The Snowman and The Dog Grotto at intu The Trafford Centre

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I recently saw an advert on TV that there was a Snowman and The Snowdog grotto in intu Trafford Centre. When I went online I was gutted that it was pretty much sold out, obviously very popular. We were going to the Trafford Centre last weekend but there was no times available. I double checked the night before to see if any times had become available and I was so please that one time slot was showing green instead of the sold out red. 

I quickly whizzed through the booking form and secured our placed in the grotto. There was an option to book and pay for your photographs and other souvenirs online but I decided to wait until we got there.

The Snowman and The Snowdog is situated in Barton Square amongst lots of festive stalls and a lovely Victorian Carousel.

We arrived 10 minutes earlier than are booking time and joined the queue. Only 45 people can go through at any one time so even though are timed slot had past by the time we got to the front of the queue we had to wait a further 15 minutes to go through as it had reached full capacity. 

We left our buggy by the entrance and when it was our time to go through we were taken into a room that was set out as Billys living room and we were greeted by Billy's Mum. We took a seat on the benches provided and the children were invited to sit on the floor at the front.

Billy's mum told us all about the Snowman and The Snowdog and what had happened on one Christmas Eve when Billy had made them both and at the magic hour 12:00am they both came alive. 
There was a large TV screen and we got to watch snippets of The Snowman and The Snowdog. It really put us in the Christmassy mood both the Snowman and The Snowman and the Snowdog are our favourite christmas movies.

Once we had finished in Billy's living room (approx 15 minutes) we walked past all the snowmen until we cam to a place were we could write a letter to Santa.

We were actually first in the queue to walk through the magical walkway to see Santa but little J kept running back and forth and looking at all the snowman so we were actually last in the end.

Towards the end there is a huge display with the snowman and the snowdog. 

We managed to get little J to sit down for two minutes while big J wrote him out a list so we could post it in the big red postbox.

Once we had done that it was time to see Father Christmas. He was lovely and gave both big and little J a gift. 

The overall experience was lovely and it was well worth the wait and I can see just why it is so popular. We were inside for approx 30-40 minutes in total and it was truly magical.

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The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year but since becoming a mum it is also the busiest time of year too. I haven't been able to blog recently, mainly because most nights and weekends have been jam packed with things to do or places to go. 
I love blogging so I am going to try and make an extra special effort to blog throughout December because it is the most wonderful time of the year.
So the last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy and now that December is finally here, things will just go crazy and also time will go so quick and before we know it the big day will arrive.
Daddy and I looked at the calender at the weekend and realised that the decorations would have to go up. So on Sunday all the decorations came down and the fun started. This is the earliest we have ever put our tree up but it was really the only weekend we could do it.
Little J got up early on Sunday morning so by 6:30am we were all set and raring to go. We started straight away and worked right through lunch and 12 hours later we were still decorating the rooms. We just have so many teddies, ornaments and all other christmassy bits that it takes time to find a home for them all.
We did stop for dinner and its a tradition of ours to order a pizza whilst we decorate the rooms so Dominos was delivered. Yum.
We have a few new additions to our ever growing Christmas decorations this year. First is our Christmas tree. Its a foot bigger than our last and wider to but it fits in our usual tree spot and looks great. We had our old tree for a very long time so after Christmas last year we both decided it was time for a change so our tree took a trip to the local skip. I did have a panic a few weeks ago thinking we might not be able to buy one so close but the stores are packed with trees so no need to panic.

Next was two new additions and they are just amazing, The Snowman and The Snowdog Fibre Optic Canvas. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to buy them. There are lots to choose from but we decided on these two. One is portrait and the other landscape. They look great on my living room wall. 
I have a new Christmas Minnie Mouse Teddy to add to my already large collection of Disney teds. Shes come all the way from Disneyland Paris (which you will be able to read about soon). She is very cute and dressed like a snowball.
I think that is it so far for new Christmas decorations but it is only the 2nd of December so still lots of time to buy more.
So now that the decorations are up I do feel more Christmassy. I love it when the lights are twinkling in the evening and it feels all warm and cosy.
Both little J and big J are very excited already but there are still 23 sleeps to go.
Have you put your decorations up yet?
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The Dinosaur That Pooped

Its pretty obvious from past posts that I am a huge Mcfly/Busted/McBusted fan. As well as amazing singers, song writers and musicians, Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter have put pen to paper and created a trio of children's books featuring a Dinosaur that likes to poop. The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas, The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet and The Dinosaur That Pooped The Past all feature rhyming text, colourful illustrations, great fun and yes, a great big pooping dinosaur.

There is quite an age gap between my two monkeys so I decided to read to both of them and yes as you probably guessed it my 12 year old was grinning from ear to ear throughout all three books. Why is it boys just love toilet humour? Little J loved looking at the pictures and sat for the whole story which he hasn't done before.
I have to admit I did find them quite funny myself and particularly liked the pooped a planet story. 
The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas
When Danny asks for too many presents, Father Christmas decides that Danny deserves a huge dinosaur. The Dinosaur is very, very big and very, very hungry and eats up all of Christmas and you guessed it what goes in must come out.
The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet
Danny and his dinosaur are back and this time they are going on an adventure into space. Unfortunately Danny forgets his very hungry dinosaurs lunchbox. Dinosaur starts to eat everything in sight including the rocket to get them home.
The Dinosaur That Pooped The Past
Danny and his Dinosaur are sent back in time in their third adventure. Dinosaur gets to meet new friends and all is well until there is a huge volcano about to erupt. How will they get back to the future?
Lots of fun for children of all ages and adults too.
To find out more about Danny and his pooping dinosaur check out
Have you read any of the Pooping Dinosaur Books? Which is your favourite?
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