The Value Of A Parent

I have almost completed my first year back in work after being on extended maternity leave. As many will know you only get 9 months maternity pay so for the extra year I took off I had no income at all. It was a hard choice but as little J had so many hospital appointments Daddy and I decided it was best to stay at home and take care of little J. 

Our Boys

As Daddy works full time he is the main income earner although this sometimes makes me feel a little under valued as if I was to add up everything I do whilst working part time and being a Mummy too, I can imagine I add quite a bit of value to our home.

 Obviously I get a wage from my part time job but what about everything else. The role of a parent is worth a lot more than you would think. 

Childcare is so expensive and when you start adding everything else such as cleaning, doing the weekly shop, being a personal taxi service for your children it really does add up. 

In 2013 research was carried out to find The Value Of A Parent. The results show that for unpaid childcare and household tasks alone the value of a Mummy is £31,627. A Daddy was slightly less with £23, 971.

L&G are currently running an awareness campaign to highlight the Value Of A Parent as it is so easily over looked especially when it comes to something important such as life insurance. If the stay at home parent was to die then who would fill the gap of the childcare costs and everything else. Out of all the parents involved in the research only 54% had life insurance. It only costs from as little as £6 per month and can help you financially if a parent was to die.

I know that if I wasn't around to look after the boys we really couldn't afford childcare and we would have to ask for the help and support of family and friends. 

If you would like to find out more you can check the website.

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  1. I'm very interested in the Value of a Parent campaign. I'm a WAHM and the struggle and juggle is so real. We're Forces and abroad so we have no family support, and rely on building good friendship networks quickly with strangers essentially. It's a hard one.


  2. Food for thought Michelle! We do both have life insurance and of course we don't want to think about what we would do if the worst should happen but it's so much better to work out a plan now, rather than later! And I think we can't value the role of stay at home parents or parents who work part time highly enough! Raising kids is the most important job in the world. Becky x #toddlersandteens

  3. Good post. I had to quit my part-time job. It was a very hard decision but I lived 30 minutes away. I would have to probably pay out more childcare than I was getting coming in as a wage! Its ridiculous how the system work isn't it? Atleast we get to spend time and watch our little ones grow up xx

  4. Interesting and I agree that being "just" a parent is valued highly enough in some respects but I do hate that they have to separate mums and dads values (surely it is just the parent that does the most around the house). Anyway, one thing is for sure we must sort life insurance out in our house!

  5. I think our government needs to recognise the value of the parent who stays at home, usually Mum, for those first years. It's terribly undervalued and until I became a mum, I had no idea myself, either. I'm off to tell my husband I want a pay rise now... 😉

  6. Really good advice, I've just changed jobs after mat leave as we couldn't afford childcare we do have insurance though so that's one less worry

  7. I've just returned to work after 12 months off. It's hard trying to balance everything, but knowing we have good childcare in place really helps.

  8. I've just returned to work after 12 months off. It's hard trying to juggle everything but having good childcare in place really helps.


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