Visiting Tony's Chocolonely Superstore, Amsterdam

When we visited Amsterdam one of the things we were looking forward to the most was visiting Tony's Chocolonely Superstore. When researching things to do with the kids in Amsterdam, Tony's Chocolonely Superstore came up and I had no idea what it was. We had never tried Tony's chocolate but the superstore looked fun so I planned it in to our visit. 

tony's chocolonely sign

Tony's Chocolonely Superstore, Oudebrugsteeg 15, 1012 JN Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Tony's Chocolonely Superstore should definitely be on your list of things to do with the kids in Amsterdam. Even if you don't have kids and are just a lover of chocolate then you won't be disappointed.

tony's chocolate

What To Expect When Visiting Tony's Chocolonely Superstore
We planned to visit Tony's Chocolonely Superstore during our recent visit to Amsterdam. I had read lots of reviews of the superstore so I knew exactly what to expect however I can imagine some visitors maybe disappointed as it isn't what they expected so I will give you as much information as possible. 

When we arrived at the superstore we were greeted by a queue outside the store. The queue was about 20 minutes long with about 20 people in front of us. Once it was our turn to enter the store we were guided to a small room were we were showed a short video about Tony's chocolate. Then the assistant pulled across a red velvet curtain and showed us inside the store. 

tony's chocolonely wall

When you first walk in two things will come in to sight, firstly a wall full of Tony's Chocolonely and a queue of people who are waiting to make their own chocolate bar. Ideally we wanted to have a look at the chocolate but the right decision was to join the queue for the chocomachine before the next load of people come in. 

The queue did go quite quickly and there was an assistant walking around the queue offering free samples of Tony's which was nice. Soon it was our turn and with the power of an iPad you can customise your bar using a flavour of your choice (milk, dark or white) and up to 3 ingredients. Then you can customise your wrapper to make your own unique bar. The iPad is really fun, interactive and easy to use. Little J absolutely loved making his own bar and made some for family too.

tony's chocolate ingredients

There is a huge list of ingredients that you can choose from including almond, pretzel, raspberry, disco dip, cinnamon sugar and popping candy to name a few. 

Once you have decided on your flavour of chocolate and up to three ingredients you then design your own wrapper. You can choose the wrapper colour, the text colour and personalise it. 

boy using iPad

boy using iPad

Once finished you pop in your email address or phone number and they send you an email, text or what's app message when it's ready to collect. 

Just behind the iPads you can see the the machines creating the bars behind the glass. It felt like a real Willy Wonka moment watching as the assistants are working behind the glass too to help create the unique bars.  

After we had finished we then browsed the shop looking at all the different Tony's Chocolonely chocolate you can get and lots of gifts too. We picked a bar from the Tony's Wall which was fun and also some chocomilk too which was delicious. 

selection of Ton'y chocolate

Opening Hours
Tony's Chocolonely Superstore is open everyday 10am-7pm. 

There are a few dates when the store is open 10am-5pm including May 18th, May 28th, December 24th
and December 31st.

The store is also closed on April 28th,  December 25th, December 26th and January 1st

Tony's Chocolonely Superstore is free to enter. Once inside you can buy as much or as little chocolate as you wish. If you just want to browse that is fine and there is no expectation to buy. 

Each item is priced individually except for unlimited bars which you create using the chocomachine. All these bars are priced at €8.99

How To Get There
Easy accessible from Amsterdam City Centre. Just a 5 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

Tips For Your Visit
Tony's Chocolonely is in a very old but grand looking building. However don't expect a factory tour or something similar to Cadbury World in UK. The store is very small.

Expect to queue no matter what time of day you arrive. Most reviews online will tell you to arrive as the shop opens at 10am however the queue was no different at this time than it was at others.

Queueing is outside so if it's raining bring an umbrella. 

The store is not accessible at all. There are steep steps down a narrow staircase to enter and steep steps to exit. Inside there is no room for a wheelchair as it is very small.

Create your own bar, it's lots of fun and you can be very adventurous with your ingredients. 

Once you created your bar it will give you an expected pick up time. When you receive notification that your bar(s) are ready you return to the store and can use the exit to collect. 

Be sure to look out for free samples while you wait in the queue for the chocomachine. 

Take a selfie with the Tony's wall as a backdrop. 

tony's chocolonely superstore

Our Thoughts
We loved our visit to Tony's Chocolonely. It was everything we expected and creating our own bars was so much fun. We are new to Tony's Chocolate but I love their story which you must read if you want to know more about their mission. The chocolate is really tasty and the whole experience of our visit was really good. 

You can check out Tony's Chocolonely for more information


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