Project 365 Days 158 - 171

My blog has been a little neglected over the last few weeks so I completely missed last weeks Project 365 but I did take photos so here is our last two weeks in photos.

158/365 - Big J has recovered from his week in Malaga so it was out in the garden for some splashing fun.

159/365 - Early morning cuddles. Little J really missed his big brother while he was away. This is actually little J's toddler bed but they both managed to squeeze in.

160/365 - Daddy dropped his phone, but he was lucky that he had a glass screen protector. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky when I dropped mine a week later. Mine is completely smashed and not safe to use.

161/365 - Enjoying a day at Nursery.

162/365 - We are not quite sure what this is but it was crawling up Daddy's leg. it looks horrible. I wasn't there to see it but big J said it was huge.

163/365 - Im back on my exercise bike. Starting at just 100kcals at first and hopefully build it up 25kcals at a time.

164/365 - 70's hen party tonight. It was so much fun and everyone made an effort and looked fabulous.

165/365 - Little J's new favourite programme - Peppa Pig

166/365 - Really enjoying my fruit salads at the moment. Melon, grapes, pineapple and mango. Yum.

167/365 - Reading Peppa Pig in the car.

168/365 - A day in the park with Daddy. Enjoying an ice cream.

169/365 - Its arrived. Cannot wait to get stuck in. 

170/365 - Early Father's Day meal at Brewers Fayre

171/365 - Big J went the cinema to see Jurassic World

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