Kids Against Maturity Game Review

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Disclosure - We bought the below product for the purpose of this post. We were paid for our time. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

We love playing games here and as there is an eleven year age gap between the two boys it's sometimes hard to find games they both can play and they will both enjoy. Kids Against Maturity ticks all boxes for us. Not only is it age appropriate for both boys, it's simple to understand, easy to play and is based around toilet type humour which the boys love. 

Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity is so simple to play. Each player gets 10 white cards. White cards have possible answers on them. Blue cards have a partial sentence on them. When a blue card is flipped over each player has to choose a possible answer card from one of their ten white cards that they think would get the most laughs. 

Kids Against Maturity

As an example - The blue card shows "The _____________ is always greener on the other side." You then need to decide which card to place down which you think is the funniest answer but also what you think others will find funny. Would you choose Poop Emoji, Ding Dong or Diaper Hat

Now as I said before this game has lots of toilet humour so as long as you are ready for talk of farts, poops and butts then you are good to play. 

Once all the white cards have been placed down on that turn the winner is determined by the amount of laughs given for each white card. 

You should always have ten white cards in your hand so you need to pick up white cards after each turn.

Kids Against Maturity

There is no set time limit for the game so you can play for as long or as little as you want. It's estimated that five turns will take 45 minutes. 

The game is recommended for players aged 10+ and for 4 or more players however we have played with 2,3 and 4 players and found it funny each time. 

The box does come with a warning saying there are a lot of poopy jokes in the blue box. Simply remove any cards which you would deem offensive. 

We have haven't found any offensive yet and we all found this hilarious and it definitely made us all laugh out loud. 

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Dino Kingdom, Manchester Review

Disclosure - We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own unless stated.  

Dino Kingdom is an epic prehistoric exploration from the creators of the award-winning Lightopia Festival. Dino Kingdom lands in Manchester this Summer until the 15th August. It will then head to Nottinghamshire from 15th– 31st October.

Dino Kingdom Sign

What To Expect At Dino Kingdom, Manchester M23 1DW
Dino Kingdom is located at Wythenshawe Park, Altrincham. Until the 15th of August you can pre book 3 hour slots for what is to be Manchester's biggest outdoor Summer adventure. 

Step back in time and explore roaring and moving Dinosaurs and state-of-the-art 3D and AR technology. Immerse yourself in unforgettable interactive activities and enjoy a range of thrilling fairground rides, delicious food and drink and much more.

Dino Kingdom is dinosaurs like you’ve never seen them before…

Dinosaur at Dino Kingdom
On arrival you are guided to a separate car park for Dino Kingdom guests. Car parking costs just £3 and allows you to park for 3 hours. Once parked you follow the signposts to the Dino Kingdom entrance. It's quite a walk from the car park to main entrance and the ground is mainly gritty however there was an alternative route for those in wheelchairs. 

Once our tickets had been scanned we were shown inside and greeted by a huge T-Rex. Lots of people queued for their first photo with the dinosaur. There was no queuing system although everyone took turns and didn't hang around too long so the next person could get their photo.

Dinosaur at Dino Kingdom

Dinosaur at Dino Kingdom

Dinosaur at Dino Kingdom

After the initial T-Rex at the entrance the dinosaurs were dotted around the enclosed part of the park and getting up close wasn't a problem as they were huge. 

The dinosaurs each had their own rope around their space and it's encouraged that you don't touch the dinosaurs however the little ones visiting did find it hard to resist. 

Dinosaur at Dino Kingdom

Dinosaur at Dino Kingdom

Each dinosaur moves and has sound and comes with its own facts board. The boards confirm the dinosaurs name, where they lived and how long ago. It was really interesting finding out some of the names and I hadn't realised there were so many different types of dinosaur.

Dinosaur at Dino Kingdom

Dinosaur at Dino Kingdom

There were interactive features along the way including a personal favourite of ours. We were given a colouring in sheet of a dinosaur and we used the provided highlighters and pens to colour him in. We gave our dinosaur a name and wrote it in black pen on his legs as instructed. We then went in to a tent were the lady scanned our dinosaur and within seconds he was brought to life and projected on to a big screen, walking around. 

