A Double Decker Bacon Sandwich For Father's Day

I'm not the biggest fan of meat but I do like Bacon so when Roberts Bakery asked me to serve up a delicious bacon butty for Daddy on Father's Day I was happy to join in. 

Daddy doesn't like anything fancy he is likes plain and simple when it comes to food. So I knew there would be no fancy relishes or garnish just a simple bacon butty.

Roberts Bakery sent us a lovely pack which included everything we needed to make the perfect bacon butty. I decided to add a little bit extra to Daddy's butty and included cumberland sausages too.

Whenever I buy bacon I always trim the edges and we will only eat the middle part of the bacon so when I noticed bacon medallions in the supermarket I bought them instead. It saved me the job of trimming off the fat.

So Daddy's butty was bacon medallion followed by cumberland sausage then another bacon medallion on top and of course you can't have a bacon butty without tomato sauce on top.

We always buy Roberts Bakery Bread and I think mainly because my mum used to buy it. We would normally buy the 50/50 version or wholemeal if 50/50 wasn't available. 

I actually got a shock when I visited the website earlier this week as Roberts Bakery has been baking for 125 years. I already knew Roberts Bakery was based in the North of England but didn't realise you can get it in the Midlands too.

We also like the bread rolls too which are perfect for a delicious bacon barm too.

It obviously doesn't have to be Father's Day to treat Daddy to a nice bacon butty because I am sure all Dads deserve a nice delicious breakfast now and again. If you want to treat Daddy to a perfect bacon butty make sure you check out Roberts Bakery Facebook page for some recipe ideas.


  1. Yummy, that looks delicious! I love a good old bacon sandwich :)

    Emily #UKBloggers xx

  2. I love a good bacon sarnie and also use medallions to be a bit healthier, looks yummy.


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