Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris have finally announced the opening date for the new Marvel Avengers Campus. Guests visiting Disneyland Paris can enjoy all the new attractions at the Campus from 20th July 2022. If you are familiar with Disneyland Paris then you will know that the backlot in Walt Disney Studios has been closed and has been under refurbishment. When entering Walt Disney Studios the back lot was in the far left hand corner and was home to Aerosmith Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Armageddon. The area also featured a meet and greet with Spiderman. The refurbishment is now complete and the backlot will be transformed in to the new Avengers Campus. 

marvel ears

So What Can We Expect?
Marvel Avengers Campus first appeared in Disneyland, California and I think Disneyland Paris' version will be very similar with the back lot having a Marvel makeover. 

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force
Team up with Iron Man and Captain Marvel to help them save the world from an intergalactic threat. Earth is counting on you.

Minimum height: 1.20 m

Although this has not been confirmed I think this may be a rebrand of the Aerosmith Rock 'n' Rollercoaster. 

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure
Unleash your inner hero in an action-packed mission alongside Spidey himself, and use your innovative new tech to sling your own web and catch all the Spider-Bots before they wreak total techno-havoc across the Campus.

No minimum height

From images provided by Disneyland Paris this looks very similar to the LEGO Ninjago ride at Legoland Windsor

Meet The Avengers
Anything can happen at Marvel Avengers Campus so make sure you are on the look out as you may just find Black Panther, Thor and their fellow Avengers roaming the campus looking for new recruits. 

Stark Factory
Stark Factory is a quick service diner offering pizza, pasta and salads.

PYM Kitchen
Using Ant Man and The Wasps PYM shrinking and growing technology, chefs have created an all you can eat buffet with a variety of unusually sized mains and desserts to enjoy. 

At the end of a Marvel filled day the fun doesn't have to stop as you can head to Disney Hotel New York  - The Art of Marvel

iron man statue in front of marvel hotel
Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel 
The hotel is the first of its kind at Disneyland Paris offering guests a unique experience. The hotel is the only hotel were you can meet Marvel Super Heroes and admire over 300 pieces of Marvel artwork by more than 50 international artists.

There are a wide selection of rooms available at The Disney Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel ranging from Superior rooms to Empire State Club Rooms and Suites. Choosing a room will depend on how many guests you are travelling with, your budget and also whether you wish to have breakfast at the hotel included. If you are staying room only, breakfast is only available to those staying in the Empire State Club Rooms and Suites.

As a huge Disney and Marvel fan I think the additional of Marvel Avengers Campus is fantastic for fans of the movies and superheroes. It will fit right in with the theming of Walt Disney Studios and I cannot wait to visit. We are already booked in to visit the campus and I cannot wait to share our experience with you all. 

Have you been looking forward to Marvel Avengers Campus? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you are looking forward to. Also if you are looking for more posts about Disneyland Paris you can check them out visiting our All Things Disney page. You can always keep up to date with us on our socials, give us a like on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or if this post has helped you you can Buy Us A Virtual Coffee to say thanks.

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Disney Pixar Lightyear Movie Review

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Being huge Disney fans we were so excited when Disney announced they were making a new movie 'Lightyear'. Over the past few months we have seen small trailers for the movie and at the weekend we finally got to watch Disney Pixar’s Lightyear.  I usually don't look at reviews before we go to see a movie however some of the reviews were hard to miss as they hit social media last week. Unfortunately the reviews haven’t all been positive however I like to make my own mind up when it comes to movies and I am so glad we decided to go because we all loved it. 

lightyear movie poster

If you are unsure where ‘Lightyear’ fits in to the Toy Story timeline then let me try and explain. In Toy Story Andy receives a Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday. What we never knew was where did Buzz come from? Was he just a random figure or was he based on something? Well when watching Lightyear we found out that Lightyear is the movie that Andy went to see way back in 1995. Buzz Lightyear merchandise was created because of the movie and that is why Andy wanted the action figure for his birthday. So Lightyear isn't a prequel to Toy Story however there are subtle nods back to the original movies. 