There was another tent that projected 'what was inside a dinosaur' onto a huge dinosaur figure. The short video only last 3 minutes however some of the younger audience got bored as there was no sound and it was very hot inside the tent. 

There are lots of food options around the park including a smoke house serving burger and chips, a german kiosk serving sausages and other options such as  Chinese noodles and greek wraps. You can also purchase waffles, cakes, sweets and other treats within the funfair area. There are a few picnic tables in the main food area however there are not enough for everyone to take a seat but you should be able to find space on the grass. 

There are toilets located at the car park before you head in to Dino Kingdom. There are portable cubicles and on the day we visited only 1 out of 6 was in working order. There are also toilets with in the Dino Kingdom enclosure. I saw two lots, one near the food area and some located in the funfair area.
fairground rides at Dino Kingdom

fairground rides at Dino Kingdom

fairground rides at Dino Kingdom

fairground rides at Dino Kingdom

There are a small selection of rides at Dino Kingdom however these are not included in your entry ticket. The rides on average cost £3 per person. You pay at the individual rides, there is no need for tokens or tickets. 

As mentioned earlier the car park ticket is valid for 3 hours. We needed more than this. The walk to and from the actual Dino Kingdom enclosure took us a while as the boys ran off to explore in the woods and play areas. Also if you want to make sure you see all the dinosaurs, join in with the activities, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the rides 3 hours just wasn't enough. We did over run so I'm not quite sure how strict the 3 hour time limit is. 

There are a range of ticket options available. 

Adult Tickets (aged 16-65) £15.00
Child Ticket (aged 3-15) £13.00
Child Ticket (0-2) FREE
Family Ticket £54.00
Concession £14.00
Fee and tax will be added on to the total. 

Opening is daily between 10am-7pm with last entry at 5pm

We really enjoyed our day at Dino Kingdom. The weather was sunny and dry so not sure how I would have felt if it had been raining and the ground was soft and muddy. There is plenty to do and as I said 3 hours didn't feel like enough time. It is a must for dino fans as the dinosaurs themselves were huge and felt so real. 

To pre book your tickets or find out more visit Dino Kingdom

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Beauty Sleep By Kathryn Evans Book Review

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Laura can't remember who she is. But the rest of the world knows. Because Laura is famous - a dying girl who was frozen until she could be cured. A real-life Sleeping Beauty. But what happens when you wake up one day and the world has moved on forty years? Could you build a new life - while solving the mystery of what happened to the old one?

A darkly twisted thriller plunging a pre-tech girl into a futuristic world. Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans

beauty sleep book

My Book Review
This is the second book I have read since joining my monthly book club in May. Beauty Sleep got the majority of votes including my vote as it appealed to me with the Sleeping Beauty reference. Whilst I can understand the reference the book wasn't what I imagined but I throughly enjoyed it all the same.

The book is split in to chapters and each chapter is headed with a name Laura or Shem. Each of these characters get their own chapters which tells the story from their own perspective. They are both on the same timeline and the characters intertwine at several points across the book. 

With regards to the characters, I found them very realistic however for me Shem and the relationship with his dog was so endearing. I don't own a pet myself but I know how attached you can become to a pet. Shem was besotted with his companion, they were best friends. 

The way Laura adapted to being woken up 40 years in the future was amazing. There were key moments in the story that I thought were written brilliantly. I felt like I was there, experiencing the emotions the characters were feeling at the time, especially Laura. Although she had no choice to adapt to her new life, the sense of loss Laura felt at points through the book were so real. It was lovely to reminisce with her through her memories of growing up in the 80's. Loving Duran Duran, reading Smash Hits magazines and covering her room walls full of posters of boybands. Laura had been torn away from all this as had her family, her friends, her home and her school. 

There is an uneasy feel throughout the book when you know something isn't quite right but you are not sure what. There were several times throughout the book when I thought I had an idea of what was going to happen and the outcome. Although I was very close there were a few twists that kept me still guessing right up until the last pages.  

beauty sleep book

Beauty Sleep had me intrigued from the first few pages and some of our other book club members read it over a weekend. They couldn't put it down. I was expecting a fairy tale type story but it wasn't. It's dark and mysterious and I would definitely recommend it especially if you enjoy thriller and suspense type books. 

The story ends well without the need for another second book although even at the end I still wanted to keep reading so would love to read other books by the author, Kathryn Evans. 

