Box2Door Monthly Book Subscription Box

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Disclosure - This is a collaborative post. Books2Door referral scheme gives us both £5 off our orders by buying through this link

Over the last few years we have seen the market for subscription boxes rocket. You can pretty much get a monthly delivery of anything you want or need nowadays from beauty products to coffee, fruit to books. I have always like the idea of subscription boxes, it gives you something to look forward to. If you have followed me for a while you will know I enjoyed receiving my monthly book club books through the post with some treats. This month we have been testing out a new monthly book subscription perfect for kids from Books2Door. 

box2door contents

Box2Door is a monthly book subscription box which is delivered every month and is filled with hand-selected titles to help encourage children to read but also features some surprise treats too. 

boy reading a book

Each Box Contains 
A selection of 3-4 books
Activity and colouring sheets
and a mystery gift.

Books vary each month, it fits through your letterbox and delivery is included!

There are three boxes to choose from each depending on the age of your child. 

Baby and Toddler
Introducing books to your baby can start as soon as they are born, with the soothing sound of your voice as stories are read aloud. This monthly book subscription box is for ages 0-3. Packed with board books for little hands, stickers for sensory development and bright colours for them to recognise - this carefully selected box will see your babies and young children grow into budding little bookworms.
Recommended for children aged 0-3

Early Years 
As their imagination grows, this monthly book subscription box aimed for children aged 4 and 6 years old is the perfect way to answer inquisitive questions and meet their interests. Each month, your child will receive a carefully curated box of fiction and non-fiction books to develop their learning and continue a love for reading. Watch their personalities grow and vocabulary expand as they get stuck into their monthly book subscription box.
Recommended for children aged 4-6

Key Stage 2
The power of storytelling comes to life with this monthly book subscription box for children aged between 7 and 10 years old for those in Key Stage 2. With fiction and non-fiction titles to suit every age and interest, your child will find hours of reading and fun in every box they receive.
Recommended for children aged 7-10

boy writing in a book

Box2Door monthly book subscription boxes are a great way to introduce children to a range of books suitable for their age. At just £9.99 including delivery it was definitely worth the cost. Our Box2Door is recommended for those age 7-10, Key Stage 2. We received books worth over £20 and they were perfect for the age stated. We received an activity sheet which doubled as a poster and also a book mark too.

I love reading and I'm glad that the boys do too. It's so nice to be able to switch off the screens and become engrossed in a story. 

box coming through a letter

To order your Box2Door Monthly Book Subscription head over the Books2Door. While you are there maybe treat yourself too as Books2Door have a huge range of books from best selling authors and offering bestselling titles. They tend to have deals and discounts all year round with up to 80% off.

I am also part of the Books2Door referral scheme which gives us both £5 off our orders when you buy through this link

If you order a Box2Door Monthly Book Subscription please do let us know. What books did you receive?


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8 Reasons To Stay At Art Of Animation, Walt Disney World

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We have just returned from our third visit to Walt Disney World, Orlando and we had another amazing stay at Disney's Art of Animation. We have stayed at the resort before and although there are plenty of other hotels and accommodation choices we knew that we wanted to return to Art of Animation as for us it had everything we wanted from a hotel and resort and it's so close to our favourite theme parks, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World it can become overwhelming and when we first visited I researched everything and found lots of Walt Disney World hints and tips. I wanted to know what the best hotels where as I wanted to stay in the perfect place. I wanted our trip to be perfect and my research paid off. I found Art of Animation. It's one of the value resort hotels which is classed as a budget hotel although it doesn't feel like it. I would class it as more of a 4-star hotel.  There are spacious guest rooms for small and bigger families, 4 areas each with a different theme based on Disney characters and for us it was the best choice. If you are looking at staying at Art of Animation then here are 8 reasons why we love the resort so much. 

big blue pool

3 Pools
Having the choice of three pools is perfect for those hotter days when you just want to dip in the outdoor pool and not feel like it is overcrowded. We have never felt like they have crammed too many people in the pool and we have always been able to get a lounger around the pool too. Back to theming but the 3 pools are based around 3 of the movies. The Little Mermaid and Cars are located towards each side of the resort with The Big Blue Pool being directly in the centre just a short walk from the main entrance. All pools are in easy walking distance no matter where you are staying. The Big Blue is actually the largest pool in the whole of the Walt Disney World resort.

