Parenting | What Are Food Jags?

24 September 2018

 I went on a course all about eating and the term came 'food jags' came up a lot and it's so important that as parents we understand just what food jags means. For those that don't know, food jags means eating the same foods every single day. I recently wrote about tips on what to do if your child doesn't eat but I wanted to pop this on separately as it may only appeal to a specific audience.
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Review | Ready 2 Robot

20 September 2018

When we were asked if we wanted to review Ready 2 Robot I said yes straight away as I had already read about the range and knew little J would love them. Ready 2 Robot is a very similar to LOL dolls in where there are lots of different surprises as you unwrap. Little J is really into bling bag type toys and if he's not buying similar toys with his pocket money he's watching kids open them on You Tube Kids.
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Review | Oonies Inflator Starter Pack and Orbeez Wowzer Surprise

18 September 2018

I love this time of year for lots of reasons and one of those reasons is that darker evenings means we 'play' inside a lot more. Little J has already started choosing to play games inside rather than playing in the garden. So we have been swopping football and trampolining for lots of indoor play. The past few weeks we have been playing with the Oonies Inflator Starter Kit and The Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise Magical Pets.
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Parenting | When Your Child Doesn't Want To Eat

17 September 2018

It's okay to let children eat with their hands

I recently went on a course all about children and their eating habits or lack of them. It really did open my eyes to just how many children out there either refuse to eat or will only eat certain things. I suppose we have been lucky that both our children are good eaters, I can't imagine what it must be like for parents whose children don't. Hopefully the tips below will help you deal with 'when your child doesn't want to eat'.
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Closed Giveaway | £100 M & S Voucher

16 September 2018

When John and I have a movie night we usually curl up on the sofa with a nice takeaway. It was only recently that we realised that we could actually grab a meal at our local M&S,  not only does it taste better than a takeaway but works out so much cheaper too. M&S food has just opened by us and throughout the year they offer lots of special offers on their food range for example Dine for Two for just £10. This month you can choose from Pizza which includes two mains and two sides or an Indian again two mains with two sides all for just a tenner.

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Review | Schleich Dino Set With Cave

13 September 2018

Little J loves playing with Dinosaurs and why not? They are big, scary and cool and playing dinosaurs gives you the chance to roar loudly, stomp your feet and pretend you are the most powerful creature to ever roam the Earth. When we were sent the Schleich Dino Set With Cave I knew little J would love it. He already has dinosaur figures so adding more to his collection and also a play set would definitely enhance his play.

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Review | We Have Adopted A Fuggler

11 September 2018

Have you ever wanted to open a letter or parcel but you know that you shouldn't because the circumstances could be catastrophic. Well last week a parcel arrived and we were desperate to take a peek inside but the box was clearly marked with a warning. Did we package the parcel back up and return to sender? Nope, however looking back now that could have been the better option. Inside our package was a Fuggler, I don't think I have seen anything as ugly in my life and those teeth... they are  insane. It is quite clear that our Fuggler was sent to us to turn our normal happy home into chaos.
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Are You A Past, Present or Future Person?

5 September 2018

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woman looking in to the distance
Whilst chatting with a friend we got talking about different types of people. He told me that there are three different types of people. A past person, a present person and a future person. I had never heard this before but after he explained it to me in more detail, I got it and he is right.

When an opportunity crops up for light conversation or general chit chat a ‘past person’ will talk about things that have already happened. Their conversations will start with ‘remember when..’ or ‘ I remember’. They don’t live in the past as such but they do spend an awful lot of time talking about things, people, events that they have already experienced. They like to reminisce.

A present person lives in the here and now. They are right in the moment and their conversations and thoughts are based on what’s happening now. They may chat about things happening in the news, books they are reading, current music, what they are cooking for tea tonight. They are enjoying life now and very rarely think of the future.

Then there’s a future person. This is me. A future person is constantly talking and planning for the future. Whether it’s a birthday a holiday or even further, retirement. A future person is a planner, they always have something they want to book or plan way ahead for. It’s hard being a future person because at times I don’t enjoy the present as much as I should because my brain is constantly thinking of other things.

As I am a future person I have found the past year very hard. I love having things planned, and ideas in my head about what we will be doing next. Due to the uncertainty in the world and lockdowns this hasn't been possible and it's been tough.

As a future person I don’t really like ‘stuff’ I would rather spend my time, energy and money creating memories. 

John lives for ‘stuff’ and always craves the latest gadgets, entertainment or music. He definitely lives in the present and enjoys taking each day as it comes. He loves scrolling through social media or news pages looking for the latest news events. 

Now that the end of lockdown is in sight I have already looked through our post lockdown travel bucket list and started pricing up trips to Alton Towers or Disneyland Paris. I haven't gone as far as booking anything yet but it's nice to hope that it will be a possibility very soon. 

What type of person do you think are you?

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Collaboration | How To Keep Your Home Safe

4 September 2018

There's been a chill in the air the past few weeks and we've already noticed that it's getting darker much earlier than it was before our Summer holiday. It's always this time of year I start to feel a little anxious and probably more aware of keeping our home safe. We are very good at making sure our home is secure and we still use our Piper camera however darker nights and mornings attract opportunists so I've created a list of top tips for keeping your home safe.

1. Keep All Your Windows And Doors Locked. 
So this may seem obvious but I am almost certain that we have all left the house in a rush and maybe not locked the door behind us or we've left a top window open. Any unlocked windows or doors attract burglars and if they can gain easy access then they will take it. If any of your windows are damaged or do not lock properly now is the time to think about getting replacement windows.

2. Keep All Valuables Out Of Sight.
Again obvious but most people will start thinking about Christmas around this time of year, maybe picking up little bits here and there. It's normal to leave shopping bags or boxes on the floor by the door or on the sofa until you've found a place to store them. If these are on show when you are out the house anyone could look through your window and see exactly where you've been shopping.

3. If You Are Unsure About A Knock At The Door, Don't Open It. 
Whenever someone is at the door that I am not expecting or don't know, I don't open it. I pop upstairs and open a top window. If they tell me who they are and I'm happy to open the door to them I will. If it's someone I'm unsure about then I speak from the window. Make an excuse, tell them you're putting the baby down to nap or you're in the middle of ironing.

4. Use Timers For Your Lights
As the darker nights creep in, its always obvious in our road who is home and who is not. Even if you only work till 5 or 6pm it's dark then so more than likely if you haven't left a timer on your lights, your home will be in darkness when you return.

5. Avoid Putting Plans On Social Media
This applies all year round, you should never put where you are planning to go or where you are on public social media. You are basically telling anyone who wants to know that your house is empty. Lots of people talk about holidays, days out, concerts etc they are going to online and this is an easy way for an opportunist to know you aren't home.

Do you have any tips on how to keep your home safe?


This is a collaboration
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