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Visiting Disneyland Paris After July 21st 2021

Travel is so uncertain at the moment. There is so much information to read and rules to follow. I'm sure this won't put most people off but if you have a trip to Disneyland Paris booked or looking to book one this Summer then there are new guidelines to follow after July 21st 2021. The France government have confirmed that everyone who enters Disneyland Paris after this date must have a health pass. 

disneyland paris castle

What Is A Health Pass?
A Health Pass must be presented in either digital or paper form confirming one of the following...

- You are fully vaccinated
- You can confirm a negative PCR result within the last 48 hours
- You have had COVID-19 and the result of a positive RT-PCR or Antigen test confirms you had Covid and that a period of time of at least 11 days and less than 6 months has passed since the test result was obtained (considered as a recovery certificate).

If you are fully vaccinated I would recommend downloading the NHS app which once registered will update your Covid Passport.

Who Needs To Show A Health Pass?
Every adult over the age of 18 will need to show their health pass. This will change after the 30th August when everyone over the age of 12 will be required to show a valid health pass before entry is permitted.

I assume this means that the focus will shift over the next 6 weeks to ensure all those 12 and over will be offered a vaccine. 

Keeping Your Health Pass Up To Date If Staying Longer Than 48hrs.
If you are not fully vaccinated you will need to prove a negative PCR to gain entry in to the resort. A negative result is only valid for 48hrs so if your stay is longer then you will need to retake a PCR test. 

disney village at Disneyland Paris

Where Can I Get A PCR Test At Disneyland Paris?
A testing centre is in operation within the Disney Village and is open 8am-8pm.

What List Is France On?
France is currently on the Amber list for those returning to the UK. However the Amber rules for France are different. You must quarantine for 10 days after you arrive back to the UK either in your home or other accommodation. 

little boy meeting Buzz Lightyear

Safety Measures Within Disneyland Paris
The rules for wearing face masks are unchanged in France. Face masks are to be worn by all guests aged 6 and over. They must be worn at all times except when eating. 

Downloading the official Disneyland Paris mobile app is a must for your stay. Guests will need to reserve a Standby Pass via the app in order to be able to join the queue for some of the most popular attractions during a specific allocated time slot.​ This will be available during certain times of the day. This will be to ensure waiting lines do not get overcrowded. 

Clear ground markings are in place within the waiting lines at all of attractions within the park to help maintain the correct social distancing. Please do remember that social distancing is still in force in France. 

Hand sanitisers are available at the entrance and exit of each attraction. 

Children's playgrounds and traditional meet and greets are temporarily unavailable. There will be chances to capture photo memories with some of your favourite Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel characters using the designated selfie spots. Unfortunately close interactions including hugs are suspended. I am sure Disney have done their best to try and make the experience as magical as possible. 

disney ears in at hollywood studios

Unfortunately things can change at a moments notice with regards to travel and safety measures so it is important to make sure that before you travel you check the government website for up to date information as well as Disneyland Paris

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Are You A Past, Present or Future Person?

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woman looking in to the distance
Whilst chatting with a friend we got talking about different types of people. He told me that there are three different types of people. A past person, a present person and a future person. I had never heard this before but after he explained it to me in more detail, I got it and he is right.

When an opportunity crops up for light conversation or general chit chat a ‘past person’ will talk about things that have already happened. Their conversations will start with ‘remember when..’ or ‘ I remember’. They don’t live in the past as such but they do spend an awful lot of time talking about things, people, events that they have already experienced. They like to reminisce.

A present person lives in the here and now. They are right in the moment and their conversations and thoughts are based on what’s happening now. They may chat about things happening in the news, books they are reading, current music, what they are cooking for tea tonight. They are enjoying life now and very rarely think of the future.

Then there’s a future person. This is me. A future person is constantly talking and planning for the future. Whether it’s a birthday a holiday or even further, retirement. A future person is a planner, they always have something they want to book or plan way ahead for. It’s hard being a future person because at times I don’t enjoy the present as much as I should because my brain is constantly thinking of other things.

As I am a future person I have found the past year very hard. I love having things planned, and ideas in my head about what we will be doing next. Due to the uncertainty in the world and lockdowns this hasn't been possible and it's been tough.