lion king figures

The Disney theming at Art of Animation is the best we have seen throughout Walt Disney World. The resort focuses on The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cars and Finding Nemo. When you arrive at the hotel you will be greeted with life-size figures of all your favourite characters from the movies. They have designated sections for each movie and all the rooms and surrounding areas are focused on that movie. It's such a great thing for older and young children to see their favourite characters dotted around the resort.

little mermaid rooms

Choice of Accommodation
Visitors to the resort come in all sizes and Art of Animation have you covered. Their rooms and suites can sleep up to 6 people. The standard Little Mermaid room consists of either 1 king or two queen beds. These are slightly bigger than UK Double beds. The Lion King, Cars and Finding Nemo family suites offer 1 queen bed and 2 double sized sleepers. Whilst the rooms at The Little Mermaid hotel room are spacious and perfect for a family of four, the family suite really does offer that extra space for larger families but the additional cost is quite a jump.

The suites also offer a kitchenette with microwave, fridge and 2 bathrooms. One bathroom is ensuite to the main bedroom offering a spacious double vanity, toilet and walk in shower while the other bathroom is located close to the living area offering a double vanity, toilet, bath and shower. 

Close To Parks
Art of Animation is located in the Wide World of Sports Area and is really close to Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Each park can be reached within 10 -15 minutes. It is further away from Magic Kingdom but the average bus ride is only a 15-minute drive. 

art of animation

Activities Around The Resort
As well as being close to the Disney parks and having 3 pools to keep you entertained the resort also does offer lots of activities and entertainment. You can find a 'what's on' at the resort but it usually consists of movie nights which Disney films being shown on the big screen or each night you can head to Pride Rock to roast some marshmallows. There are also games left out for you to play at anytime, like jumbo connect 4.

Value Resort
It still amazes me that Art of Animation is classed as a value resort. It is by far the nicest 'Disney themed' hotel we have seen with the theming and proximity to the parks. Being a value resort means costs are low to stay compared to other hotels which is definitely a huge bonus.

jogging trail

Jogging Trail
Hourglass Lake is situated between Disney's Art of Animation and Disney's Pop Century resorts. The lake which is named after its shape has a circular walking/ jogging/ running trail around the outskirts. The trail is approx 1.38miles and is perfect for those who like to start their day with a jog. 

skyliner at art of animation

Sky Liner
The previous two times we have stayed at Art of Animation the sky ride hadn't been created and we were happy getting the buses each day to the parks but wow! What a difference the Sky Liner makes to your stay. Due to the distance of the parks if you are heading to Hollywood Studios or Epcot you can jump on the Sky Liner. It is so quick and easy. We never had to wait plus we usually got a whole one to ourselves. You can also use the free shuttle bus service to head to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.

I honestly couldn't recommend Art of Animation enough. Enjoying extra magic hours means full days at the park so Art of Animation really does have the best ways to relax once you get back. Whether it's enjoying watching Disney movies on your flat-screen tvs in the room or ordering room service from local service such as Uber Eats. It really does have everything to make your stay as magical as possible and for us it ticks all boxes for a great place to stay without the added extra cost of moderate hotels and for our budget it is definitely the best option. 


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Tarantino Live Giveaway

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We have been loving going to the theatre and we have watched many new shows and old ones too. It's definitely our favourite thing to do as a couple and I love that we both enjoy it so much. So now that we have been visiting the theatre more often we are always on the lookout for new shows to watch and Tarantino Live has caught our eyes. 

tarantino live poster

Tarantino Live, Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London, W6 9BN

Tarantino Live is Broadway sized, rock musical experience brought to you by For The Record. Prepare to be immersed as you follow the 'Fox Force Five'. Fox Force Five are a fierce group of superwomen who are made up of five of Quentin Tarantino's most iconic female characters. Watch as they take on the Tyranny of Evil Men in an epic battle of revenge and redemption. Let yourself be taken over by the pop culture–infused vintage soundscape, and be prepared for an action-packed, eclectic movie-musical that brings the Quentin Tarantino Cinematic Universe to centre stage.

This one-of-a-kind rock musical brings songs and iconic scenes from Quentin Tarantino’s Cinematic Universe. Watch as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, Hateful Eight and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood are reimagined as the ultimate movie-musical.

tarantino live fox force five

You can see Tarantino Live from the 6th of June to the 13th of August 2023

Show times vary depending on the day of the week. There is no show on Mondays. 
Tues-Fri - 7.30pm to 9.30 pm
Sat - 3pm to 5pm and 8pm to 10pm
Sun - 2pm to 4pm and 7pm to 9pm

The shows last approximately 2 hours and the age guidance is 16+ as it does feature adult content.