Lightyear begins with Buzz being partnered with Alisha Hawthorne, his best friend on a special mission for space rangers. They have a really special friendship which see's them joke together and share memories of past missions. Alisha mocks Buzz constantly for recording captains logs in to the device on his arm, something we see in Toy Story when Buzz believes he's a real space ranger. Before each adventure Alisha and Buzz touch fingers and say 'To Infinity and Beyond'.

Buzz Lightyear, the movie character, is exactly the same as the Buzz figure in Toy Story. He's stubborn and believe he knows best. He constantly goes against the advice of his team and his ship’s autopilot navigator I.V.A.N. Because of his stubbornness the ship he’s flying crashes, marooning everyone on a hostile planet filled with killer vines and bugs. Buzz cannot live with his guilt so now makes it his mission to discover an energy source that will help them achieve hyperspace and get off the planet.

Can Buzz Lightyear achieve Hyperspace and if he does, at what cost? With the help of Sox a robot cat (who for me is the star of the movie) and 3 unlikely companions we see Buzz Lightyear on a space adventure which will see him come face to face with his arch enemy, Zurg and the race to finish his mission. 

I would definitely recommend heading to the cinema to see Lightyear. It has a running time of 107 mins, fun for the family and ideal for fans of the character Buzz Lightyear.

Are you going to see Lightyear?  Leave us a comment below and let us know or if you have seen the movie, your thoughts. Also if you are looking for more posts about Disney you can check them out visiting our All Things Disney page. You can always keep up to date with us on our socials, give us a like on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or if this post has helped you you can Buy Us A Virtual Coffee to say thanks.

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How to Save Money to Buy Your First Car

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Disclosure - [AD] This article has been written and provided by Liberty Insurance. 

Getting your driving license is usually a huge life milestone. The second step towards gaining independence and freedom of movement involves buying your first car. However, it’s a significant investment, meaning it’s common for several months or even a couple of years to pass between both rites of passage. If you are going through this process, some of the tips below might help you save towards your first car.

handing over keys to new car

Five tips for saving up to buy a car

Keep track of what you spend
If you’re not sure where you’re spending your money, it’ll be very difficult to save. So, it might be an idea to record all your daily expenses. You might want to write down all your expenses in a notebook or use applications such as Mint, which might help you track your financial activity by automatically recording each transaction you make from any of your accounts. 

Interestingly, such applications break down your spending patterns. This way, you’ll be able to easily detect those “ant expenses” that aren’t really necessary and that we generally don’t pay attention to, but that can represent a significant chunk of money at the end of the month. Once you know what you’re spending your money on, you can determine which areas to cut out.

Apply an effective savings method
Good intentions often don’t materialise if you don’t have an action plan to put them into practice. It might be helpful to first determine how much money you can save each month and then look at the different savings methods available. The 52-week method, for example, consists of saving 1 euro the first week, 2 euros  the following week, and so on until you reach week 52, in which you’ll deposit 52 euros . In the end, you’ll have saved 1,378 euros. 

Another method for saving money is to divide the money into different accounts. The first, to which you can allocate 50% of your salary, will be used to cover your basic expenses, such as rent, electricity, food and transportation. In the second account, you can deposit 30% of your salary and it will be used to pay for your personal and leisure expenses. The third account, to which you can allocate 20% of your salary, will be dedicated to savings. With this system of compartmentalised accounts, you’ll avoid the temptation of spending the money that’s meant for your savings.

Automate your savings
Some banks provide the option to automate your savings by applying different rules. You might be able to set a limit on the maximum balance in your regular account. This way, when you exceed that amount, the money is automatically transferred to your savings account, either when you receive your payroll or at the end of the month. You might also be able to set a percentage of your income to automatically transfer to your savings every month. 

Another alternative might be to use rounding applications that many banks also make available to their customers. In practice, each time you make a purchase, the application rounds the amount, automatically transferring the remaining cents to your savings account. This way, you’re saving money every time you pay for something, without having to worry about it. 

