Going On Holiday - How Do You Choose?

I was watching the boys in the garden last week and they were playing in the water. It was bright, warm and sunny and it got me thinking about our Summer holiday.

Sa Coma - June 2003 

When we have gone abroad in the past I find it quite stressful to actually find a suitable holiday for all of us. Our first holiday with big J was when he was just 1 year old. We researched for months before we settled on a destination. It had to be suitable for families, not to hot, plenty to do, clean and with amenities for a baby. It was hard work but we decided on a Thomson holiday to Sa Coma in Majorca.  Neither Daddy or I had been to Majorca before but we did know people who had been and they said it is lovely and suitable for families. The Coma Gran Aparthotel was 5* Thomson Superfamily and because we could go off peak it wasn't overly expensive. We absolutely fell in love with the hotel, the complex and the resort. Everything was ideal for families and it was just what we wanted, it was perfect.

Sa Coma - September 2003

 It was that lovely we returned a few months later.

Sa Coma - June 2004

Sa Coma - July 2005

When it came to booking our holiday the following year it was quite hard to settle for anything less than what we had experienced the year before. What if it wasn't good enough, what if it wasn't clean or suitable for families? It actually became quite stressful so for the following few years we did return to the same Coma Gran Aparthotel in Sa Coma and enjoyed some really lovely holidays.

Alcudia - July 2009

I can't remember why we didn't go back to Sa Coma this one year, maybe we just fancied a change I don't know but we booked a holiday to Alcudia. Big J was 7 years old now so he was really excited and we wanted to get it right. We didn't. It was awful. We didn't like the hotel, the pool and entertainment were just average and the resort was very busy and it just wasn't as nice as Sa Coma. The beach was lovely but that is all I can say about it really. I was however just a few weeks pregnant at the time and this may have affected our holiday as I was so ill with morning sickness. Whenever anyone mentions Alcudia to me now I automatically go back 6 years and the feeling of sickness comes back to me. I just couldn't wait to come home.

Our last holiday abroad was a good one. We had booked to go to C'an Picafort in Majorca. The hotel was nice and was right on the beach. A few months before we received a phone call to say there was an error with our booking even though we had paid. They told us that we would receive a full refund and we would have to book another holiday. As you can imagine trying to get somewhere decent in the summer holidays is hard enough but to have to do it so late in the year is impossible. I was really angry and I asked them to find us somewhere else as I wasn't going to accept a refund. They were a little reluctant at first but then they came back with a few possibilities. None of them were similar to what we had booked. I went online and I found another hotel on their website that was available on our dates and was in the same resort. I have to admit that it was a better hotel than ours, it was a holiday village, all inclusive and was about £2,000 more than what we had paid. So after a lot of persuading they upgraded us and it was an amazing holiday. One we will never forget.

Lake District - July 2012

We didn't take a holiday abroad for a few years after that. We stayed in this country and visited the Lake District. I love the Lakes and we have been many times although the weather is just awful up there and it really does make it a little miserable at times. We have stayed in a guest house a few times, Hoseasons and also in a caravan. The Caravan was the worst. It rained for a full week so everything smelt damp all the time.

We haven't been on a Summer holiday yet with little J and I am looking forward to it but its quite stressful again thinking about where to go and when? Now big J is a little older it seemed a lot easier as we didn't need certain facilities such as highchair, cot etc but now we are back to needing a family friendly resort.

How do you choose your summer holiday? Do you travel to the same place each year or do you go for places that have been recommended?

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