Priscilla Queen Of The Desert Tour Starring Duncan James

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Last month we celebrated my Mum's birthday and as a special treat I booked tickets to see Priscilla Queen Of The Desert. We love going the theatre and we have seen so many great shows together, Whistle Down The Wind and Starlight Express to name a few. I had no idea what Priscilla was about, I was drawn to the show based on the fact that it featured lots of songs that we absolutely love. It looked like a feel good get up and dance show and it was just what we needed.

duncan james as priscilla

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert is a show about 3 drag queens and how they travel through the outback of Australia to reach a town called Alice. Priscilla is the name of the camper van they buy to get them there.

When we arrived at the Opera House, Manchester it was really busy, it must have been a sell out because we couldn't even see an empty seat in the stalls. There was a really feel good atmosphere and the show hadn't even started yet. There were lots of people dressed to the nines looking fabulous in full drag. I wish I could walk in some of the shoes we seen. Heels were inches high and attached to the most amazing pairs of legs we have ever seen. We were so jealous.

The show was non stop glitz, glamour and amazing songs. It became clear quite early on that Tick played by Duncan James was a married drag queen who had a little boy named Benji. He hadn't seen Benji for many years but still had a strong relationship with his wife as we saw them speak on the phone. She asked him to visit her and Benji in Alice where she ran a casino. He would be able to work there and spend time with his son too.

When Tick agreed to go and see his son we then saw the journey he and two fellow drag queens made across the country in Priscilla.

It was jam packed full of laughs, dancing and songs that just made you want to get up on your feet. The acting by all three men was very camp and very believable. I wouldn't hesitate in seeing this again. I had thought about booking again for Liverpool but it is starring Jason Donavan instead of Duncan James and that put me off a little. I am sure Jason will be amazing but for me I thought Duncan was fabulous and he was definitely the star of the show.

Have you seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Leave us a comment below and let us know.  

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How To Make Sure Your Children Are Healthy And Happy

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Disclosure - this is a collaborative post

When you’re raising children, regardless of how old they are their health remains a top priority. A child’s health encompasses many things: their diet, exercise as well as their emotional wellbeing. It can be tough to juggle these concerns simultaneously and yet by managing to do so can only mean that you are doing the best for your child. Like anything else, practice makes perfect and parenting offers lots of chances for practice!

Here are some tips for ensuring your little ones stay fighting fit.

boy and man painting

Encourage them to eat their vegetables from a young age

It can be tough getting your children to take an interest in healthy eating if you don’t start early. A fun way to ensure that your little ones enjoy their food is to make sure that you yourself don’t see healthy eating as a chore, but rather something that can be fun and enjoyable. Cutting their vegetables into funny shapes can help when they’re reluctant to try something new. Similarly, appreciating the various colours and textures of vegetables can help – if your children don’t like peas, try something else! There’s no point trying to force them to love something but with so much variety of vegetables available, there’s bound to be something that they will enjoy!

boy on an exercise machine
Keep an active lifestyle 

Whether it’s walking to school instead of driving or treating yourself to a quick swim in the evening it is vital that your children learn the importance of keeping active from a young age. If they show an interest in a sport or hobby, encourage them to practice it and take an active interest in it yourself. This will not only help them develop confidence but will also help your relationship as parent and child.

Have their own mind

Unfortunately as our children get older they can become involved with smoking, vaping and other things. However schools are taking this seriously installing vape detector to try and minimise this. 

Follow your own advice

Like any of the ideas I’ve listed, the key to making sure your children realise the wisdom behind them is to employ them yourself. There’s no point asking your children to be active and conscientious of other people’s feelings if at the end of the day you ignore your own advice!

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Natural History Museum Shop - Personalised T-Shirt

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One of the many things I love about being a blogger is finding out about brands, companies or shops that I haven't heard of before. When it comes to buying presents I do like to find unique and special presents and I spend lots of time browsing through google especially around Christmas and birthdays.

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Personalise Your Accessories At JD Sports

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When big J was in primary school he never wanted to take a school bag, he didn't feel there was a need for it as he had the schools own book bag. Since he started seniors that changed, in fact his school bag has become a big deal.

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Thomas And Friends Remote Control Thomas

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Little J has become a fan of Thomas The Tank Engine over the past few months. We enjoyed a lovely day at Thomas Land last weekend and little J is also enjoying his new Thomas and Friends books so when we were given the chance to review Thomas - Remote Control Train we jumped at the chance.

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Thomas The Tank Engine Potty Training Books

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Last week we made the first step at potty training little J - we bought a potty. We have left it in the corner of the room just so he can get used to it being there. He knows what it is and what it's for and I think he genuinely wants to use 'a big toilet' as he calls it and he is showing signs.

 He knows when he has done a wee or a poo because he will touch the front of his nappy if he has done a wee and he will come to me with a fresh nappy in his hand. If he does a poo he tells you straight away. He doesn't really like his nappy being wet or soiled so he is always keen to have a nappy change. I know it doesn't bother some children and they will sit with a dirty nappy without letting you know but he's the total opposite. I've took this as a sign that its time to potty train. He has had a few accidents during nappy free time but again when he's wet he won't sit in it he will come straight to me and let me know.
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Aldi Special Buys

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As you may already know I am a big fan of Aldi and have been doing our main shopping there for a year or so now. We have had two new Aldi's open up close by now so its good to have one within a short driving distance. Although we shop there weekly, I had no idea about Aldi Special Buys. I do have a look though the non-food section and have picked up a few bits in the past but I didn't realise they have items on offer too.