If you fancy winning a pair of tickets to a show of your choice (subject to availability) all you need to do is complete the entry form below and pop back daily for bonus chances to win.

Open to UK residents only
Closes 9th July at 11:59pm
All entries are check and verified
Winner will be contacted within 3 working days
If no response after 7 days a new winner will be chosen

Good Luck


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Four Meaningful Ways To Really Show Appreciation For Your Family

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There are many things in this life that are important to you, but your family will likely be right at the top of the list. We take our family members for granted a lot of the time because they're always there for us. We grew up around them every single day and we looked out for each other as we should have. As time moves on, it can be very difficult to really show your family members how much they mean to you. We have so many other responsibilities and so many other things going on in our lives, that it's difficult to stop for a moment.
two boys looking out over a lake

The good thing is that there are plenty of things you can do to really show appreciation for your family. You don't have to go out of the way all the time and you don't have to do anything significantly memorable. Being a meaningful family member and appreciating someone you love can be actually very simple. If you want to take time out to show your loved ones what they really mean, here are a few ideas:
Spend Quality Time With Them And Create Amazing Moments
A lot of the time, you don't even have to buy anything special or do anything that would seem like a grand gesture. Just being around your family and spending time as a family can be enough. If you spend quality time with them and really put effort into seeing them, they will feel loved. A lot of people will do things like this because they feel as though they have to and not because they want to. Don't be like this. Golfing can be an ideal way to bring the entire family together and forge strong bonds between generations. As it allows you to get outside in the fresh air and spend quality time talking, golf can help strengthen relationships within families. Buy golf trousers at Golf Gear Direct for everyone in your group and make it an outing that everyone will remember fondly; showing that you care will make them feel loved and fulfilled!
Small Acts Of Kindness With A Big Impact 
There are so many things you can do in order to perform small acts of kindness. Whether they are surprises or they are expecting what's coming, they all add up to the same. You could make them breakfast in bed or simply help them with chores. You could run errands for them or leave notes expressing how much you care for them. When you do these acts of kindness, you are showing that you are attentive to their needs and willing to help if necessary.
Use Words Of Affirmation To Express Gratitude
In life, actions tend to speak louder than words. That doesn't mean that verbal expressions of love and appreciation aren't very powerful, however. If you take your time to express your gratitude and acknowledge their qualities, you can really deepen the bonds of love within your family. Even a small thank you can help out so much.
Think About Buying Thoughtful Gifts 
Material possessions are not the be-all and end-all in life. A lot of people will use gifts in order to get out of negative situations and potentially trick their family members. Thoughtful gifts, however, can be very meaningful and can really show your love to another. If you think about their hobbies and interests, or something that they've been thinking about for a while, your gift could be a wonderful gesture. Whether you head to Gooding360 to buy something memorable or you grab something from elsewhere, be sure to really think about it. Sometimes, the gift doesn't even matter as it's all about the thought in the first place.

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making Of Harry Potter

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This post was last updated June 2023.

We have visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London quite a few times now over the years and every time we have visited we have seen something different whether it's something we missed last time or whether it was a special event such as the addition of the Forbidden Forest or Gringotts Bank. The Warner Bros Studios brings to real life the magical world of Harry Potter and it is a must see for Harry Potter fans. 

Hogwarts castle

What To Expect Warner Bros. Studio Tour - The Making Of Harry Potter (Sat Nav WD25 7LR)
First of all I must mention this is not a theme park. The Harry Potter Studio Tour takes you behind the scenes of the Harry Potter films. It is a self guided tour which you can enjoy at your own leisure. It's a magical experience which will transport you in to the Harry Potter world. The experience is broken in to six different sections. Sets, Props, Costumes, Visual and Special Effects, Creature Effects and The Art Department.

Your Tour Has Now Begun!

Costumes from Harry Potter


Great Hall 
Serving as the backdrop to some of the film series’ most iconic scenes such as the Yule Ball and the Battle of Hogwarts, the Great Hall was first built for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 2000 and was used as a key set for six more films.

Forbidden Forest 
The Forbidden Forest seen at the Studio Tour is filled with 19 trees each with a diameter of over 12 feet.

