DisneyLife Review

This month we have been trying out a new subscription box called DisneyLife. I first noticed it just before Christmas when it popped up in our local Disney Store. As it was Christmas and a little manic I didn't stop to look what it was. If you haven't heard of DisneyLife let me tell you a little bit about it first.

DisneyLife Review
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When A Celebrity Retweets Your Tweet

It's only recently I have started to use Twitter properly and it's by far my favourite of all the social media channels. I love how fast it is and that you get an actual reply from people when you tweet them. It's a quick way to get in touch with a friend, speak to a company or even tweet a celebrity. Am I the only one who gets excited when a celebrity retweets your tweet?

twitter tweet
I don't really tweet celebrities mainly because I don't have anything to say to them, but on the odd occasion I have tweeted a few. If I was going a concert to see a band or solo artist I will send a tweet or if I have seen a tweet from them I have replied.

I have however tweeted a few members from McBusted and also Giovanna Fletcher and I am so happy when they retweet. Is that sad? I just think its nice to know that amongst the thousands (maybe more) tweets they receive each minute/hour/day they have chose one of mine to retweet. I have had a reply once from Tom Fletcher and that made my day.

A few months ago I tagged Ruth Langsford in a tweet because I had blogged about her campaign to keep pets healthy this summer and she retweeted instantly which got me thinking. Do you think the celebrities actually read the tweets or just hit the retweet button to keep us happy? I am hoping they do read as I like to think they are interested in what people have to say. I know they must get so many but it is nice if they reply or retweet to a select few.

twitter tweet

In the Summer I got a lovely retweet and reply off the lovely Duncan James too.

Have you ever tweeted a celebrity? Did they reply or retweet?


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Teletubbies Toys Review

Disclosure - We were sent the products below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

You may have read last week that a very special and exciting box turned up. Inside was a selection of the new Teletubbies toys range and we were chosen to try them out. Teletubbies was such a big part of big J life when he was growing up and I am so pleased they are back now that little J is a toddler. When it came to opening the box we were so excited to find out what was inside. Little J was jumping around when he saw all the coloured tissue paper inside the box, it was like Christmas.

teletubbies toys

Inside the beautiful and very colourful tissue paper were 6 Teletubbies toys for little J. He was so pleased when he saw Po, she is his favourite. 

Teletubbies Tickle And Giggle Po
Tickle and Giggle Po is very cute and likes to be tickled. She is made from supersoft plush and when you tickle her tummy she will giggle and say "eh-oh" "Big Hugs" "Po" "Again Again"

Little J loves interactive toys and really enjoys tickling her tummy. Little J also enjoys pushing her around in the pram too.

teletubbies soft toys
Teletubbies Supersoft Plush
Dipsy and Laa Laa are supersoft plushes. They are a perfect size for little J to hold and cuddle. He likes to take them to bed and they are perfect for snuggles.

teletubbies soft toys

teletubbies soft toys

teletubbies soft toys
Dipsy and Laa Laa are regulars at our carpet picnics and we play a game were they can only eat pretend food that matches their colours. Dipsy enjoys green pears and Laa Laa likes yellow lemons.

Teletubbies Talking Po Soft Toy
This is probably little J's favourite toy out of the plushes. Talking Po is again made of a supersoft plush. 

Press her tummy and she will say a variety of phrases including

"Eh Oh"
"Again, Again"
"Big Hugs"
"Hooray, Hooray, Hooray"
"ooh," followed by a giggle 
"Very Happy"

Tubby Phone
A cute phone with just 4 coloured buttons representing each of the Teletubbies. Press the colour of your choice and the Teletubbie will come on the mirrored screen. Press it once and a voice will say "Hello (name of teletubbie chosen)" press again and the voice will say "Hello Teletubbies" press a third time and it will say "Tubby Phone Party" and play a song. Unfortunately all four buttons do and say exactly the same.

Little J seems to like chatting away to the Teletubbies.

Tinky Winky Figure

teletubbies soft toys
We haven't found a home for our Tinky Winky figure just yet as we are hoping little J will be a good boy over the next few months and maybe he will get the Teletubbies Superdome for his birthday and also some more figures. 

I have popped down the RRP of the toys above for you but the full range will be available to see over at Character Toys

Tickle and Giggle Po - RRP £19.99
Talking Po - RRP £9.99
Supersoft Plush - RRP £6.99
Tubby Phone - RRP £9.99
Figure - £3.99

As you can see little J was thrilled with all his new Teletubbies toys and I know our collection will grow over the next few months. I am going to dig out all of big J's old Teletubbies toys as we had the dome, a Noo Noo and all the talking Teletubbies too. Little J will love them. 