Aldi Special Buys are released twice a week on a Thursday and a Sunday.  They are usually grouped together in categories, for example at the moment there are Rugby Special Buys and on Thursday 17th September all Aldi Special Buys will be Baby and Toddler.  A few weeks ago the it was bedroom ranges on offer and I was lucky enough to receive a few items to try out.
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Letting Your Child Choose New Toys

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I decided to take little J for some new toys recently. He loves toys and he hasn't really had any new ones since his birthday in March. When we arrived at Smyths I told him that he could buy some new toys and he could pick them himself. He was really excited and kept saying 'new toys for me'

Just outside the store was a huge Lego figure so he climbed on and posed for a photo.

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Bananagrams Wildtiles Review

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As soon as Autumn begins I get all the board games out. I love playing board games and as much as Daddy and big J may protest because they would rather play the xbox they always end up having great fun. We usually get a few new games for Christmas but last week we received Bananagrams Wild Tiles in the post. I have heard of the Bananagrams before but had no idea what it was.

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WOW Toys - Tow Truck Tim

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I am genuinely proud and honoured to be a WOW Toys Blogger Buddy and not because we get to try out cool toys but because its a brand that I really believe in. We have a few WOW toys now and little J loves playing with them. He is at the stage now were he is using his imagination to create little role play scenarios with his toys. His favourite is still cars and figures. It's very rare to see him without a car or a little man in his hand. He just loves toys and I could watch him play all day. When we received Tow Truck Tim to review he was so excited. He wanted it out the box and in his hands faster than I could get it there. He eagerly stood waiting for me to pop it out the box.

Tow Truck Tim is a motorised tow truck who comes to the aid of Rolling Ray. Ray is car that has broken down and needs help.
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In The Night Garden Live - The Ninky Nonk Show Review

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In The Night Garden Live is touring at the moment and last month we visited the purpose built showdome in Manchester. Little J has never been to a show before so we were unsure whether he would like it. He loves In The Night Garden and has met Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy many times in Alton Towers. He gets so excited when he see's them so we decided we would take him along.

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August Degustabox Review

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I am genuinely excited to be reviewing Degustabox again this year. I absolutely love the idea of receiving a box full of food / drink surprises each month. When we last reviewed Degustabox we found quite a few brands that we either hadn't heard of or hadn't tried yet so it was nice to explore new foods. 

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World Class Fragrances Giveaway

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I am so excited to team up once again with World Class Fragrances to offer a very special giveaway on my blog. Five lucky readers will win one of the top 5 women's fragrances by World Class. Which one will you choose?

Colour Me Purple

An elegant rich modern fruity chypre fragrance. The fresh top notes of bergamot and watermelon are boosted by a subtle floral accord of pretty jasmin, rose and violet notes. The dry down is a tenacious blend of oakmoss, amber and precious patchouli woods.

Loves Me, Love Me Not

Feminine natural freshness with top notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit; a luminous modern vintage heart note of violet, jasmine and gardenia; and finishing with a smooth softness and warm notes of vanilla, musk and white woods

Miss Tutu

A modern sensuous chypre fragrance with bergamot, muguet and water fruits to sparkle. Precious jasmin, velvety red rose and woody vetivert give heady floralcy which reaches into a warm feminine sensuous background of amber, patchouli and creamy vanilla.

Perfumers Choice - Natalie 

The vibrant top note of a delicious fruity accord combined with the sophistication of a powdery iris. A feminine and velvety floral heart accord tenderly envelopes the transition to a warm and addictive dry down composed of gourmand and sensual woody ambery notes.

Colour Me Femme Gold

Fresh sparkling citrus, neroli and raspberry top notes lift and embrace the rich jasmin and commercial white floral heart. Elegant tenacious base notes blend white honey with warm patchouli woods and sensual musks.

For your chance to win one of the gorgeous fragrances just complete the entry form below. Good Luck

World Class Fragrances Giveaway

Terms and Conditions

Competition closes on Tuesday 18th September 11:59PM
Entrants must have a valid UK address
Bulk, third party or any other entries using automated software will be disqualified
All entrants and entries are checked and verified.
5 lucky winners will be chosen at random by the Gleam application.
Mummy2Monkeys will contact the lucky winners within 3 days of the competition closing.
The winners must respond within 7 days. If no response a new winner will be chosen.
This prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.
The prize is each winner can choose a perfume from the women top five fragrances as shown above
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September, The Beginning Of My Year

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For me the beginning of the year is never January its always September. I think because big J starts his new school year September and my work year starts in September it just feels right. So with September here its time for me to start planning. They say there are 3 types of people, a past person, a present person and a future person. I am definitely a future person. I'm not truly happy unless I am planning something.
The iPhone calendar is a great way for me to keep on top of what I need to plan for.

So every year around this time I start thinking about the year ahead and what I need to plan and usually it involves working to a budget.
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Time To Freshen Up Our Home

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I recently mentioned that our bedroom needs a makeover but after sitting back and thinking about it the whole house does too. We got a double extension on our house back in 2007 and we decorated from top to bottom. Since then it has only been painted once. I think when we found out we were pregnant with little J we didn't want to decorate then as it meant lots of work and we didn't have the time or money as we were saving for a new baby. Then it got to the point were we thought we don't want to decorate when he's a toddler because he will be drawing on the walls and getting up to all sorts of mischief. Actually little J is a very good toddler and I don't think he will have the 'terrible twos' at all, *fingers crossed* so we have decided to decorate the whole house.

The beige coloured walls and dark furniture were great at first but now its time to add a bit of colour.
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Back to School Nike Trainers From Get The Label

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I think its just a 'boy thing' but I am forever buying trainers or tracksuits for big J. Trainers for running, boots for football, trainers for playing out and trainers for best. It goes on and on. With school starting he needs a good pair of trainers to be able to use for multi sports indoor or outdoor. I have used Get The Label before and was very pleased with the price of the items we chose and the service too so I popped online to take a look.

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