Wait for the right moment
Saving up to buy a car not only means saving more money, but also making good decisions. Car dealers, like all companies, set a series of sales objectives that usually coincide with the end of a set period, whether monthly, quarterly or annually. If those goals haven’t been met, they might launch more aggressive discount campaigns or might be more willing to negotiate the final price. 

If you don’t mind buying a car in stock, they are also usually cheaper than those ordered from the factory. The only “downside” is that you’ll have fewer customisation options, both in terms of the colour of the car and its finishes and accessories. 

Be open to different options
If you want to save on the purchase of your first car, it might be an idea to look at the different alternatives. Buying a pre-registered new car, for example, can save you between 15 and 20% compared to the price of that same car that hasn’t been registered. These are new vehicles, meaning they haven’t been used, and they’ve simply already been registered by the dealer or manufacturer for commercial reasons. The only drawback is that the warranty period is shorter, since it begins when the vehicle is first registered. 

Used cars represent another interesting alternative when it comes to saving money. These are semi-new vehicles that dealers often use as test cars, so that customers can experience the feeling of driving them before making the purchase. One advantage to buying a used car, in addition to their cheaper price, is that you can drive the car home in just a few days.

keys to new car

While you’re saving for your first car, finding affordable car insurance will also be on your mind. Find a quote for car insurance from Liberty Insurance now. 

Please note the above gives you some practical steps and does not constitute financial advice.

How did you save for your first car?

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10 Bucket List Ideas For A Coastal Summer

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Disclosure - This is a collaborative post.

Bucket lists don’t have to be those once-in-a-lifetime activities that you spend hundreds of dollars for. A good bucket list has a balance of great things to do, from the mundane to the thrilling. Whether you live in San Diego or plan to visit this summer, here’s a list of things you can add to your bucket list. The best recommendation is to enjoy San Diego whale watching.

coast line from above

How To Make The Most Of A Summer By The Beach
Living near a coastal area comes with certain expectations, such that you need to be out on the beach when you’re off work. Drop the expectations that life on the coast is always fun. Instead of trying to do everything, choose a few new activities this summer that you can prioritize.  Don’t do the same things you do every summer. Drop a few fun things that you’ve never done on your bucket list.

beach and sea

Activities For The Best Beach Summer
San Diego is the perfect place for a beach summer. There are hundreds of activities in the area and dozens of different beaches to visit. Here are some new ideas for your summer vacation.

Go on a yacht dinner cruise. Enjoy a sunset from the ocean while you relax and let someone else take care of cooking and cleanup.

Take your canine buddy to the dog beach. Ocean Beach has a section where dogs can be off-leash in the ocean. Bring a buddy to help you get pictures.

Plan a time to be at the beach where you can enjoy the tide pools. You’ll need to check the best times for tide pools. Kids aren’t the only ones who are fascinated by the marine life at low tide.

bike rides along the beach

Take a ride along the coast. When was the last time you just drove up the coast to take in the views? Want to be more eco-friendly? Rent bikes and ride around the beach areas.

Explore the artwork and murals near the beaches. Ocean Beach is known for its murals, but many beaches have murals that describe the history of the beach.

Take part in a clean-up day on the beach. These activities can be enlightening and fun.

Take a family photo at the beach. This may sound like a tame idea for a bucket list, but it can be a challenge to get everyone together for a photo op. Once you take it, get it printed out and framed.

Enjoy a sunset on the beach and wait to gaze at the stars. If you can find an area without noise pollution, you’ll see a sky that you’ve forgotten.

boat out at sea

Take a local tour that lets you explore a new area. Go whale watching or take a seal tour. These activities can remind you about the challenges to wildlife.

Go fishing off the pier or from the beach.

Remember that San Diego whale watching season 2022 is all year long. The summer months are best for watching the blue whales, but you’ll spot different whales all throughout the year in the San Diego harbour.

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Unsolved Case Files Avery Gardner Game Review and Giveaway

Disclaimer - Gifted product. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

We are huge fans of crime shows and we love a good murder mystery or a visit to an escape room. Last year we came across Unsolved Case Files and have been working our way through the range and we have just cracked the case of Avery Gardner. Unsolved Case Files are nothing like I've seen before. The game layout and attention to detail make you feel like you are the detective on the case.

