What's In Our Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag

I know once our babies reach the toddler stage some Mummy's change their changing bag to maybe a character rucksack or something smaller. I prefer to still have a changing bag because I still need enough space to fit all his essentials. This week we have been trying out Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag and we love it. Firstly its not too big because some changing bags are so huge that they become impractical for a Mum on the go, but you can fit so much inside.

We took our Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag to the play area recently and this is what we packed inside.

Nappies - Little J isn't at the stage of potty training just yet so nappies are still our number one essential.

Wipes - I always take a full pack of wipes, not travel packs as I use them for everything. They are perfect for dirty bums, wiping hands, mouth and everything else that gets dirty.

Change of clothes - Little J is a mucky monkey so I always have a full change of clothes with me. Vest, undies, socks, and a t-shirt or jumper, shorts or jogging bottoms depending on the weather.

Drink - Always good to have a spare drink packed wherever you go.

Snack - Something simple like a organix bar, raisins or a packet of crisps. Nothing that will melt or go soggy on a warm day.

Toddler Fork and Spoon - Incase we dine out.

Innotab - This is perfect for when little J gets bored. He can play games on it or listen to music. Ideal if you are out for lunch or dinner to pass the time while we wait for our food.

Antibacterial Hand Gel - I always carry a small travel size hand gel for us all to use.

Small Toys - I have a section of small toys that can keep little J amused in the car or on the go. He loves little figures or cars so these are perfect to bring along.

Book - Both for little J and for me to read.

Phone Charger - I like to have one with me incase I ever need to charge my phone while I'm on the move.

So this is inside our Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag. Everything fits in perfect, its very spacious inside.

There are four pockets inside that are perfect for some of his essentials. There is a phone pouch too for Mummy.

The two external pockets are perfect for items you may need to grab quickly.

There is also a changing mat included which I always use when changing little J. Its wipe clean and perfect for baby changes that don't provide anything for him to lie on.

An insulated bottle pocket and clear bag are included too.

The size of the bag is 42cm wide x 28 high x 18 deep.

I have used it many times now and its a perfect size for us. Its stylish too and even looked okay with my bright pink coat and shoes.

The Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag is currently priced at £24.99, It's available at Caboodle in a variety of colours.

*we were sent the Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag in return for a full honest review*


  1. Ooh I like this bag! I'm so rubbish at keeping ours organised, I stuff stuff in and ignore the too small clothes layered in the bottom, oops! X

  2. Lovely bag, I really like the print. Toys and hand sanitiser are my essentials after the nappies and wipes and I also have a spare plastic bag or two ready for rubbish or filthy/wet clothes!


  3. That bag looks great! Perfect size too and stylish! xx

  4. I've found that you can never have too many wipes, both for butts and antibacterial

  5. I love that changing bag its very girly and a good size, mine is boring black it is about time I invested in a new one!

  6. I just swapped out from my Yummy Mummy bag to my Cath K rucksack. Sad times!

  7. I often miss my change bag ... I had everything i could need to hand and now i struggle to find hankies let alone anything else. Weird how i'm less organised now lol


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