Christmas Ready With Buy A Battery.

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Disclosure - We have teamed up with Buyabattery to test the latest children’s toys and gadgets as part of its campaign to urge parents not to forget the batteries this Christmas Day.

This year we decided to put our Christmas decorations up almost two weeks earlier than we usually do. We did it over a wet and stormy weekend and it's really helped us get in to the festive mood. Each year we buy some new decorations for the tree and around the home. We also make sure we stock up on batteries. You can never have too many over the Christmas period. 

wrapped presents

We recently came across Buyabattery is a leading online battery store with a wide range of disposable and rechargeable batteries for all of your household and small business needs – making it the must-visit website to help power everything from TV remotes, toys and torches, through to hearing aids, thermometers, watches and car keys. They also supply to many trade and wholesale customers.

This Christmas Buyabattery is urging parents not to forget the batteries when it comes to the big day. Research by the battery retailer has found that more than a third of parents which is around 35%, have forgotten to buy the correct batteries for their children’s Christmas gifts. I know in the past we have definitely been in that 35%. Not having the correct batteries lead to tears on the big day but we have learnt from our mistake and we are always prepared for Christmas now.

putting batteries inside a toy

Buyabattery managing director, Darren Jones has some great advice for all parents

"Always read the information on the box thoroughly to work out which batteries are required for the toy or gadget – don’t forget some toys like remote controlled cars will need batteries for the car and the remote control."

"Before you wrap your presents fit the batteries to make sure that the toys work – this will avoid any disappointment on Christmas Day and ensure that the toy is ready to go as soon as it has been unwrapped. No fiddling around with small screwdrivers required!"

"Make sure you buy quality, genuine batteries. Long-lasting power is key when it comes to kids’ toys so look for advanced battery technology which will give you improved power and shelf life. For example, the new Duracell Plus 100% extra life batteries have more concentrated power than the previous Duracell Plus batteries. They have also been equipped with Duralock which ensures a 10 year power preserve."

"Buy extra batteries so you have spares in case any friends or family members give your children battery powered toys. Most small to medium children’s toys will require AA or AAA batteries. Larger toys may require C or D batteries"

"Having spares to hand will also mean that there are no tears if batteries do end up running dry before the end of the day. Some toys can drain batteries quickly if played continuously."

"Before Christmas Day have a battery amnesty – remove batteries from toys that are no longer used and separate dead or old batteries from those that still work. This will give you a good idea of which working batteries you have and what you might need to buy. It also means that you aren’t powering toys with batteries that are low in charge and may not make it through the day."

"Always recycle your old batteries – there are collection points in most supermarkets, DIY stores, convenience stores and even some clothing retailers. Never put your batteries in the bin – they contain hazardous materials which could enter the eco-system. They should always be disposed of in the correct way."

"Consider investing in rechargeable batteries - instead of burning through packets of disposable, alkaline batteries, invest in a quality pack of rechargeable batteries that you can recharge hundreds of times. Consider having a spare set that are charged ready for when the set in the device run out. Just make sure they are compatible with your device before inserting them."

It’s not just the children’s gifts that might need battery power! Don’t forget to check the battery requirements for any of the presents you are giving this year – to avoid disappointment."

Have you ever forgotten batteries on Christmas? 

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Forza Horizon 5 Exclusive Xbox Controller Review

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Disclosure - We were sent the product below for the purpose of this post and is in collaboration with Buy A Battery. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

Another year, another Forza game. Probably the most popular franchise in car racing on Xbox sees Forza Horizon 5 release this month.  Alongside the game, Microsoft have released a Forza Horizon 5 controller so that you can really immerse yourself in the experience. 

forza horizon 5 controller

Controllers for Xbox haven’t changed much over the years, however this controller is really striking with its bright neon colours and see through casing. You can see through to the rumble motors inside which themselves have splashes of colour which look great when spinning.  

Since the Series X / S release, controllers have included a new capture button in the centre, a really useful feature for those who like to capture screenshots, live streaming or quick recording features. 

forza horizon 5 controller

forza horizon 5 controller

Another great addition to this particular controller are the rubber grips. A nod maybe to the rubber you’ll be burning in game, these are a fantastic addition and maybe something for all future controllers to consider. The grip is excellent and if you use this and then drop back to a regular controller you really notice the difference. We also own the first series Elite controller and this also benefits from the rubber grips so it’s great to see them on a controller that doesn’t set you back £150. 

forza horizon 5 controller

Coming back to the colour scheme, it really has to be seen to understand how vibrant the colours are. I’m sure some people will think it an eyesore, but compared to the standard vanilla controllers out there, this is my favourite of all of them. 

Finally, I love how Microsoft still allow you to use regular batteries for your controller rather than having to keep it charged. I find it easier to use normal AA batteries rather than remember to charge my controller after use.  I hope they continue this with future controllers.

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