Why It's Vital to Improve Your Home Exterior

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Disclosure - This is a collaborative post

Most home renovation articles that you'll find online always centre around the interior of the home rather than the exterior. If you think about it, more people will search for glamorous kitchen renovations than they will do conversions or extensions for the outside of the home. We already know that there are a tonne of things that you can do to the inside of your how's to make it better suited to your needs and to add more value, but what about the outside? 

a house

You need to pay attention to the outside of your home as much as the inside if you want to help to add value. From speaking to The Great Shutter Co about external window shutters, to ensuring that you speak to a landscaper about getting the gardening done, there are plenty of reasons to work on the exterior of your home. The good news is that this is not another article about interiors, so let’s take a look at tips that’ll help!
Preventing Internal Damage 
Did you know that improving the exterior of your home can help you to keep up your defences inside? It's not just things such as keeping out the draughts from the cold winters day, or getting rid of pests. You could even prevent flood damage if your exterior is bolstered enough. By carrying out maintenance, and making the necessary repairs, you'll be able to keep your home looking and feeling fantastic. The roofing and guttering of your home should be regularly checked for signs of any damage, which is especially important after periods of bad weather.

Keeping Consistent 
If you keep up with the exterior of your home as much as you do the interior, you can keep your standards consistent throughout. There are some amazing examples of modern home exteriors out there to help with your inspiration and give your home a brand new look, but an exterior transformation doesn't have to be in your face to be effective. There are plenty of low budget improvements that you can make to change the way that your home looks and can still make the whole house look fantastic.

You Get To Add Some Value To Your Property
If you're looking to sell your home, then consider your house a gift. You want to make sure that the packaging is perfect, and that includes the exterior. The outside of your home could make just as much of a good impression as the interior of your home, so while you are there making sure that the house is clean and the kitchen is upgraded, consider mowing the lawns. It's these small touches on the outside that can make a big difference when somebody's coming to view your home.

It Makes You More Comfortable
Let's be honest, long that remains overgrown, and a driveway that hasn't been looked after in awhile can make anybody feel uncomfortable and stressed. It just so happens that this would be another job on your long list of existing jobs. If you keep up with the exterior of your home however, you won't have this problem. Regular maintenance makes a big difference.

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Get Your Home Spring Ready with These Vital Tasks

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What a Spring we are having. Colder than usual doesn't begin to describe it. And it can get worse. So, take some of these steps to get your home spring ready and avoid costly damage.

house in spring

Check Your Gutters When It's Safe
Gutters are important for the drainage of your home. And if something bad happens to them, it can cause chaos and cost a lot of money that you may not have. So, clean out your gutters so that water can flow freely when it rains a lot. Check on them and get rid of them when it's safe. This will help protect your roof and foundation from water damage. A drain unblocking service will become necessary if you let things get out of hand. A great service, but more money out.

Protect Your Electrics
Storms are a natural part of spring, and it seems like they get worse each year. By putting in surge protectors, you can help protect your expensive electronics. This will keep them safe from power surges when there is lightning. They work to stop power surges from getting to your electronics by soaking up the extra energy they produce. But you should know that surge protectors aren't perfect and can't protect you from all types of electrical power surges.

Use The News To Get Your Home Spring Ready
These days, the news is everywhere. And Google's App store has more than 2,500 news channel apps. So you're never too far from knowing what's going on. This is great because it helps a lot to stay up to date on weather warnings and forecasts. If a storm is coming, make sure you and your home are safe by taking the right steps. Also, make sure you have a plan for what to do if there is a big storm and know where the safest places are in your home.

Secure Your Home from Wind and Rain
Your house is a great way to stay safe from bad weather. But you really need to put in some work. For example, you must try to keep wind damage to a minimum. If you have furniture or other items on your porch or deck, secure them or bring them inside before a storm, so they don't become projectiles. Also, make sure the seals around your doors and windows are tight using tape or sealing calking. This will help stop water from getting in when it rains a lot.

Keep An Emergency Kit At Home
Bad weather can make it hard for emergency services to get to you when you need them. So, you should have a kit ready in case the power goes out, or you get hurt. This should include things like flashlights, batteries, bottled water, non-perishable food, and a first aid kit. You have no idea how long this will take. So stocking the essentials is, well, essential. It's also important to check your emergency kit every so often and replace any expired items such as food cans.

flower vase in sunlight

It's vital you get your home spring ready to avoid some of the worst the season offers. Keep your gutters clean, stay up-to-date with the news, and keep an emergency kit at home.

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Gifts For All Types Of Mums.

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Disclosure - Features gifted items. Any thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Mother's Day is approaching fast so I wanted to share with you some last minute Mother's Day Gift ideas for all types of Mums.

Willow Tree Brothers
Sentimental Mum
Artist Susan Lordi hand carves each original Willow Tree sculpture. This piece is cast from her original carving and then painted by hand. This playful pose between two brothers may be very familiar to parents of boys; it reflects the relationships that develop in childhood and endure through adulthood. 

duvet cover

Comfy and Cosy Mum
Belledorm offer a wide range of home linens and the Maeva duvet cover is a contemporary floral in the softest tones of powder pink and light grey. The shadow print in the background adds an interesting dimension to the design. Made from easy care cotton polyester, an ideal choice for the modern, busy household.

