Shopping Made Easier With Trolley Bags #giveaway

Trolley Bags
A few weeks ago I noticed in my local Tesco that they had a trolley near the 'Scan As You Shop'. It was filled with coloured Trolley Bags. I had seen people with these bags before in their trolleys and although they looked good I never got round to trying them out, until recently. Trolley bags are exactly what you would expect, bags that fit in your trolley.
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We Are Part Of The Netflix Stream Team


When we were contacted by Netflix to ask us to be part of the Netflix Stream Team I was so excited. Mummy and I absolutely love watching movies and tv programmes but like most people we find everyday life takes over and it’s just impossible to sit down and watch live tv. We would rather watch movies at a time that suits us and we also love to watch tv programmes as boxsets so there is no long wait in-between episodes.
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Playbrush Review


Luckily Little J has always enjoyed brushing his teeth, it is part of his morning and bedtime routine and he likes trying to do it himself. There have been times when he really didn't want to brush his teeth especially when he was teething or if he is really tired. On days like this we would sing a song, count or anything we could think of that would distract him as we brushed. A few weeks ago we were sent a device called Playbrush which makes brushing fun.
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Father's Day 2016 Gift Guide


If you are looking for some ideas on what to buy Daddy for Father's Day this year I have listed our Top 5 gifts.
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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making Of Harry Potter Review

Disclosure - We received free entry in to the attraction for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Have you visited the Warner Brothers Studio - The Making of Harry Potter tour? We have been once before so wasn't sure about visiting again as we had seen everything and we weren't sure we would enjoy if as much. I can honestly say the second time was so much better that the first. If you are a Harry Potter fan then this is definitely the place to visit.

Hogwarts castle

What To Expect Warner Brothers Studio - The Making Of Harry Potter (Sat Nav WD25 7LR)
The tour is self guided and usually takes around 3 hours. When you book your ticket you are given a time. Our slot was between 12-12:30 but we joined the queue a little early about 11:30am however as the queue was quite big we didn't actually begin till after 12pm. Please keep in mind that the queue to enter is quite large however it does move. I would aim to enter the queue before you allocated time slot.

Costumes from Harry Potter

Once you enter the tour you are put in a room as a large group. There are video screens which allow you to watch and hear how the Harry Potter movies became such a huge hit overnight. Once you have watched the video you then go into a screening room, again in a large group. You watch a short video featuring Daniel, Emma and Rupert. Once the video has finished the screen goes up and the door to The Great Hall appears. The door opens and the Great Hall is just as you see it in the film. Your tour starts here and you can now go at your own pace.

At the end of the Great Hall you can see all the teacher costumes from the movies and as Harry Potter is celebrating 15 years since the first movie the original sorting hat was on show too.

The burrow
The chamber of secrets

As you move around the tour you can view all the original sets, costumes and props that featured in the movies. My favourites are the Great Hall, the boys room, the potions classroom and the chamber of secrets door.

As you walk around there are staff on hand to answer any questions you may have and also offering you the chance to earn badges to take home.

boy with wand

boy with wand

Little J took part in the broomstick challenge. Hover your hand over the broom to make it rise up, just like in the flying lesson in the first movie. Big J did a wand challenge.

There is a chance to ride a broomstick or ride in Ron's car in front of a green screen. You can then purchase a photograph or video to take home. Photos are £14 and £7 for every extra photo you buy. We sat in Ron's car.

The Hogwarts Express

Last time we visited the Hogwarts Express wasn't there but this time it had arrived and it was open. It was really exciting to turn the corner and see the red train at the platform. This part of the tour is definitely my favourite. The platform feels so real, you can go onboard the train, visit the railway shop and even hold Harry's trolley.

We spent a hour just visiting the platform. It does feel very magical and lots of fun.

Once we had finished on platform 9 and 3/4 you come to the backlot cafe. Time to take a break and have a drink and something to eat. We had brought a packed lunch which is okay to do as lots of tables both inside and out.

harry's home at Godric Hollow

The outside part of the tour has the Knight bus, no.4 Privet Drive, Godric Hollow, the Hogwarts bridge and Hagrid's motorbike.

Inside privet drive

For the first time no.4 Privet Drive is open to the public for a short time Check out Harry's cupboard under the stairs, the Dursley's front room and catch a Hogwarts letter through the letterbox just like Harry.

