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40 Things To Do in Liverpool This Month (FEB 2024)

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If you are looking to spend a day in Liverpool or how to spend a weekend in Liverpool then this What's On Guide will help you. With 40 things to do in Liverpool this month there is plenty to keep you busy whether you are spending it with the family, friends, your partner or on your own. Liverpool is my favourite city as it has so much to offer and there is something for everyone. 

Liverpool skyline

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40 Things To Do In Manchester This Month (Feb 2024)

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Manchester is one of my favourite cities as it has everything you need for a day out, weekened away or even a week. Our What's On Guide will give you lots of ideas on how to spend a weekend with 38 things to do in Manchester this month. There is plenty to keep you busy whether you are spending it with the family, friends, your partner or on your own. 
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What's On February Half Term In Liverpool

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It feels like just yesterday that the kids were finishing for Christmas but here we are and they will soon be on their February half term. Half term begins Saturday 10th  - Sunday 18th February for the majority of schools in Liverpool. Out of all the school holidays this one is my least favourite as the weather is always rubbish however I have found lots of ideas to keep the kids busy this half term in Liverpool. 

liverpool skyline

You can also visit our What's On In Liverpool and What's On In Manchester guides for more ideas this month

Shrek the musical poster

Liverpool Empire, Lime St,Liverpool L1 1JE

Shrek The Musical - Feb 12th - Feb 17th 2024
Join Shrek and his trusty sidekick Donkey as they set out on a quest to defeat the fearsome dragon and rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona. With a heart-warming story and a cast of unforgettable characters, this musical extravaganza is a journey you won't want to miss.

CLICK HERE to find out more information, prices and to book tickets.

jurassic takeover poster

M and S Bank Arena, King's Dock, Port of Liverpool, 16 Monarchs Quay,Liverpool L3 4FP

Jurassic Take Over Day - Feb 10th 2024
Come and visit state-of-the-art animatronic life-like dinosaurs in this brand new, immersive and interactive experience for all audiences. This is an unmissable opportunity to talk to a Triceratops, look up to a Brontosaurus, roar with a T-Rex, scream with a Spinosaurus and run from a Raptor! 

CLICK HERE to find out more information, prices and to book tickets.

the tiger who came to tea poster

Liverpool Playhouse, Williamson Square, Liverpool L1 1EL

The Tiger Who Came To Tea - Feb 12th - Feb 17th 2024
The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don’t expect to see at the door is a big, stripy tiger! Join the tea-guzzling tiger in this delightful family show; packed with oodles of magic, sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos. Don’t miss this stunning stage adaptation of the classic tale of teatime mayhem... expect to be surprised!

CLICK HERE to find out more information, prices and to book tickets.

Visit the What's On Guide for MORE upcoming shows

boy with a stuffed snake around his neck

The Mansion House, Calderstones Park, Liverpool, L18 3JB

Half Term At The Storybarn - Feb 10th - Feb 18th 2024
Head to the Storybarn for some special sessions this February half-term inspired by Mac Barnett’s (The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse, Extra Yarn, The Shape Trilogy) gorgeous new book Twenty Questions, where we’ll make our own magic from our wildest curiosities. 

There’ll be games, super storytelling and a shapeshifting craft as you learn that the best questions lead, not to answers, but stories. 

CLICK HERE to find out more information, prices and to book tickets.

palm house

The Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool L17 1AP

Family Trail Launch with the Bookworm Players - Feb 10th 2024
Join The Bookworm Players for an adventure on Palm Island! We’ve washed up ashore and need your help and ideas for survival in this tropical paradise!  

Explore treasure maps, share stories & design your own camp on this trail with the help of Palm Island’s special inhabitant Sammy the Salamander…but can you spot him? 

Trails last approximately one hour and children must be accompanied by an adult (with a sense of adventure). 