As a future person I don’t really like ‘stuff’ I would rather spend my time, energy and money creating memories. 

John lives for ‘stuff’ and always craves the latest gadgets, entertainment or music. He definitely lives in the present and enjoys taking each day as it comes. He loves scrolling through social media or news pages looking for the latest news events. 

Now that the end of lockdown is in sight I have already looked through our post lockdown travel bucket list and started pricing up trips to Alton Towers or Disneyland Paris. I haven't gone as far as booking anything yet but it's nice to hope that it will be a possibility very soon. 

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Celebrate Summer And The BBQ Season With Jack's | AD

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Disclosure - This is a paid collaboration with Jack's. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

We are finished for the Summer now and looking forward to a much needed break from work and school. We have a few things planned which we are looking forward to including weekends away, days out and play dates. We are praying that the weather is kind to us too so we can fill up the paddling pool and enjoy a BBQ in the sun. Jack's have stocked up their chillers with lots of BBQ essentials so I popped in to have a look and see what I could find. 

bbq food

The chillers had a mixture of Jack's own products and the Fire Pit range. Jack's also sell big brand names however the Jack's products are great value for money and as a regular shopper I know they are quality products that taste great. 

When it comes to tastes we are all different here so I decided to get a wide selection of products for us to sample ahead of our Summer BBQ's. 

sausage on a finger roll with sauces

BBQ's have come a long way over the years and although sausages and burgers are still a family favourite there are plenty more products to choose from. The Jack's prime pork sausages looked amazing and include prime British pork. We teamed it up with Jack's finger rolls and a choice of Jack's sauces. We can also rely on the Jack's 1/4lb burgers to be 100% British beef and tasted great on the Jack's brioche burger bun. 



Kebabs from the Fire Pit range seem to be popular. We went for the garlic and herb chicken kebabs, chicken and chorizo, sweet and smoky bbq beef kebabs and grilling cheese and vegetable kebabs. Like I said earlier we all have different tastes so the choice of kebabs are perfect for those who have fussy eaters. The range is also perfect when you are having a get together over the Summer and catering for more people. 

For those not familiar with Jack's, Jack's is a supermarket that was founded and named after Jack Cohen who is also the founder of Tesco. As well as Jack's own branded products you can also find a selection of Tesco and Britain's favourite brands in store. It's a go to supermarket that is very popular as you can shop quality products that are great value for money. 

As well as selling food and drink you can also browse the toys, games and homeware. 

Jack's has twelve  stores in the UK and they can be found at St Helen's, Sheffield, Edge Hill, Barnsley, Immingham, Wakefield, Liverpool North, Walton, Rubery, Castle Bromwich, Chatteris and Middlewich. A full store locator is available on the Jack's website.


bbq food

bbq food

Jack's is outstanding value for money and we are regular shoppers at the store and have really enjoyed sampling their BBQ bundle. Unfortunately the Great British weather wasn't kind to us so we had to move our BBQ indoors but that wasn't a problem at all. All the products we chose are suitable for BBQs but can also be cooked either on the grill, in the oven or both. 

Are you looking forward to the Summer? Do you have any family BBQ's planned?

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Black Widow Movie Review And Where It Fits In The Marvel Timeline

Disclosure - We already have a Disney+ account through a previous collaboration. Our account has since been upgraded to include Premier Access to watch Black Widow. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

Wednesday 7th July saw the release of the new Marvel movie Black Widow. It was then available to watch on Disney+ via Premier Access from the 9th July 2021. Usually we would head to the cinema with a bucket full of popcorn to watch new releases however since all the recent restrictions we would much rather create a cinema movie night at home

Black Widow Movie Poster
We have been waiting for Black Widow to be released for a long time now as we are huge Marvel fans and Black Widow is such an interesting character, we couldn't wait to learn more about where she came from and how she actually became an Avenger.

I don't really like writing movie reviews as I would hate to spoil it for someone who hasn't watched the movie yet however there are a few things I wanted to share so thought I would write them for the Marvel fans out there. 

Firstly the movie wasn't what I expected. For some reason I thought this movie was set in Natasha's past and we would be able to see her growing up and learn how and why she is who she is. The movie does touch on this and we do learn about her past however the whole movie is set right after Captain America - Civil War finishes. If you do like to watch the Marvel movies in chronological order then you would fit Black Widow in-between Civil War and Doctor Strange.

