Splish Splash | Our Sunday Photo 22/52

31 May 2020

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With temperatures in the mid twenties today there is only one thing to do and that's get the pool out and have a nice day in the garden. We bought the pool at the beginning of lockdown and it's definitely been our best buy. It can easily fit all four of us in and it was a bargain at just £36. Unfortunately the price rocketed once the weather perked up which I was gutted about as wanted to buy another as a spare, in case this one burst with all the jumping and diving.

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Is It The Right Time To Go Back To School?

27 May 2020

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I can't actually believe we are now in our 10th week of lockdown. Sometimes it feels like we have been safe at home for months and months whilst other times it feels so much shorter.  John and I are both key workers and have been trying to juggle working from home whilst socially distancing from our family and friends, home schooling little J and just trying to stay as positive as possible. Like most we have just been plodding along trying to do our best and I think in our minds we were prepared to live like this until September when we thought the boys would return to school however it seems that date has been pushed forward a few months with schools and businesses hoping to return in June. The one question on my mind is constantly the same - Is it the right time to go back to school?

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Useful Money Lessons for Kids in Everyday Life | AD

15 May 2020

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piles of coins with a tree growing out of themMany grown adults become poor money managers largely because they mimicked the behaviour of their parents and lacked any sound teachings about money. Even in our school systems, while mathematics has a strong focus, it’s usually not given a practical basis by balancing a cheque book, learning to use a smartphone app on personal finance, or understanding a bank statement.  To set your child or children up for success, here are a few useful money lessons.
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