CLICK HERE to find out more information. This is a FREE event

Jumping Jacks – Pirate Party - Feb 13th 2024
Take a swashbuckle voyage on the seven seas with the ultimate pirate party at Palm Island!  There will be a canon of brilliant games to be played, dancing, swooshing, shaking and jumping. It’s a bubble popping adventure from start to finish. From the moment the party sets sail, your pirate captain Lucie and the pirate team will take you on an adventure.  Collect the canon balls to win prizes, walk the plank limbo game, scrub the deck scarf dance along, sea shanties, under the sea bubble fun, treasure hunt and more! Please wear your favourite fancy dress outfit if you would like to.  

CLICK HERE to find out more information, prices and to book tickets.


Croxteth Park Farm, Liverpool L11 1EH

Activities on the Farm this February Half Term 
Small animal handling on the farm at no extra charge. Meet the sheep, groom the ponies and meet and feed the ducks. Animal feeding also available. 

CLICK HERE to find out more information.
museum of Liverpool logo

Museum of Liverpool, Pier Head, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L3 1DG

Little Liverpool
The Little Liverpool gallery at the Museum of Liverpool is a hands-on and jam packed with lots of fun activities especially for children under the age of six to play and learn. It is the perfect place to introduce little ones to the Museum of Liverpool.

CLICK HERE to find out more information.

Scribble and Splash
Designed especially for younger visitors Scribble and Splash is a chance to creative with art activities and then off to explore the Little Liverpool gallery. Sail boats, fish in our mini 'river', then explore our alphabet wall before dancing with the Beetles.

CLICK HERE to find out more information.

Lion Cubs - Little Liverpool Special
If you have little ones who love cars, boats, trains and aeroplanes then this is definitely for you. You can find out more about transport in the Little Liverpool gallery which is a fun space created especially for children who want to explore and learn. Why not race your boats on the mini River Mersey or make your best vehicle noises and then head into the museum to explore Lion, the Museum of Liverpools very special steam locomotive.

CLICK HERE to find out more information.

Lion Dance Workshop - Chinese New Year
Celebrate Chinese New Year this February half term with China Spirit UK. Join the team as they explain the history and tradition of the Chinese lion while children learn how to work the life size puppets in pairs, learn the rhythm of the traditional lion dance drum and the special lion dance steps to bring the lions to life!

CLICK HERE to find out more information.

Shipmates - Little Liverpool Special
Budding sailors and scientists, join in with the Little Liverpool special to find out more about the seas, oceans and the River Mersey.

There are boats, fishing nets and so much more to explore together in the Little Liverpool gallery.

CLICK HERE to find out more information.

The Magic Bookmark
Mama G is everyones favourite dame and you can now join her for the brand new panto adventure for the whole family!

It all starts when the evil Book Worm decides that reading gives people too much knowledge, and makes all the books from Mama G's library disappear. Before the world can turn to chaos, Mama G vows to save the day by finding three books that will help make the world a better place. Of course, she can't do it alone and that's when she discovers the mysterious and wonderful Magic Bookmark...

CLICK HERE to find out more information.
knowsley safari logo

Knowsley Safari, Prescot L34 4AN

Kids Go Free With A Full Paying Adult
Kids go free this half term at Knowsley Safari allowing them to enjoy the 5 mile Safari Drive that is home to many animals from around the world. The route is split into different continental zones where you’ll drive through many habitats and see our collection of animals along the way. Once you’ve finished your roar-some experience, you can head down to the Foot Safari - both experiences are included in your ticket!

CLICK HERE to find out more information.

gullivers world logo

What's On Close By

There's also some great ideas within a short driving distance from Liverpool

Gullivers World, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 9YZ
Gullivers World is open this February half term with their early season special offer. For just £15 you can enjoy a selection of rides, attractions and play areas. You can also meet tiny and small clanger too. 

CLICK HERE to find out more information and to buy tickets.

