It's National Picnic Week

This week is National Picnic Week. We love picnics and try and have one as often as we possibly can. Whenever we head to the park or beach we always take a packed lunch with us. It's something we have always done since big J was a baby. There is something special about enjoying your lunch on a nice tartan blanket in the great outdoors. The best thing about a picnic is that you don't even have to leave your home to enjoy one. We have had many garden picnics, teddy bears picnic and even a carpet picnic on a rainy day.

A picnic has so many possibilities but here are our favourite picnic treats.

Sandwiches. A picnic wouldn't be a picnic without sandwiches. I like to make cheese sandwiches for our picnics because I find ham gets warm and doesn't taste as nice later on in the day. Although big J, little J and I love tuna sandwiches, Daddy isn't a fan so its easier to stick with cheese. We all like cheese and cheese sandwiches go with everything. 

Crisps. I always take crisps as part of our picnic. I usually have to pack 4 different types of crisps as we all like different types of crisps and flavours. Sometimes I will leave crisps and choose something else.

Garden Salad. I like to take a nice bowl of salad with me on a picnic. I'm the only one who likes salad so I usually just make an individual bowl with just lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and sweetcorn.

Cakes. I think a nice cake is a perfect sweet treat for a picnic. I will pack a simple sponge cake, scone or cherry bakewell rather  than a chocolate type cake as the weather may make the chocolate melt. 

Drinks. I normally take a separate cooler bag filled with drinks. They are only soft drinks or water. I don't think we have ever took alcohol on a picnic although I know some take a nice bottle of chilled wine.

I'm glad some of our picnic choices fit in with the majority of people as shown below on the Primula infographic. 

Do you enjoy picnics? What do you usually pack?

*I received a selection of primula goodies for hosting the infographic above, All thoughts and opinions are our own*

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