Project 365 Days 172 - 178

 Here is our week in photos

172/365 - The new Everton kit came out this weekend. Daddy and the monkeys each got the full kit. I love them in the football kits, they always look so nice in them.

173/365 - After school treat in the garden

174/365 - Chilling out

175/365 - Daddy and little J went to the Chill Factore. Little J absolutely loved it. Keep an eye out for our review.

176/365 - Tonight I met the lovely Giovanna Fletcher at Waterstones. It was a great evening.

177/365 - This does not look good

178/365 - Chavasse Park on a Saturday afternoon

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  1. oh no at the car, hope it does not prove to be too expensive. I love Waterstones, I could spend weeks in there.
    Nice to see them chilling out together.


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