Cast of The Wizard of Oz

St Helens Theatre Royal, Corporation Street, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 1LQ

Wizard of Oz Pantomime Feb10th - Feb 18th 2024
Dorothy and Toto are back at the St Helens Theatre Royale and are inviting you to join them on their epic adventure along the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. Along the way they meet all those incredible characters including Scarecrow, Tim Man and Lion – who all have their own special wishes which they hope the Wizard will grant when they reach their destination of Oz.

CLICK HERE to find out more information and to buy tickets or Read Our Review


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38 Things To Do In Manchester This Month

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Manchester is one of my favourite cities as it has everything you need for a day out, weekened away or even a week. Our What's On Guide will give you lots of ideas on how to spend a weekend with 38 things to do in Manchester this month. There is plenty to keep you busy whether you are spending it with the family, friends, your partner or on your own. 
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32 Things To Do In Liverpool This Month

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If you are looking to spend a day in Liverpool or how to spend a weekend in Liverpool then this What's On Guide will help you. With 32 things to do in Liverpool this month there is plenty to keep you busy whether you are spending it with the family, friends, your partner or on your own. Liverpool is my favourite city as it has so much to offer and there is something for everyone. 

Liverpool skyline

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5 Ways To ‘Seas’ The Day And Be More Eco-Conscious On A Beach Day

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Disclosure - This is a collaborative post

With summer holidays starting or just about to start, we are all planning to spend a bit more time on the beach, soaking in some much needed sun. However, while we are planning to have all this fun, it is still extremely important for us to continue to do our best for the environment and be conscious not to cause further damage while we are at the beach. Here are 5 ways to #SeasTheDay and have an eco-friendly trip.

cornwall beach

Prepacked Meals
According to the Marine Conservation Society, their volunteers who attended the Great British Beach Clean found 385 pieces of litter for every 100 metres of beach on average. Although these numbers were down from 425 in 2020 and 558 in 2019, there is still progress to be made to ensure our beaches are kept clean. 

We might be tempted to get meal deals or even a takeout while we are at the beach, however, with a bit of preplanning, we would be able to pack lunches with reusable tupperware and utensils and leave no wrappers, containers or packaging behind.  

Don’t Feed The Birds
Interacting with wildlife can be a wholesome experience, but it is important to be aware of how our actions may affect these precious and delicate creatures. When we encourage birds to take food from us, it is encouraging unnatural behaviour which could result it them not hunting for food themselves, or be fed with non-nutritious foods. Our foods could also cause birds to get sick, this is why we should try and refrain for sharing our food with the birds, saving more for ourselves! 

This is also a useful tip to keep in mind to make sure you and your family stay safe and don’t get injured by the sharp peck of large seagulls or pelicans. 

Non-Toxic Sunscreen
The blazing hot sun means that we should stay protected and prevent ourselves from getting sunburnt or sun damage. Many of us might not even think twice before reaching for a sunscreen of our choice, but there’s more to consider about your sunscreen especially if you are spending a day at the beach in the waters. 

Ocean-friendly sunscreens are free of chemical ingredients, including oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene, which are known to cause damage or even kill coral reefs in the ocean. By using a sunscreen that isn’t full of harmful chemicals, it can not only protect your skin but the ocean too!

Educate Yourself
There is a huge amount of resources out there for us to try and better understand what we can do to help and protect our oceans. To name a few, there are documentaries like Seaspiracy on Netflix and Oceans by Disney Nature. However, if you are looking for material to help you educate younger ones, Oceans Free Plastics also created quiz and puzzles for a fun and interactive way of learning all about our oceans. Feel free to give these a go:

Choose Sustainable Swimwear 
Being green is a conscious process that might extend to our habits outside of our beach day. It is often recommended for you to wear what you have from your closet, however, should you need to buy a new set of swim costume, why not try and look for a sustainable brand?

Sustainable swimwear are often crafted from recycled fibres, employing circular or zero waste processes. Some of these brands might even be committed to charities and organizations that help improve our oceans. 

