.

How Do They Work?
Little J doesn't have a set screen time amount however we have been using the time tokens just to keep track on how much he does use it. The timer is particularly useful to show how long he has left. When we say 10 minute left he can track the time and finish what he is doing. 

I have to say that it has worked really well and it's nice that he can earn a Golden Ticket. We will let little J use the Golden Ticket for a reward of his choice.

Time Tokens are a great way to keep a track of screen time and also a way to reward good behaviour too. They would be particular useful for parents of children who struggle to control their screen time use.

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Time Tokens Giveaway

For the past week we have been using Time Tokens and I have to say I am so impressed with how well they have worked. If you haven't heard of Time Tokens before you can read our review and if you like the idea too you can enter for the chance to win your very own pack.

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A Tour Of Storytelling Britain

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There are some lovely places to visit across the UK that are inspired by children's book authors, their characters and locations. has created a lovely map of places you can visit based around some of our favourite stories.

Hill Top


We are lucky that we have managed to visit a few of the places already.

husband and wife on boat on windermere

The Lake District
Everything about The Lake District makes me think of Beatrix Potter especially Bowness on Windermere and Hill Top. Bowness is a beautiful place to visit and a must do is a boat ride on Windermere to Ambleside. We have also visited Hill Top, this is where Beatrix once lived. It was truly amazing to wander around her home and see where she used to work. It is now owned by National Trust and we can't wait to visit again.

boy knocking on a door on privet drive

Warner Brothers Studio Tour London
A must for any Harry Potter fan. The studio tour based in Watford has everything a Harry Potter fan would want. Have a walk around the Great Hall, try a butter beer or even cast a spell. We would love to visit again as they host special events throughout the year. 

boy looking at Thomas

Thomas Land, Drayton Manor
Little J absolutely loved Thomas Land. Thomas Land is located inside Drayton Manor Theme Park featuring lots of rides and attractions based around the No.1 blue engine and his friends. 

If any of the places above or on the map take your fancy then you can be sure there is a property close by. Renting a cottage can be an excellent way to have an affordable break together at any time of year. A break that isn't incredibly hard work, and gives you access to some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Many properties accept pets, and larger properties can sleep the whole family. We have stayed in a few cottages that can accommodate a large number of guests, Simgill in The Lake District and Snowdonia View in Wales. We would definitely choose a cottage again in the future.  

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The World of Peter Rabbit - The Complete Collection of Original Tales Giveaway

You may have read my recent post about how has created a beautiful map of all the places you can visit in Britain that inspired our favourite authors. To celebrate World Book Day and The Tour of Storytelling Britain I have teamed up with cottages . com to offer one of my readers and followers the chance to win a very special prize.

beatrix potter books
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Must See Musicals 10 Film Collection Giveaway

Ever since I was little I have always loved Musicals. I was brought up with both my Nana and my Mum watching movies such as Gypsy and my all time favourite Calamity Jane. My love of Musicals didn't just stop at watching the movies, I love listening to the soundtracks and watching the stage show versions too. You might have already read that we went to see Calamity Jane and it was amazing.

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