The next part of the tour features Diagon Alley. You can walk up the cobbled street and see Gringotts, Olivanders and Fred and George's Joke Shop.

boys looking at Hogwarts castle

The last part of the tour is the huge Hogwarts Castle. The photographs do not do it justice. It is really breathtaking.

Hogwarts castle

A visit to the Harry Potter tour wouldn't be complete without visit to the gift shop and the purchase of a chocolate frog.

We also bought a special souvenir to take home too. Dumbledores Army scroll and 6 wands. Absolutely stunning.

Anything Else?
As mentioned before the tour is self guided and can take at least 3 hours probably more if you stop for refreshments and spend a hour in the shop like us.

You can visit The Making of Harry Potter throughout the year but if you check online you can see if special events are happening when you visit. I would love to see Hogwarts in the snow which starts in November.

From January 23rd - September 15th 2021, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour will be giving you the chance to join in with their special event - The Celebration of Slytherin. 

Tickets are currently priced as
Adult £47
Child £38
Family £150 ( 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children)
Children aged 0-4 Free

Car parking is available and is free to guests. There are a number of blue badge parking available and you can purchase a priority parking pass with your tickets for an extra £10

What Is Close By?
Cloud 9 Leisure Park WD25 0LN - 1.2 miles away
Imagine a giant inflatable obstacle course which combines the fun, challenge and excitement of ninja warrior, gladiator and total wipeout! Perfect for all ages

Alderham Country Park WD6 3BA - 4.6 miles away
Enjoy the scenery, walks, explore the farm and 100 Aker Wood, home of Pooh Bear and friends.

Further Away
Central London is just 22 miles / 45 minute drive away.

Please ensure you follow social distancing rules & Government guidelines and if somewhere is busy on arrival, please consider leaving and returning at a later date. 

Face coverings are required in the cafe, gift shop and also the toilets for those aged 11+ (usual exemptions apply)  

Check for local lockdowns / travel restrictions before visiting anywhere. 

Always check with the venue direct as things may have changed after this post was published. 

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Have you visited Harry Potter tour? What was your favourite part? Leave us a comment below and let us know about your visit.

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Baby Annabell Brother Doll Review and Giveaway

Baby Annabell Brother Doll
I like little J to be exposed to all types of toys. Sometimes, even though we try to encourage him to play with other things he will just sit happily with his cars. I've now learnt that that's okay and eventually he will come round to other things and find new toys he likes. Little J was recently sent Baby Annabell's Train Andy Dog and he absolutely loves it. Now that the weather is warmer he has been playing outside a lot more and Andy has too. We recently received another Baby Annabell product this time it was Baby Annabell's Brother. I knew little J would love this as he likes anything that he can push around in his pram or play doctors with.
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The View From The Shard


A few months ago we received a Buyagift Smartbox. If you have heard of Buyagift you will know that they offer 100's of experiences throughout the UK. The Smartbox which is perfect for couples had over 500 experiences to choose from but after a lot of thought we decided to use our voucher on our recent visit to London.
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Our Firsts With Petits Filous


Since having both boys I always seem to have my camera to hand to capture special memories of them both. Whether it's just a simple walk in the park, a holiday or special milestones in their lives. Little J loves looking at photographs of himself and hearing about what he was getting up to in the photograph. Petits Filous have launched My First Petits Filous and to celebrate I have added a few of Little J's special 'firsts' photographs.
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Little J's Bed Time


When it comes to sleeping my two boys are completely the opposite, they couldn't be more different if they tried. When big J was younger he wouldn't sleep at all. He was awake all day and most of the night. We tried everything from getting in to bed with him to sleeping on his floor, anything to try and get a few hours sleep. He was permanently tired and so were we. Little J on the other hand is awake all day and sleeps all night and has done since he was a baby. He went in his own room in his cot and would quite happily fall asleep on his own and still does now. He goes to bed awake and within 10-15 minutes he is snoring.
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Premier Inn - Hemel Hempstead Central Review


As you may already know we recently visited London for the weekend. When booking our trip we decided to stay at the Premier Inn Hemel Hempstead. Although it's not actually in London it's quite close and we have stayed there before and never had any problems.
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Daddy Gets Handy In The Kitchen

Daddy has been making himself useful in the kitchen recently making us some yummy meals and treats. He's actually really good at cooking and I know its something he really wants to start making more of an effort on. Keep an eye out for some yummy posts showing off Daddy's talents but for now I'll pass you over to Daddy who is keen to tell you about what he is up to next.

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