With these 5 simple steps you'll be able to #SeasTheDay at the beach, make sure you share any other tips you might have for an eco-friendly visit. Leave us a comment.  

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5 Best Beaches You Need To Visit Near Liverpool

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If you are planning on staying in the United Kingdom this Summer then do not fear as you can still have all the fun you would abroad especially if the weather is kind to you. I think when we think of holidays with the nicest beach and blue waters we always assume we have to get there by travelling on a plane. That's not true, the UK has lots of holiday choices to meet all your needs including some of the best beaches with golden sand, water sports, iconic attractions, and even horse riding. Some of these beaches can be found as close as our own Liverpool beaches and on the Wirral Peninsula which is less than an hour away from Liverpool. 

Crosby beach at sunset

Blundellsands Beach / Crosby Beach
Hall Road, Blundellsands, Liverpool L23 8SY

Crosby beach is ideal for those who like to enjoy the feel of sand between their toes and breathe in the sea air. Located just 6 miles from Liverpool City Centre, Crosby beach is a great place for all ages. 

The beach itself is the only beach which boasts the iconic sculptures, The Iron Men. Another Place by Antony Gormley. A must see attraction for art lovers. The Iron Men statues are dotted around the beach looking out over the River Mersey. It can also provide you beautiful views of the Albert Docks in the distance. 

Crosby also has a marine lake with clean water perfect and on sunny days you can head over to the newly revamped Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre to join in with their water activities.  There is a children's play area which has play structures for both younger and older children. There is also lots of open grass space which is ideal if you want to take along a football, games or just enjoy a picnic. 

The coastal walk also offers you the chance to sit back and relax as drinks and snacks are available from pop up food and drink stalls and there are also toilets available here too.

It's a perfect place to maybe meet some of your footballing heroes as some have made Crosby their permanent home.

The beach can be reached by car and public transport with a car park close by and Waterloo train station just a 10 minute short walk away.  

formby beach

Formby Beach
Formby, Liverpool L37 1YD

The Sefton Coastal path is a popular destination for long seaside walks which lead over the high dunes and low dunes and on to Formby beach. The huge stretch of sand is extremely popular all year round with plenty of space to enjoy a beach day/ Just bring along your deck chairs, parasols and find a great spot for a picnic. Whether you fancy a relaxing hour away from the hustle and bustle, a paddle in the sea or a day of beach fun with the kids Formby beach is a great choice. 

The beach can also be accessed via the National Trust, Formby. Available to both members and non members you can access woodland walks, try to spot red squirrels, picnic areas and public toilets. Please note a car parking fee is applicable to non members. 

Freshfield train station is 1.2 miles away and a 20 minutes walk.

Southport Beach on a windy day
Southport Beach
Southport, PR8 1SB

Southport beach is hard to beat. The seaside resort has everything you need to spend a full day out. The beach itself is huge so you will always find a space to put up you deckchair and set yourself up for the day. It's just a short drive from the  town centre and cars are usually allowed on the beach too so if you don't fancy walking too far you can also drive to find a lovely spot.

Southport Pier is a popular tourist destination. The pier extends out across the beach giving spectacular views of the Irish sea and on Summer days you can usually spot the famous Blackpool Tower and one of the UK's famous theme parks, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The pier is Britains longest pier which you can walk along and visit the ice cream parlour and enjoy arcade games at the end. You can also take the tram for those who don't fancy the walk. 

Other highlights are a small theme park, marina lake, children's adventure play area close by and lots of high street shops. It really is the perfect place to enjoy a day trip.

Southport beach can be reached by car or is a 20 minute walk from Southport train station.

New brighton beach and the lighthouse

New Brighton Beach
Ian Fraser Walk, New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 2NW

The promenade sits beside approx 3 miles of sand overlooking the Liverpool port. New Brighton beach is very popular amongst the locals on warmer days and after the resorts £60 million makeover it is attracting lots of tourists now too. 