Platform 9 and 3/4 at King's Cross Train Station 
Most of the scenes that take place on Platform 9 ¾ were actually shot on location at King’s Cross Station in London, however, during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, part of the station platform was recreated on a soundstage at the Leavesden Studios, complete with the track and the train. 

Diagon Alley 
The Diagon Alley set constantly changed throughout the film series. Since its construction, walls have shifted, shop fronts have moved and entire buildings have been carefully tweaked, leaning just slightly, to create the street that is seen in the films.

Gringotts Wizarding Bank 
From Harry Potter first discovering Diagon Alley to the famous trio escaping on a Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon in their quest for a Horcrux, Gringotts Wizarding Bank played an important role in the Harry Potter film series.

Professor Sprouts Greenhouse 
The greenhouse is a fan-favourite set from the Harry Potter film series, where students were taught their Herbology lessons with Professor Pomona Sprout. 

The burrow

Potions Classroom 
Over 950 potion jars line the walls of the classroom, each with unique props kept inside them including baked animal bones from a local butcher shop, dried leaves, herbs and shrunken heads made by the props department. 

Memory Cabinet 
Nearly 900 memory vials and labels were created for the cabinet that can be found in Professor Dumbledore’s office.

Professor Umbridge's Office 
Great attention was paid to the inside of the only pink office in the Ministry of Magic, belonging to Professor Dolores Umbridge, including her collection of plates featuring various moving kittens.

Puking Pastilles 
Stocking everything from Extendable Ears to fireworks, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes was designed to look like an 18th century storefront and took more than three months to build 

The chamber of secrets


Filmmakers faced a huge challenge when turning the wizarding sport of Quidditch into a real sport they could capture on film. Quidditch uniforms evolved throughout the film series, going from thick robes in the first two films to lighter, sportier robes with the players name and number on the back in the later films.

19 Years Later 
When tasked with creating outfits for the scene Costume Designer, Jany Temime wanted to keep to a similar palette of pinks, oranges, blues and browns seen throughout the film series. 

Yule Ball 
The Yule Ball held to celebrate Christmas and the Triwizard Tournament presented an opportunity for the Costume Department to create a more formal style of wizard wear.

The “French Blue” fabric of the Beauxbatons uniform was chosen to stand out from the muted blacks, browns and greys of the other school colours.


The Chamber Of Secrets Door 
Often mistaken for a Visual Effect, the Chamber of Secrets door is actually a fully operational door created by the Special Effects team based upon sketches provided by the Art Department.

Invisibility Cloak
Gifted to Harry in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the Invisibility Cloak features prominently in the films. 

Whomping Willow
The temperamental tree began as a sketch from the Art Department which then had to be made into a real Whomping Willow for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

Green Screen 
Filmmakers often shoot visual effects scenes on a green screen, which allows them to replace the green colours with a completely different background or computer-generated set. 

boy with wand

boy with wand


The Basilisk that lives deep below Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was created through a mixture of Practical and Visual effects.

Three life-size animatronic versions of Buckbeak the Hippogriff were created for the Harry Potter film series: one standing, another rearing and a third lying down.

Goblin Heads 
Goblins in the Harry Potter film series act as bank officials and tellers at Gringotts bank in Diagon Alley. 

Created by Nick Dudman, Creature and Make-Up Effects Designer, with help from Production Designer Stuart Craig, Aragog had a leg span of over 18 feet and was even able to crawl out of a hole and deliver dialogue in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


Graphic Design 
The Art Department were responsible for designing and creating thousands of props that helped to bring the visual world of Harry Potter to life on screen. 

White Card Models 
During the filming process, before the actual set construction began, the Art Department would create a white card model of the set/location.

Technical Drawings 
Dozens of concept artists, illustrators and art directors created every environment, prop and character of the Harry Potter film series.

Hogwarts Castle 
The jewel in the crown of the art department is the intricately detailed model of Hogwarts castle. Built for the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the model's every courtyard, tower and turret were filmed and enhanced with digital effects to create unforgettably realistic views of the magical school.

The Hogwarts Express

The amount of time it take is up to you. It took us about 4 hours to walk around the tour. We are huge fans of the Harry Potter movies so we didn't want to miss anything. As you walk around there are staff on hand to answer any questions you may have and also offering you the chance to earn badges to take home.

There are interactive experiences you can enjoy along the WB Studio tours such as the broomstick challenge. You wait your turn then hover your hand over the broom to make it rise up, just like in the flying lesson in the first movie. 