Unsolved case file evidence wallet

The case of Avery Gardner starts at 4:23am when a man broke into a remote lake house where 19 year old twins Avery and Zoey Gardner were asleep. An unidentified man murdered Avery and abducted Zoey before first responders could arrive. 

Police departments across two states are currently hunting for Avery's killer and her twin sister Zoey, but neither have been found. 

Homicide detective, Angie Cullen, made a breakthrough in the case but then mysteriously disappeared. She left her detectives notebook behind but authorities are not sure what to make of it. 

The killer is on the loose with two lives in his hands. Can you solve the case and get to Zoey and the detective before it's too late?

Unsolved case file evidence

Unsolved case file objective

Each Unsolved Case File comes in an 'evidence' wallet that is sealed and only to be opened by authorised personnel. Once opened you are now the lead detective on the case and have to look through all the evidence given to try and solve three objectives. 

In the case of Avery Gardner your three objectives are 
  • Identify the Accomplice
  • Identify the Killer
  • Find the Detective
The wallet is filled with evidence that you really do need to take the time to read. The instructions ask you to start with Angie's Detective Notebook and then you can pick and choose what evidence to look at next including photographs, newspaper clipping, autopsy report, CSI reports, witness statements, maps.

Unsolved case file evidence

We usually work in a pair and either read each piece together or split the evidence in two and feedback to each other what we think may be important to the case. 

Unsolved case file evidence
Unsolved case file evidence
Once you are confident you have solved the first objective you need to go online. Head to the website address and answer a few questions. If you answer correctly you are then told to open an envelope with further evidence inside and your next objective. If you are wrong then you need to go back and check the evidence again as you may have missed an important detail. Once you have solved all three objectives you have cracked the case.

I would definitely recommend Unsolved Case Files for teens and above. You do need to have patience and enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries. The estimated playing time for each Unsolved Case File is at least 2-3 hours however our first case took us almost double that time. If you are playing in groups it may not take as long as you work together. Once played it is unlikely you will play again as you will have already cracked the case so it is a 'one time' game only. Having said that you can pop all the evidence back in the wallet and pass to family and friends who may enjoy trying to crack the case. 

For more information on Unsolved Case Files and to purchase you can visit their Amazon store. If you would like to be in with the chance to win your own Unsolved Case File then you can enter our giveaway below. All you need to do is visit Unsolved Case Files and leave me a comment saying.. I would like to win the Unsolved Case File of ....

Good Luck

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5 Beaches Less Than A Hour From Liverpool

If you are planning on staying in the UK this Summer then do not fear as you can still have all the fun you would abroad especially if the weather is kind to us. The UK has lots of holiday choices and if you are looking to head to the beach this Summer here are our favourites less than a hour away from Liverpool.

Crosby beach at sunset

Crosby Beach
Hall Road, Blundellsands, Liverpool L23 8SY

Crosby beach is ideal for those who like to enjoy the feel of sand between their toes and breathe in the sea air. Located just 6 miles from Liverpool City Centre, Crosby beach is a popular choice by all ages. 

The beach itself boasts the iconic sculptures, The Iron Men. Another Place by Antony Gormley, the Iron Men statues are dotted around the beach looking out over the River Mersey. 

The beach can be reached by car and public transport with a car park close by and Waterloo train station just a 10 minute walk away. 

There is a children's play area, marina lake and a newly revamped Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre. 

formby beach

Formby Beach
Formby, Liverpool L37 1YD

The Sefton Coastal path is very popular for long seaside walks which lead over the dunes and on to Formby beach. The huge stretch of sand is extremely popular all year round. Whether you fancy a relaxing hour away from the hustle and bustle, a paddle in the sea or a day of beach fun with the kids Formby beach is a great choice. 

The beach can also be accessed via the National Trust, Formby. Available to both members and non members you can access woodland walks, picnic areas and public toilets. Please note a car parking fee is applicable to non members. 

