#TheSmiler Crash At Alton Towers

I think it's pretty obvious if you read my blog regularly that we are big fans of Alton Towers. I have been going there since before Nemesis opened and this year its celebrating its 21st birthday. It's also a special place for us as it's where Daddy proposed to me.

I was really upset and shocked yesterday to hear that there was a crash on The Smiler. I am a huge fan of rollercoasters but there is something about that ride that I just don't like. I have been on it twice this year but after the last time which was less than two weeks ago I said to Daddy I probably won't go on it again.

Taken 23rd May After Big J Had Been On The Ride

When you hear news like this you automatically assume that its a technical error and unfortunately these things do happen. After watching it on the news it does seem there was a technical error at first which caused the ride to close, but they were doing test runs with empty carriages trying to get the ride open again. It was an empty test ride carriage that got stuck on the track when a carriage full of people were sent out on the ride. I don't know how this can happen? Surely there must have been a computer beeping somewhere to say the empty carriage was stuck on the track or someone should have noticed the test run hadn't returned.

If you have been on Smiler or any ride recently you may agree that once its your turn to ride everything seems very rushed. You are rushed into your seat, you are rushed to fasten your seatbelt,  they do a quick check to make sure you are strapped in, then its a quick thumbs up from one member of staff to another and your on your way.

I know there must be a lot of pressure to reduce queue times and to keep the guests happy but this is a ride that does 14 loops, I want them to make sure that I am strapped in and a proper safety check has been done to confirm it. I know everything is computerised nowadays and it confirms all is okay but it didn't yesterday. A carriage was stuck on the track and no-one knew about it.

I followed the news until late last night and whilst four were taken to hospital with serious leg injuries I am glad that it wasn't any worse than that. I can't imagine how the family of the riders must have felt watching this happen. It must have been awful hearing the screams.

 Big J has become a little daredevil when it comes to big rides and just recently he did the #BigSixChallenge at Alton Towers. He loves the rollercoasters including The Smiler but I have a feeling he will be a little bit wary now next time we go. I doubt he will go on it again for a while, thats if it re-opens.


  1. It is scary what happened yesterday, but at least incidents like these are few and far between x

    1. I know but it does make me think twice now.

  2. Wasn't that a shock! How strange that you didn't feel right about the ride. My OH said there are safety features that should stop everything working if there is something on the track. God bless those injured x

    1. I just don't know how they didn't realise a carriage was on the track? Scary.


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