You will also find some landmarks dotted around the beach including the Perch Rock Lighthouse and The Black Pearl pirate ship Art Installation

The promenade also boasts hotels, cinema, restaurants, a marina lake, shops and an amusement arcade. 

New Brighton beach can be reached by car with lots of car parking options available or by train to New Brighton Train Station. The beach is just a 10 minute walk from the station.

Lifeguards patrol the sandy beaches as at high tide access to Perch Rock Fort can be cut off by the sea. 

west kirkby beach

West Kirby Beach
South Parade, West Kirby, Merseyside, CH48 0QG

West Kirby Beach may only be small at just 300 metres long but it is very popular during the Summer months as it sits just between 1km of sand dunes and a further 2km of sand flats which can be seen when at low tide. These head towards Hoylake beach, Meols Beach and Wallasey Beach and it's impressive West Kirby Marine lake. 

Paddling and watersports is also a popular choice here as the water is usually clean and safe. 

Hilbre Island Local Nature Reserve is located a km off shore and accessible on foot at low tide. It will give you panoramic views of the North Wales hills in the distance. 

West Kirby Beach can be reached by car with both free and payable parking available within the area and West Kirby train station is just a 5 minute walk away. 

These are five our our favourites beaches which are within easy reach if you are visiting Liverpool or close by. Some of the beaches hold blue flag status and a coastal award for their safe waters. They really are the best way to spend family days and also if you have time you can also enjoy the surrounding area. including the very popular tourist destination, Liverpool. 

Have you visited a beach local to Liverpool? Is there a beach that I haven't mentioned which you enjoy going too? If so we would love to hear about it. I am always on the look out for new places to enjoy with the family. 

If you are looking for more days out ideas you can visit our Out and AboutWe try to cover as much of the UK as possible.


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Visiting Goin Golf, Stoke on Trent

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Disclosure - We were invited to Goin' Golf for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Goin' Golf is a new virtual golf experience that has recently opened in Stoke On Trent. It is the biggest golf simulator experience in the UK with seven individual bays that you can book for the length of time that suits you.

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

When you play on a simulator at Goin' Golf you can choose to bring your own clubs, or borrow a set to use for your round. Goin' Golf supply the balls, which are all good quality brands that you may use yourself. If you have a spare hour you can actually get a full round of 18 holes in, on a course of your choice from over 190 available.  There are many reasons why you might want to play golf indoors - No need to walk the length of the course and you wont get stuck behind a group of slower players. There is also no adverse weather conditions to worry about either which means you will always get your full round in no matter how bad the rain outside may be. 

We chose to borrow a set of clubs from the centre as we didn't have my clubs with us at the time we visited. All clubs looked new and all had been cleaned before use. For the three of us playing we actually were given 3 sets - one mans, one ladies and one children's set which I didn't expect at all. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent
Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

We had the choice to play on one of the many courses, or play some of the arcade games available. We started with the arcade games and played both block breaker and darts. These are brilliant games for younger players and although Little J hasn't played golf before he loved the games and didn't want to come off them! While we played we got drinks, the menu lists everything available. We got a Latte, Pepsi Max and a Skittles Milkshake which went down very well!  Each simulator has its own sitting area where you can relax whilst waiting your turn or just take some time out for a drink. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent
After we played the arcade games it was on to Pebble Beach to try the course out. You could choose your tee height, and use a large controller on the floor to move your angle of aim before taking your shot.  The simulator is intelligent and knows when the ball should be on the tee and when it should be on the floor. Once you have set your shot up you just need to pick your club and away you go.  

Initially I found the fact that I was indoors a bit different.  My swing was shortened and a little rushed as I thought I might hit the ceiling or maybe hit the ball too hard at the screen in front. After a few shots I was able to relax and play as I would outside. You soon get used to the space you have available - which is plenty and the ball always drops down from the screen once hit to be returned into the machine. 