Freshfield train station is 1.2 miles away and a 20 minutes walk.

Southport Beach on a windy day
Southport Beach
Southport, PR8 1SB

Southport beach is hard to beat. The seaside resort has everything you need to spend a full day out. The beach itself is huge so you will always find a space to put up you deckchair and set yourself up for the day. Cars are usually allowed on the beach too so if you don't fancy walking too far you can also drive to the perfect spot. 

Southport Pier extends out across the beach overlooking the Irish sea. The pier is Britains longest pier which you can walk along and enjoy an ice cream and arcade games at the end. You can also take the tram for those who don't fancy the walk. 

Other highlights are a small theme park, marina lake, children's adventure play area close by and lots of high street shops.

Southport beach can be reached by car or is a 20 minute walk from Southport train station.

New brighton beach and the lighthouse

New Brighton Beach
Ian Fraser Walk, New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 2NW

The promenade sits beside approx 3 miles of sand overlooking the Liverpool port. New Brighton beach is very popular amongst the locals on warmer days and after the resorts £60 million makeover it is attracting lots of tourists now too. 

You will also find some landmarks dotted around the beach including the Lighthouse, Perch Rock and The Black Pearl pirate ship Art Installation

The promenade also boasts hotels, cinema, restaurants, a marina lake, shops and an amusement arcade. 

New Brighton beach can be reached by car with lots of car parking options available or by train to New Brighton Train Station. The beach is just a 10 minute walk from the station.

west kirkby beach

West Kirby Beach
South Parade, West Kirby, Merseyside, CH48 0QG

West Kirby Beach may only be small at just 300 metres long but it is very popular during the Summer months as it sits just between 1km of sand dunes and a further 2km of sand flats which can be seen when at low tide. These head towards Hoylake and it's impressive marine lake. 

Paddling and watersports is also a popular choice here as the water is usually clean and safe. 

Hilbre Island Local Nature Reserve is located a km off shore and accessible on foot at low tide. 

West Kirby Beach can be reached by car with both free and payable parking available within the area and West Kirby train station is just a 5 minute walk away. 

Have you visited a beach local to Liverpool? Leave us a comment below and let us know about your visit. Also if you are looking for more days out ideas you can visit our Out and AboutWe try to cover as much of the UK as possible, You can always keep up to date with us on our socials, give us a like on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or if this post has helped you you can Buy Us A Virtual Coffee to say thanks.

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Why Cornwall Is The Perfect Destination For A Family Holiday

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Disclosure - This is a collaborative post.

Planning a holiday in the UK is becoming more and more popular and I can understand why. The UK has so much to offer including stunning beaches, historic castles, gardens and woodlands to explore and theme parks. If you are looking for it all in one holiday then Cornwall is the perfect destination for a family holiday. 

Cornwall beach

It would be hard to visit Cornwall and not stumble across one of its beautiful beaches. There are over 300 beaches to explore and they all vary so you can take your pick. Enjoy miles of golden sands, or you can explore small coves which are perfect for small and big adventurers. Visit one of the many family friendly beaches or if taking your dog you can enjoy dog friendly beaches too. Some of Cornwalls beaches are busier than others however there are quieter ones that are perfect for relaxing and taking in the stunning scenery. 

St Michaels Mount

Visiting a castle can be fun for all the family and in Cornwall you have 8 to choose from. The most popular choice is Tintagel Castle which is situated on the North Coast. Tintagel Castle is full of history with it said to be the birthplace of King Arthur. The castle provides hours of enjoyment and stunning views of the north coastline and Tintagel beach. Another favourite is St Michael's Mount in the West. St Michael's Mount can be reached by boat or you can walk during low tide. There is lots of history to uncover, a sub-tropical terraced garden to explore and stunning views of Mounts Bay to enjoy.

A visit to Newquay Zoo is a great choice for animal lovers. Be prepared to see lions, lemurs, penguins, red pandas and so much more. You can also visit the Tropical House which is home to sloths, poisoned dart frogs and species of birds from around the globe. There are also lots of places to spot otters, seals and even dolphins in Cornwall so plan a visit to a coastal reserve.

