The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

John and I are both lucky that we have the opportunity to work from home some of time. It has proved to be quite convenient at times however like most things it has it's pro's and con's. Most of our friends are now taking advantage of home working as and when they can, so it seems to be a choice some employers are giving to their staff.
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Why A Hotel's First Impression Is So Important

Last weekend we visited a hotel that we have never been to before. I am always wary visiting new hotels as you never know what they are gong to be like. Obviously like most people, I visit trip advisor to check out other peoples views but for me first impressions are so important. The outside of the hotel and the reception are usually the first thing you see and it sets the tone for the rest of the hotel.
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The Costs Of Married Life

Last weekend we were guests at a family wedding and it was a really lovely day. We know how much planning had gone in to making it the perfect day. It's took years, some stress, quite a few sleepless nights and lots of money. The planning for a wedding begins with an engagement ring and usually ends after the vows. Now that the day is over it's time to start life as a married couple. Most will go on a honeymoon but some will start planning their new life and then time to save money starts again.
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Ways To Keep The Costs Down

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Around this time of year I start thinking about cutting down on our spends in preparation for Christmas. I know it is still 6 months away but I feel once the school Summer holidays start, Christmas creeps up very fast and I like to be prepared and sure that we have enough money to enjoy Christmas. There is also a time every year when we seem to have lots of unexpected expenses that like to crop up at once. So now is the time for us to try and keep our spending to a minimum, here are some tips to keeping the costs down.
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1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Disclosure - We were sent the product below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are ours unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

The 1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning McQueen is the perfect choice for any Cars fan with some very special effects.

Disney Lightning McQueen RC Car
You may have read a few months ago that we headed to the cinema to see Disney Pixar Cars 3. It was our first ever visit to the cinema with Little J but he loves Cars so much we knew it would be the perfect first time experience for him. As such a huge fan of Cars and Lightning McQueen I knew little J would be thrilled when he opened the 1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning McQueen.

Little J has quite a few remote control Lightning's but they were originally big J's from when he was younger so as you can imagine the features and design on the Ultimate RC Lightning McQueen are so more advanced and little J is absolutely hooked. 

Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning has many functions including

2,4GHz Remote Control
On/ Off button on the bottom of the cars
Light and Sound
Rev and Turbo
Reverse Parking
Donut turns (360 degree turns)

Lightning McQueen RC Car
As you can imagine from the list little J was most intrigued by donut turns and the idea of smoke. None of his cars he owns has these functions so they were the first he wanted to try out. 

Donut turns were extremely fun and using the button on the remote control you can make Lightning spin 360 degrees. 

Lightning McQueen RC Car
Smoking is an amazing feature that I wasn't sure how would work. Basically there is a small water tank under Lightning which you fill with water. Then when you are ready to make Lightning smoke from behind his back wheels you press the smoke button. 

The smoke is like a mist effect but looks just like the real thing and little J loves it. 

Lightning McQueen RC Car
We are extremely impressed with the quality, design and functions on the Ultimate Lightning McQueen. The remote control is the perfect size for little hands and although the buttons take a little getting used to little J is know a whizz. 

Lightning McQueen RC Car

1:16 RC Ultimate Lightning McQueen is available to buy in most good toy stores and online at Amazon

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How To Deal With Bullying

Being a parent (especially to a teenager) the words 'bully' and 'bullied' frighten the life out of me. I'd like to think that we have brought big J up well and I know him enough to know he would never be capable of being a bully. However no matter how well you have brought your child up there is always the chance they could be bullied.
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Getting Your Body Summer Ready

As soon as the weather starts to get a little warmer I start thinking about my body and how I can get it ready for Summer. Being overweight doesn't bother in the Winter as loose leggings and baggy jumpers hide my lumps and bumps, during the warmer months there is nowhere for them to hide. I have been doing Slimming World which I am enjoying, I feel like I have lots more energy and I am definitely eating healthier now than ever. The thing that worries me is that since having the boys my tummy definitely has some stubborn fat that just does not want to shift. I recently came across an advert for CoolSculpting which is a Fat Freezing Treatment. I thought it sounded crazy but I was intrigued and after reading about it in depth it is something I think I would consider.
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Enjoying The Warm Weather Plus The Chance To Win An Amazon Voucher


Summer will soon be here and if you have been lucky enough to experience the warm weather recently then you will know a little bit of sun puts everyone in a good mood. We definitely feel much better when we can be out and about having lots of fun in the garden. We've had lots of play days in the garden, paddling in the pool and playing with little J's new garden toys he got for his birthday. This has been the first time ever I have enjoyed playing in the garden and it's all because we had astro turf fitted last year. Its amazing and I would definitely recommend it.
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