So whilst we did find out more about Natasha's past and some of her upbringing it is actually set when she is already an Avenger and on the run. 

As a stand alone movie I really enjoyed it. It was action packed and everything you would expect from a Marvel Movie. 

There are no guest appearances from any of the Avengers or other Marvel Characters. There are references to Captain America and Clint Barton however no cameos unfortunately. 

The storyline ends where Black Widow heads off to try and rebuild the relationships that are broken after Civil War. The movies finishes with a cliff-hanger that makes us assume that it will continue to play out in the new upcoming Marvel mini series Hawkeye. 

Black Widow Movie Poster

If you are a Marvel fan you won't be disappointed. If you do want to watch in the comfort of your own home then you can watch through Disney+ Premier Access which costs £19.99 on top of your monthly subscription. The movie is then yours to watch over and over. 

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Shopping Exclusives At Truffle Shuffle Plus The Chance To Win A £50 Spend

Disclosure - We were sent the products below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own unless stated. This post contains affiliate links.

I think it's very obvious from by blog that I am a huge Disney fan. I have collected so much Disney memorabilia over the years including dolls, pins, castles, snow globes and most recently my new found love 'Disney Loungefly Bags'. My love of Disney has taken me to lots of different websites on the internet and one in particular that I visit most often, Truffle Shuffle. Truffle Shuffle is home to amazing t-shirts, retro gifts and their wide range of Disney clothing and accessories. I have purchased lots of different items over the years, not just Disney branded and most recently I stumbled across their Truffle Shuffle Exclusives page and found lots of amazing items that are exclusive to them.  

two t-shirts and a tote bag

When it comes to clothes I certainly don't dress the way I'm supposed to for my age, the brighter the better. I always have so many comments about my T-shirts and bags and people go out of their way to let me know they like the clothes or bag I'm wearing. 

When browsing the exclusives range on Truffle Shuffle I noticed there were well over 500 items that are exclusive to them so cannot be bought anywhere else. I could have bought so much however three things caught my eye. 

girl walking

The colour of the yellow Rainbow Brite roll sleeve t-shirt caught by eye. It's so bright and colourful, perfect for Summer. I used to love Rainbow Brite when I was younger and had so many dolls. I love that it has a Made in the 80's design which is ideal for me as I am an 80's baby. 

The t-shirt is an oversized fit and it is recommended to order a size down for a more fitted look. I ordered two sizes down and it is a perfect fit across the chest but still a little longer so I tie it up and it looks great.

man and woman in a fairground car

Did you ever watch a programme when you were younger and wish it was still on TV now? I do all the time. One of my favourites was Clarissa Explains It All. Clarissa was on TV from 1991-1994 and starred Melissa Joan Hart. It was a classic teen series that I never missed an episode of so when I saw the Clarissa Explains It all Logo tie dye t-shirt I had to get it. 

It has a tie dye effect and the Clarissa Explains It All logo in the centre. The t-shirt is a unisex fit and I ordered my normal size and it's a great loose fit. I wore this recently on a day out to Blackpool and within minutes a lady who worked at the Pleasure Beach commented on it. She used to watch Clarissa too and we reminisced about how great the show was. 

Now although I do love my Loungefly bags I do have other bags in my collection such as crossbody's and totes. Keeping in with my teen years I noticed the Sweet Valley High tote bag and thought it would be perfect for carrying my work in. 

truffle shuffle exclusives

Like I said earlier these are just three items from well over 500 exclusive to Truffle Shuffle and cannot be bought elsewhere. I can spend hours and lots of money browsing the Truffle Shuffle website. You can use the dropdown to search by category, gender, interest, sale, new in and even what's trending. There are usually discount codes available too so make sure you check out the flashing banner on the home page. 

Truffle Shuffle are kindly giving one of my readers and followers the chance to win a £50 spend on their site. All you need to do to be in with the chance is complete the entry form below and make sure you pop back daily for bonus chances. 

