Little J's New Bedtime Pal - Sweet Dreams with Squidge

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This post really does bring back memories for me. I've mentioned it before but when Big J was little he loved CBeebies. Tweenies, Teletubbies, Balamory and Mr Tumble.
When that time of day came that CBeebies was going to bed Big J would cry his little heart out. As soon as the goodnight song would come on his lip would quiver and the tears would flow. If we turned the TV off before the song started he would still cry and it was probably worse.
This week little J received a CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge. It is so soft and cuddly and it plays the CBeebies Goodnight song. It brought back a lot of memories.
I knew little J would love it straight away because he just loves anything he can cuddle, press, lights up and makes noises.

Once we showed little J how to start the song (by pressing the star at the bottom) he can easily switch the music on, press it again and the song stops.

As well as singing the song Sweet Dreams with Squidge lights up too.

Little J had slept with Squidge the night before and wouldn't put him down so he joined us for breakfast.

The squidge is really soft so little J decided to snuggle up while watching Mike The Knight.

The lights on squidge are soft and will stay on for the song but once the song finishes they go off. If you want to hear the song again or see the lights you will have to press the star again.

We leave squidge in the cot overnight and every morning we have been awoken to the song. Its our new alarm clock. I find myself singing it throughout the day too.

The squidge is suitable from 10 months +  and is 23cm tall.

He is super soft and wears a lovely blue night cap.

Press the star to activate the Cbeebies night time tune

Lights glow softly whilst the song is playing.

RRP is £19.99 and is made by Golden Bear Toys who have a Cbeebies range.

If you would like to own a squidge of your own - click HERE to enter my competition to win a Sweet Dreams with Squidge.
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NINKY NONK Musical Activity Train

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Since our recent visit to Cbeebies Land in Alton Towers little J absolutely loves In The Night Garden. I had heard of it before but we had never watched the programme. 
Little and big J got to meet Igglepiggle and little J instantly became a fan

He has a few toys now including an Igglepiggle taggy which he loves and takes to bed with him every night. 
Probably his favourite toy at the moment is his NINKY NONK musical activity train. He loves it and has played with it every day since it arrived.
The train is like five toys in one because each carriage can be removed from the others so you can play with which ever toy you want or all five. When attached together the NINKY NONK activity train is 78cms long.
Included is 
Ninky Nonk Musical Pull Along Engine

This is little J's favourite. The Musical Pull Along Engine from In the Night Garden, is perfect for little J. He loves anything that makes a noise, lights up or sings and this does all 3.

There are 3 buttons on the NINKY NONK engine and each one when pressed plays the characters theme tune. Little J keeps pressing them over and over again. There is another button shaped as a yellow star and this is perfect for bedtime. When you press it the NINKY NONK lights up and plays a lullaby.
The NINKY NONK also has a yellow cord attached and when pulled plays a tune. Little J isn't walking just yet but he will whizz  it across the floor.

Tombliboo's Spinning Shape Sorter

Little J really likes this part of the train, and I actually do to. The shape sorter comes with three blocks which are different colours, shapes and has characters featured on them.
Once little J had sorted the blocks I showed him that you can press down on the plunger and the carriage spins.
He will sit and spin it over and over. I have to admit its weirdly addictive.
To release the shapes you just lift up the carriage and they fall out.
Upsy Daisy's Stacking Blocks Carriage
The next part of the train is a stacker. Little J isn't too fussed on this part of the train. The carriage features two Harhoo blocks that you can use to stack alone or you can stack on top of the carriage. They need to be stacked and clipped down to stay in place and little J just finds this a little to hard and gives up but I'm sure in time with practice he'll master it.
There is a little peek a boo door which he enjoys opening and closing and opening and closing.... and the lids rattles too which he seems to enjoy playing with.
 Pop-up Igglepiggle 
This is really simple but very enjoyable. You just press down on the button and Igglepiggle will pop up and then you push him back down again and he squeaks. This fits in one hand so perfect for keeping little J entertained in the car or while he's sat waiting for his lunch.
Peek-a-Boo Carriage


Again this is only a small toy so can easily fit in the hand. You open the doors and inside are Pontipines and Wottingers. Little J likes opening the door but not as much as pressing the button on the roof which has a clicking sound.