El Camino Bracelet

The Travelling Mum
El Camino is a handmade customisable bracelet which allows you to add 'steps' that are personal to you and your travels. Each step is represented by a place or country you have travelled to and is the perfect way to remind you of your travels all over the world. 

black clutch bag

The Stylish Mum
The Courtney luxury leather handbag from Boutique Gifts can be debossed with initials, making them an extra special personalised gift that she will love. This leather clutch bag features a zip fastening and wrist handle.

Rapunzel Loungefly Bag

Disney Mum
To celebrate Tangled's 10th anniversary Disney Loungefly created Rapunzel Dress Backpack. It has all the details of her purple and pink Princess dress including the lace trim and lace up ribbon detail which mimics her corset. This bag is fit for a princess. 

sea breeze diffuser

House Proud Mum
The Copenhagen company offer a collection of room sprays, diffusers and candles in a variety of sizes that embrace scents from around the world. The Sea Breeze Reed Diffuser is a refreshing marine breeze scent including delicate floral accords with accents of amber and woods.

Aveeno Baby Products

Mum To Be
Whether you have normal, dry, itchy or sensitive skin Aveeno offer a wide range of products that can help moisturise and cleanse your skin. The Aveeno Baby range is also a lovely idea to give to a mum to be.

stabilo highlighter range

The Organised Mum
Stabilo offer everything you need to be as organised as possible with a range of pens for all occasions. The pastel colours range have a range of highlighters that are perfect for checking off items on your to do list. 


The Sweet Tooth Mum
6 Vanilla sponge cupcakes beautifully hand decorated in a rose design swirl from Bradfords Bakers.  A fusion of strawberry and vanilla frosting blend together to create a subtle shaded rose design that tastes amazing too.  

livia's treats
Livia's use simple and natural ingredients. They banish any ingredients you can’t pronounce, ingredients you wouldn’t keep at home and all the bad stuff! They promise there are no nasty tricks in their treats just a touch of Livia’s magic. Always plant-based, gluten and dairy free… And above all, unbelievably scrumptious

Money Plant

At Home Mum
Breathe new life into your space with this artificial money plant from George. Presenting lifelike green leaves, it sits on a bed of pebbles and comes housed in a white pot which is elevated on an oak stand. Perfect for uplifting your desk or coffee table. 

Buyagift Experience

Hard to Buy For Mum
When you have no idea what to buy as a gift for someone I would always recommend a Buyagift voucher. When purchasing a gift experience for your Mum, you are not just giving her a thoughtful present, but also memories to enjoy for years to come. A unique Buyagift experience day really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Majority Little Shelford

Nostalgic Mum
The Majority Little Shelford’s classic-looking vintage design and wide range of features make it perfect for every setting. Designed with portability in mind, the Little Shelford includes a battery compartment and leather-look carry handle. Not only can you choose from DAB+ and FM Radio, you can also listen to your own music with the Little Shelford’s Bluetooth Connectivity. 

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Mother Goose Tour Review

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Loving the theatre has introduced me to a range of shows, musicals, songs and venues over the years. I have loved seeing so many of my favourite movies on stage and some of my favourite actors and actresses too. However last year I heard that Sir Ian McKellen was touring with Mother Goose and I knew there and then that I had to buy tickets. Sir Ian McKellen is up there with one of John and I's favourite actors ever since we first saw Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Being able to see 'Gandalf' on stage is a dream of ours that we didn't even think would ever be possible however we lived the dream last week and we were totally star struck and overwhelmed. 

cast of mother goose

Mother Goose Tour
Ian McKellen and John Bishop are flying into theatres across the nation with a hilarious comedy for all ages.

Mother Goose is a live entertainment spectacle not to be missed – scramble for tickets to see two legends of acting & comedy “work beautifully as if they have been a double act for years” (London Theatre 1), and get ready for fairies with hefty vocal chords, puppets with tap dance qualifications and impeccably constructed mayhem that will quack up those aged between 3 to 103!

cast of mother goose

If you are only able to see one show this year then honestly this is the one to choose. It's non stop laughs with John Bishop and Sir Ian McKellen as Vic and Caroline Goose. As they try to figure out how to pay the ever increasing bills to save their home and animal sanctuary, Vic and Caroline take in a homeless Goose. Just as they are about to be evicted Goose needs to lay an egg which is in fact golden. Her golden eggs make Vic and Caroline very rich, but does the fortune bring them happiness? You will have to watch and see. 

There is still time to catch Mother Goose at the following venues

OXFORD, New Theatre Oxford 07/03/23 – 11/03/23

LEICESTER, Leicester Curve 15/03/23 - 19/03/23

DUBLIN, Bord Gáis Energy Theatre 22/03/23 - 26/03/23

CARDIFF, Wales Millennium Centre 28/03/23 – 01/04/23

SALFORD, The Lowry 05/04/23 - 09/04/23

BRISTOL, Bristol Hippodrome 12/04/23 – 16/04/23

Click Here To Book Tickets

cast of mother goose

The cast of 15 all have their time to shine and usually there are a few stand out performances however for me they all were amazing and each gave it their all.  

Have you seen Mother Goose? Did you enjoy it?



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