Good Luck

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Elegear Cooling Blanket and Pillowcases

Disclosure - We were sent the products below for the purpose of this post and compensated for our time. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

I am the type of person who is always hot yet I like to snuggle under a blanket on the sofa if I am watching TV or if I am in the garden in the evening. I would even take a blanket to the cinema if John would let me. As you can imagine finding the right blanket has always been tough. They are either too heavy, too fluffy or too hot so I usually end up with one or two legs out of the blanket or it just draped over my feet. 

woman in the garden with a blanket around her

When I heard about the Elegear Cooling blanket I was keen to give it a try as it sounds perfect for me. The idea behind the Elegear cooling blanket is it can absorb heat and sweat from your body, absorbing the heat helps to keep you cool. It does this by using special Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Cooling fibres. 

The Japanese Arc-Chill Cool Technology Fabric can quickly absorb human body heat. It does this when the human body touches the fabric. The body surface temperature immediately drops by about 2 to 5 degrees, so that the body feels cool.

elegear cooling blanket

The blanket is lightweight which surprised me at first as I thought it looked heavy when I took it out the packaging. There are different 'feels' on each side of the blanket and one side felt more clingy than the other. When I checked one side is made of 80% mica nylon and 20% polyethylene cool fabric which makes this side perfect for hot summers. The other side is 100% cotton so perfect for keeping cool on a Spring or Autumn evening. 

I have been using the cooling blanket on the sofa however it would be ideal as a throw over the bed as the range also features matching cooling pillowcases. The pillowcases work exactly like the cooling blanket, perfect to keep you cool during the hot evenings. 

Unfortunately I haven't been the only one using the blanket, I have had to share with the kids. This means that the cooling blanket has had to deal with sticky fingers and muddy hands. Luckily the Elegear Cooling blanket is machine washable. Wash on a gentle heat of up to 30° and then hang out in the shade. It's recommended that you do not iron, tumble dry, bleach or dry clean. 

We also found that the blanket felt warm after a few days so I would recommend popping the blanket near air conditioning or a fan if you have one. This will help to absorb the cooler temperature in to the blanket. If you don't have a/c or a fan then it can take a while for the cooling blanket to release the absorbed heat. 

However you choose to use the cooling blanket it will definitely keep you cool. It's perfect for the sofa, out on the patio, as a throw for the bed or even for travelling. 

elegear cooling blanket

The Elegear Cooling Blanket and Pillowcases are available to buy online at Amazon and come in a range of colours and sizes including blue, pink and grey. We chose 200x220cm in grey and it's a perfect size for the sofa or our bed. 

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60 Seconds Workout With Legmaster Total Body

Disclosure - We were sent the product below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are ours unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

Recently I have started to look at my overall fitness after spending lots of time at home over the past twelve months. I've not been as active as I usually would be and I really want to spend the rest of this year getting my health and fitness back on track. With juggling work, looking after the kids and being a football Mum, I don't always have a lot of time to work out but I knew I needed to start pencilling in some 'me' time to concentrate on my goals for the rest of this year. 
woman standing on leg master

leg master

As well as eating more healthily, drinking water and heading out for walks as much as I can, I have also been using the Leg Master Total Body. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I am impressed with how easy it is to plan it in to my day. 

The Leg Master Total Body promises a full body workout in 60 seconds and is simple to set up and use. The Leg Master has two places for each foot and once your feet are in position you are ready to start. 

woman standing on leg master

All your body weight is now on the two platforms for your feet. You have to manoeuvre your body to glide both your feet in to the middle. As you glide your feet in and out you are actually using over 200 muscles. 

Although it sounds simple I didn't find it easy at first. I struggled to move both legs at the same time in to the middle. I found my right was stronger than my left but I continued to use the Leg Master and now I can glide my feet simultaneously in and out using the flexible handle bar for that added support and balance. 

woman standing on leg master

As well as providing a full body workout the Leg Master does have lots of other health benefits and for me improving my pelvic floor muscle. It’s common for women to experience incontinence and pelvic floor problems after childbirth, but I recently read that new research has found that older women who sit for too long are also at risk. The study, which looked at a group of 495 over-60s, found that those with bladder problems were seated up to 19 per cent longer than others. They are now urging women to sit less and follow simple techniques to fix bladder problems rather than reaching for incontinence pads first. 

I know a lot more people are working from home at the moment, and although I'm not in that age bracket it definitely gave me a reminder to move more and the Leg Master has definitely helped. 

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