Eden project

The Eden Project
Visit the Rainforest Biome to experience the smells and sights of the rainforest. The Eden Project is the size of 30 football pitches and where you discover tropical plants, gardens and waterfalls. Take a walk across the rainforest canopy which takes you above the treetops, smell the orange and lemon tress or enjoy the world class sculpture and art. 

Theme Parks
If a day at a theme park is something you enjoy then you will be pleased to know there is not one but two theme parks in Cornwall. Camel Creek Adventure Park and Flambards Theme park have a huge range of rides and attractions suitable for all the family. They both have indoor attractions to enjoy also on the gloomier days. 

Mowhay Barn

Where To Stay
There is so much to see and do in Cornwall which makes it the perfect UK destination for a family holiday. There is so much choice when it comes to accommodation and you will be sure to find something to meet your accommodation needs and budget.

Cornwall boasts a whole range of hotels, holiday park resorts, campsites and other self catering properties including Classic Cottages

There are lots of coastal cottages in Cornwall to choose from. Once you know how big you would like your cottage, whereabouts in Cornwall you would like to visit and your budget you will be sure to find the perfect property. 

Have you visited Cornwall? Leave us a comment below and let us know about your visit. Also if you are looking for more days out ideas you can visit our Out and About. We try to cover as much of the UK as possible, You can always keep up to date with us on our socials, give us a like on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or if this post has helped you you can Buy Us A Virtual Coffee to say thanks.

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Turn Your Living Room into a Livyn Room

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Disclosure - This is a collaborative post. 

The living room is the most relaxed room of the house where you just want to sit, read a book, watch TV or spend time with family - maybe even entertain some friends. That certainly is a lot of activity for a room just to hang out in. If you have a carpet in the room then maybe it sees more than its fair share of traffic over time also.

When you sit down, are you filled with a desire to punch up the room and give it a little life? Is that carpet looking a little faded and you just cannot stand the thought of spending more money on deep cleaning it again? How about something that does not fade or go out of fashion?

vinyl flooring in a living room

Luxury Vinyl Flooring
This is what just jumped into your mind:

“Vinyl is that old flimsy product that looks cheap and tacky.“

It certainly used to be, but throughout the past few decades, it has undergone a complete transformation to become the number one recommendation of interior designers right across the nation. The reasons are plentiful - it's durable, sustainable flooring that you can have your way when it comes to the choice of design. 

Enthusiasts and interior designers are further exploring the benefits of vinyl over traditional flooring due to growing changes in tastes and trends within the home. Having an easy installation on a flooring option certainly saves time and energy, and Quickstep flooring is certainly a flooring that you don’t necessarily require an expert to undertake.

Pet proofing your floor is a huge sigh of relief with luxury vinyl flooring as it is manufactured with a scratch guard, meaning every time the dog darts across the floor your floor will not look like an ice rink. 

Children in the room can also pose a threat to regular floors, from food stains or mud trampled into the floor - and especially from playing with toys. A simple clean up with a wet warm sponge will bring the floor back around to its intended look, and no sending the kids upstairs to their room for causing damage.

Vinyl Flooring up close

Caring For
You can install most vinyl flooring via one of two methods; glue down vinyl flooring or click together.

Both are very simple operations and with them able to be designed and manufactured to the specific scale of the room, you won’t need too much trimming around the sides. The glue-down option does require an adhesive, and typically one that is recommended to the particular brand. You can ask your reseller for advice on the best product to use.

It is simpler to replace any section of the flooring should extreme damage occur, making it a totally stress-free operation to undertake. Should it need replacing, the sections are cheap enough to not make a dent in your bank balance too.

Quickstep Livyn looks great, shouts authentic and protects from any number of potential threats, so why not take a look at what it can bring to your living room for the year ahead.

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Mardi Gras At Alton Towers

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The second of the six events this year at Alton Towers Resort is happening right now until June 19th and it is Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras also known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday happens the day before Ash Wednesday or 47 days before Easter. It’s a carnival celebration which highlights and celebrates the last day of eating rich fatty food and therefore giving up a certain type of food for lent.