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Little J Loses His Favourite Bing Bunny

Went we went to Cyprus last Summer little J took a handful of toys. His Winnie the Pooh taggy which he has had since he was born, some cars, his doctors kit and his Bing Bunny. Now if you read my blog you will know that Bing Bunny hadn't been with us very long but he instantly became a favourite and became little J's bedtime buddy along with taggy. When little J was helping to pack his suitcase both Bing and taggy were the first things in the Trunki.

boy asleep in his pram
It's hard when you go away because I instantly think 'what if we lose one of his toys?' he would be devastated. Well it happened to us in Cyprus and it was awful. On the Tuesday before we came home little J had been for his lunch and he would always take taggy and Bing. He knew after lunch he would fall asleep so he had to have his two pals with him. On the walk from the restaurant to the pool area he dozed off holding them both and on the way he must have dropped Bing. 

bing bunny
We noticed as we parked up the pram and he was only holding taggy. Being the caring older brother big J dashed out and retraced our steps to find Bing. He was gone. In the brief moments someone must have picked him up. Daddy went to reception and lost and found but no-one had handed him in. We checked every day for the remainder of our holiday but he had been taken.

Little J was so upset when he realised Bing was missing. We felt so sorry for him, it was awful. The first few nights were the hardest he kept shouting 'Bing' in the night. It's was so sad. We actually told little J that Bing was really hot in Cyprus so he had flew home and would be waiting for us when we got back.

When we got home a new Bing was waiting for us. Grandad had picked a new Bing up for us and even though it was past 5am in the morning after a long day and night little J was so excited to see him.

I'm really not sure what happened to Bing but I was shocked that no-one handed him in. If we found anything that didn't belong to us, we wouldn't even think of keeping something that wasn't ours. With it being a teddy you would think that the person would know it belonged to a child. Even if a child picked it up surely the parents would make sure they reported it to lost and found.

Has your little one ever lost their favourite toy? What did you do?

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Paradise Island Adventure Golf

Paradise Island Adventure Golf offers the choice of 2 courses each with 18 holes. No previous golf experience needed as Paradise Island Adventure Golf is suitable for all the family. 

boy playing Mini golf

What To Expect At Paradise Island Adventure Golf, Coliseum Leisure Park, Cheshire. CH65 9HD

Paradise Island Adventure Golf is located at the Coliseum Leisure Park, just minutes from Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet. 

When you arrive you will be given a golf club and you can then choose a coloured golf ball. 

The courses are located upstairs and there is a lift for those who need it. 

Once upstairs you can then choose your course. We chose the course which looked the quietest as we were not allocated one. 

The courses seemed to be very close together however I think we chose the Coral Cove course which took us on a journey through a shipwreck, a diver and sea creatures.

The Lazy Lagoon course takes you on a journey through a spice market filled with lots of treasures and trinkets and you will finish on a desert beach surrounded by a lazy lagoon. 

boy looking at an tiger

Both courses are decorated perfectly for their theme and both lead to the 19th hole. Everyone gets the chance to try out the 19th hole which if you complete gives you a free pass to return again in the future. 

Adult £8.50 
Child £6.50 (aged 5-16)
Under 5's £4.00
Family £26.00

Booking online offers you the choice of tee off time every ten minutes from opening - 1 hour before closing. You can book 2 courses to receive a discount on the second course.

Opening Times
Mon - Thurs - 12pm - 9pm
Fri - 12pm - 10pm
Sat - 10am - 10pm
Sun - 10am - 9pm

There is free parking and the location is ideal for a day out as you have Cheshire Oaks retail close by as well as a cinema an a wide choice of restaurants. 

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Have you been to Paradise Island Golf  Golf? Leave us a comment below and let us know about your visit.

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Teletubbies Toy Delivery

When big J was growing up Teletubbies dominated our TV and also big J's toy box. He absolutely loved Teletubbies and had lots of Teletubbies toys including talking ones, a phone, books, even a Noo Noo that moved along the floor. When I heard that Teletubbies were making a comeback I was so excited because little J is just at the age now were he enjoys watching a little TV and I know he will love Teletubbies just like his big brother did. On Christmas Eve we received a huge white box, it was our Teletubbies toy delivery.

Teletubbies New Toy Range
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