There is a chance to ride a broomstick or ride in Ron's car in front of a green screen. This is not included in your ticket price. You can purchase a photograph or video to take home. 

harry's home at Godric Hollow

There are four options for Food and Drink at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. the Hub Cafe, Food Hall and Chocolate Frog cafe are available before or after your tour and the Backlot cafe is half way round the tour giving you the chance to sit and have refreshments. 

Food Hall offers you the chance to enjoy classic British meals, hand-made pizza direct from our stone-fired pizza oven, pies, burgers, salads, children’s meals and a wide range of sandwiches.

The Hub Cafe. Under the watch of the Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon in the Studio Tour Hub, the Hub CafĂ© serves speciality Starbucks hot and cold drinks and bakery items throughout the day. 

The Chocolate Frog Cafe serves luxury hot chocolate, ice creams and milkshakes, and an extensive range of cakes expertly hand-crafted by their team of pâtissiers.

The Backlot Cafe serves breakfast until 11:00 then classic burgers and hot dogs. Indoor and outdoor seating is available with views of exterior sets and props such as the Knight Bus, Privet Drive and the Hogwarts Bridge. It's also a great opportunity to enjoy a non alcoholic Butterbeer or Butterbeer Ice Cream.

Afternoon Tea at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is available as an add-on when purchasing your Studio Tour tickets. Afternoon Tea at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London features an array of indulgent sweets, savoury treats, and delectably delicious baked scones, served with an assortment of loose-leaf teas. You can also add some sparkle to the occasion and upgrade your Afternoon Tea to include a glass of champagne.

There are a wide selection of tickets available including adult ticket, child ticket and a family ticket. Groups and Schools are also welcome at the tour. Time slots are available throughout the day.

To find the best ticket for you check out the tickets page on the official website.


Discovering Hogwarts 2nd May - 4th September 23. 
Just like a Hogwarts student would, the Studio Tour will celebrate its 11th year with an invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Brand new for 2023, you are invited to explore Harry’s early years at Hogwarts with some of your favourite scenes brought to life.

Discover The Dark Arts 15th September - 5th November 23
Back by popular demand, Dark Arts returns to the Studio Tour in 2023. Step into the iconic sets from the Harry Potter film series in a spookier setting as we dim the lights and set the stage especially for Hallowe’en.

Hogwarts In The Snow 11th November - 14th January 2024
2023 will conclude with the return of the Studio Tour’s beloved Hogwarts in the Snow feature. Starting at the Great Hall, bedecked in the gold decorations from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, all the way through to Hogwarts castle model, fan-favourite sets throughout the Studio Tour will be displayed in their festive finery. Learn the secrets behind ice that never melts and fire that doesn’t burn and see a blanket of filmmaking snow covering the Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley and the magnificent Hogwarts castle model. 

Inside privet drive
The Wizarding World is home to untold secrets – so many in fact, even Dumbledore doesn’t claim to know them all. Harry Potter certainly uncovered a few during his adventures at Hogwarts and now it’s your turn to discover hidden magic with Enchanted Keys.

Placed throughout the Studio Tour, Enchanted Keys unlock secrets, quizzes, videos and more to enhance your visit. To unlock them, you’ll need the free Harry Potter Fan Club app – the official Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts companion.

If you find an Enchanted Key at the Studio Tour:

Download the Harry Potter Fan Club app
Log in, tap the key symbol in the Discover tab
Scan the Enchanted Key to uncover its secrets
The Harry Potter Fan Club app is available to download on the App Store or you can get it on Google Play.

Once you scan an Enchanted Key with the Harry Potter Fan Club app, you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive piece of content related to the area of the Studio Tour you’re in – so keep a Seeker’s eye out for every Enchanted Key to make the most of your visit.

If you get stuck, be sure to ask a member of staff. After all, help will always be given to those who ask for it.

Open times vary depending on the time of year you may visit so it is always best to visit the website for up to date opening times. 

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour can be reached by Shuttle From Watford Station. If travelling by train the nearest station is Watford Junction. 

Car parking is available and is free to guests. There are a number of blue badge parking available and you can purchase a priority parking pass with your tickets for an extra £10.

Have you visited The Warner Bros. Studio Tour? What was your favourite part? If you haven't visited yet I hope our guide answers some questions you may have had and please feel free to message me on socials or comment below if I haven't answered something.

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