Overall little J loves the NINKY NONK Musical Activity Train. The fact that it is 5 toys in one is really appealing as I know how easy it is for little ones to become bored quite quickly. The train has lots of activities to do on each and when put together its a great pull along too.


Its very bright and colourful and if your little one isn't a fan of In The Night Garden already I'm sure they will be after playing with this. I often find myself singing along to the songs.


You can view more information on In The Night Garden HERE and you can buy the NINKY NONK Musical activity train HERE
Does your little one like In The Night Garden?

*we were sent the Ninky Nonk Activity Train for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are our own*
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Club Penguin is taken over by Frozen

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If you didn't know already we love everything Disney and always have. This week Big J got to play on his favourite online game Club Penguin while it was taken over by Frozen.
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Testing out the Motorola Moto G

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Daddy loves anything electronic so when we were asked to try out the Motorola Moto G I knew this was a job for Daddy. Daddy has been trying it out and has written the post below.

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Chang to get the season started.

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As the football season has just begun the boys have gone football mad well Everton mad to be precise. Both Daddy and big J are big Everton Fans and have just purchased the new kits and Daddy has been enjoying the Everton sponsor Chang beer.
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Monkey Wellbeing

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As most of you know little J spends most of his time in and out of hospitals and he has done since he was born. Whether its attending appointments or visiting specialists, it sometimes feels like a second home. He has already had one 'failed' operation to try and correct his toe and will be due another in the next few months. I am hoping by the time he is older all these appointments will have stopped and he wont be able to remember just how much time he spent see doctors and nurses. The one thing that does upset me is just how many children you see around the hospital. Some just with cuts and bruises but others who look really sick and look like they have been in there for a while. Its so sad and it must be very scary for a child to be in hospital, especially if its their first time. Lots of machines, gadgets and bleeping noises. I recently came across Monkey Wellbeing and I just fell in love with the idea and asked Helen if she would write a post for me, explaining all about Monkey Wellbeing so that I could share it with my readers.

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Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blanket

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On our recent trip we did do lots of driving across the country and at times it did get quite chilly. We had packed our Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blanket with us and it was perfect to keep little J warm.
Firstly the monkey design is so cute and perfect for my little monkey, it super soft and very cosy.

The monkey face  acts as a cushion as well as the pouch. Little J likes to lie on the cushion, its really soft. He actually lay on it before I had managed to take the packaging off.
When you open it up, it unfolds into a huge blanket.
It is perfect for the car but also at home, when you are snuggling on the couch or just want to cuddle up.
So when you have finished with the blanket you just need to fold it back away into the pouch and then you can carry it with you using the handle.
The blanket comes in 3 designs, Owl, Ladybug or Monkey.
Current RRP is £23
I recently went to Hamleys and saw more of the Skip Hop Travel Range so I am looking forward to adding some more of the range to our collection.
The Skip Hop Zoo Neckrest is perfect for little ones aged between 2 to 4. They will make journeys more comfortable by giving support to the neck. Ideal for cars, planes and trains as they are very easy to carry and will make journeys more fun.
The neckrest comes in 4 designs, Owl, Ladybug, Bee and Monkey.
Current RRP is £15
Lastly I spotted the gorgeous Skip Hop Zoo Luggage perfect to make you collection complete.
The Skip Hop luggage is a pull along trolley style suitcase. It has a sturdy handle and the design of the case means if little ones get tired of pulling it along, the shoulder strap can be removed and this will allow the parents to carry it as a bag.
Lots of space inside to pack toys, books or teddies and has a wipe clean lining.
The luggage comes in designs all with their own themed zip toggle. Owl, Ladybug, Bee and Monkey.
Current RRP is £39
For more information you can visit Maguari
*we were provided with a Skip Hop Travel Blanket. The thoughts above are our own*
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The Rug Doctor Has Been

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I have heard of Rug Doctor before, we have some in our local supermarket which you can hire for 24/48 hours. We have wooden floors downstairs but the stairs and bedrooms are carpet and they never look clean.
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