Mardi Gras sign at Alton Towers
Alton Towers have transformed Towers Street into a carnival celebration with lots of themed stages reflecting different areas of the park. The main stage on the front lawn has entertainment throughout the day and you can watch from one of the many picnic benches. For those that would like to sample foods of the world 'food street' is also just under the walkway alongside the towers. You can enjoy a range of foods including our favourite King donut.

Mardi Gras sign at Alton Towers

Mardi Gras sign at Alton Towers

Mardi Gras sign at Alton Towers

Mardi Gras sign at Alton Towers

Whilst walking around the park be prepared to see stilt walkers, dancers, musicians and lots of other family themed entertainment.

The Mardi Gras celebrations are included in your ticket so you can enjoy everything Mardi Gras has to offer at no extra cost.

You will also find some Mardi Gras souvenirs in Tower Street shop including hats, beads and T-shirts.

Alton Towers can be so busy, rushing from ride to ride so it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy the entertainment provided.

Mardi Gras sign at Alton Towers

Mardi Gras sign at Alton Towers

Mardi Gras sign at Alton Towers

As I said earlier this is the second of six events happening at Alton Towers Resort this year. Next is in September when Alton Towers will be transformed for Oktoberfest. Prepare for spooks, chills and family fun in October when Alton Towers is transformed for Scarefest. Another personal favourite of ours is the fireworks display that happens in November and then a nice way to finish off the year is celebrating Christmas time at Alton Towers.

As well as Mardi Gras there are lots of new things to enjoy at Alton Towers Resort including David Walliams World featuring the Gangsta Granny Ride and the four Retro Squad Rides. 

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How To Beat The January Blues

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Blue Monday is the 3rd Monday in the month of January. If you haven't heard of blue Monday before or have no idea what it is well it's supposed to be the day when we can get very sad and down in the dumps. It's not surprising really because January is probably the worst month of the year as it's the month after all the Christmas festivities and there is not much to look forward to. If you are feeling a little blue today then read our tips on how to beat the January blues.

a path through the woods

Get Outside
On these darker days its only natural to want to stay inside and curl up on the sofa however it is best to try and head outside for some fresh air. if you can. Going for a walk and getting some light can make us feel a whole lot better. In between Christmas and New Year we went out to the park a few times and it really did help. Just that bit of fresh air cleared our minds and dusted off the cobwebs.

Go Shopping
Taking a trip to the shops in January can really help beat those 'down in the dumps' days. There are lots of January sale bargains still to be had out there and finding something you want or need at a reduced price can give you a lift that you need.

Disneyland Paris castle
Plan A Trip
After Christmas we all want something to look forward to so planning a trip is a great way to lift your spirits and have something planned in your diary. January is when I start browsing the Internet for cheap flights or breaks away, usually it involves a trip to Disney however we have already booked our Disneyland Paris trip this year. That doesn't mean though that I can't try and sneak another holiday in. 

Try Something New
January is the month for resolutions, aims and goals but they are usually made up of things we want to change about ourselves. Whether it is our weight, our job, our lack of exercise. However it would be nice for one of our aims or goals to be something positive. Think about something you've always wanted to do whether it's learn a new language or join a dance class and do it. It's good to try something new once in a while and get out of our comfort zones. One interesting idea would be to treat yourself with a fun and exciting experience - our friends from Experience Gifts have plenty to choose from! 


Me Time
We all need a little 'Me Time' however most of us tend to put others first and we forget about us. It's important to remember that we need time for ourselves away from busy work schedules and every day life. We need to make sure we take care of ourselves and January is the best time to start a new routine for ourselves whether it's a weekly pamper night, an early night or just curling up with that book that you've been meaning to read for a year. I am determined this year to read more and although last year I did pretty well since joining my book club

If you are suffering from the January blues this year just remember you are not alone. Most of us don't like January but its just one month out of twelve and thankfully it's almost over.

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