What To Pack In A Teenager's Suitcase

Big J has just arrived home from his third trip abroad without us. Its so weird to think he has experienced parts of the world without us. He has been to Rue in France for 5 days, Skiing for a whole week and last week he went to Spain for 5 days.

When it came to packing his suitcase he really wasn't interested at all. I think thats a boy thing because Daddy doesn't like packing either. They both are just happy to watch me do it. I did make a list of things he needed to make it easier for him but I still ended up doing it.

First I packed his hand luggage. He didn't have much in it as the school already had his Passport, EHIC and Euros. His hand luggage just had his phone, earphones, wallet containing some english money for the airport and plane and a book.

So what do you pack in a Teenager's Suitcase?

1. Clothes. 
This is an obvious one but oh my goodness its stressful. Big J is at the age where some clothes in his wardrobe are acceptable to wear in front of his friends and some are not. The night before we packed we took all his clothes out and he decided what was 'cool' enough to take on his school trip. He travelled early hours Monday morning my plane so he wore a Football shirt, Tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. I packed his football shorts to match his shirt in his hand luggage so he could put them on when he had landed. We packed enough T-shirts so he could get changed twice per day and also shorts for 2 per day.

2. Footwear. 
Big J got new trainers for his trip so he wore them to travel in. We packed another pair of trainers for spares. We bought some nice North Face flip flops and he also had a pair of those water shoes which you can just wear on the beach or at the waterpark.

3. Underwear.
Big J had made it clear that he wanted new underwear for the trip and not just any underwear it had to branded underwear. He decided on Calvin Klein.

4. Toiletries.
A washbag containing - Toothbrush, travel size toothpaste, travel size mouthwash, travel size hand wash/gel, small hairbrush, deodorant, shower gel, toilet wipes.

5. A Swimming Bag. 
I used one of the JD Sports drawstring bags to put big J swimming shorts in and towel. I rested it on the top so it was easy to grab if they headed to the pool once they arrived at the hotel.

6. Suncream and Aftersun.
It was forecast to be really hot the week big J was in Spain so plenty of suncream and aftersun. Big J is allergic to most suncreams, the only one he has never had a reaction to is Banana Boat. It comes in a spray and they also do aftersun too.

7. Travel Plug Adapter.
This was probably top of big J's list so he could charge his mobile phone up at night.

8. iPhone Charge Lead.
For the same reasons above. Big J would be lost without his phone and he was really happy when it was confirmed his phone could be taken on the trip.

9. A Book.
We packed a Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book just incase there were times he couldn't sleep or he just wanted to chill. I doubt he will have time but you never know.

10. Cap and Sunglasses.
We bought big J a cap and some sunglasses as it was two of the things on the schools checklist although if I know big J he won't wear either of them. He doesn't like caps or glasses but we got them just in case.

Do you enjoy packing? I don't mind it but I know some find it quite stressful. If you do pack for the kids the check out giving Up Normal's Post with the perfect kids suitcases for travel.


  1. We go away with our 1 year old next week, not looking forward to that packing at all. Especially as we are going to be travelling on the train!

  2. charger and clean undies. Everything else is optional at that age

  3. I found packing for a holiday pretty stressful! But once it was done I was really excited. I finished packing a few days before leaving.
    I'm sure it was weird with your son travelling abroad without you! My eldest will be going on holiday next June with her Dad and his partner, even though it is a year away I am scared haha! x

  4. I enjoy packing weirdly but I have to make lots of lists, because I would forget a mountain of things. I think there was more pressure for you because your son was going off on his own, so you had to get the right balance! I love how he wanted Calvin Kleins! Thanks so much for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  5. I actually love packing! I end up doing it two or three times and am always swapping and rearranging things! I was hoping that once my children are teenagers I wouldn't have to pack for them but it looks like I'm wrong! :) x


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