The accuracy of the simulator seemed spot on. I have a natural slice to my driving which was unfortunately replicated on the simulator! Putting was a little difficult to get used to but again after a few holes you get the hang of it. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

Once we finished we went to have a look around the building which is really impressive. The owner really loves his golf and that is evident from the decoration and the time that has gone into setting Goin' Golf up. There are some lovely pictures of golfing greats, an enormous upstairs putting green, and 2 VIP rooms where the simulator will actually replicate the lie of the ball as on a real course, whether that be on an angle or in sand or rough. The toilets where very clean and easy to access. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

We really enjoyed our time at Goin' Golf and it was fun for us all. You can join up as a member to receive discounts on future visits which we have done.  

For more information and to book visit Goin' Golf

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Staying At The Drayton Manor Hotel

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We recently planned a trip to Drayton Manor and with it being over two hours drive from home we decided to extend our trip and stay at the Drayton Manor hotel. It was the first time we have stayed at the hotel and we would definitely stay again. If you are planning a trip to Drayton Manor here is what you can expect if you stay over at the Drayton Manor Hotel.

Drayton Manor Hotel Exterior

The Drayton Manor Hotel, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3TW
The Drayton Manor Hotel is just a few minutes walk to the main entrance to the Drayton Manor Theme Park. Drayton Manor Theme Park is home to over 100 rides and attractions including a 15 acre zoo and Thomas Land. 

Although Drayton Manor is probably best known for Thomas Land the hotel hasn't really picked up on this apart from a very small Thomas and Friends gift shop and a small carousel moving display in the reception area.

Triple Room at Drayton Manor Hotel

Bathroom at Drayton Manor Hotel

Bathroom at Drayton Manor Hotel

The hotel has a variety of bedrooms to meet all needs including

Thomas and Friends Themed Room
Rooms are spacious and include a double bed and Thomas theme bunk beds. Adults can relax in front of their own TV, whilst the children watch a DVD in theirs. 

Family Room
Family rooms are spacious enough for two adults and two children or a maximum of three adults. Each room has a double bed and a sofa bed.

Family Deluxe Room
Family Deluxe Rooms have 2 double beds giving you extra space for the little ones. 

Presidential Room
A separate staircase leads up to the Presidential Room which offers a queen size bed and lounge area. 

Executive Room
An Executive room can accommodate two adults and one child when adding a single bed or cot.

Accessible Room
A spacious room with all areas accessible by wheelchair. 

Triple Room
The Triple room can accommodate two adults in single beds and one child in a pull out trundle bed.

We stayed in a Triple room and you if you want to take a look click our triple room tour at Drayton Manor hotel

Stay and Play
The Drayton Manor Hotel offer a Stay and Play package. The package includes a stay in one of the rooms at the hotel, a full english breakfast and tickets for Drayton Manor Theme Park for each member of your party.

reception at drayton manor

One of the reasons I think the hotel hasn't gone for a Thomas and Friends decor throughout is that the hotel is very popular for meetings, conferences and events. There was an event on while we stayed and it was very popular. 

fish and chips

pizza and chips

Restaurant and Bar
The Parklands Restaurant and Bar offers a wide variety of meals including steaks, grills, pastas and risotto. They do offer a children's menu too.

If the restaurant and bar isn't for you then you can head to the park for Fish N Chips or Safari Pizza and Pasta with both restaurants staying open till 7:30pm after rides close. All you need to do is show your room card. You can also order Fish N Chips to your room. 

Arcade at the Drayton Manor Hotel

Arcade at the Drayton Manor Hotel

Arcade at the Drayton Manor Hotel

outside seating area Drayton Manor Hotel

gift shop at Drayton manor hotel

Anything Else?
There is a small arcade on the ground floor close to reception. It has a selection of games and machines for the chance to win.

The Thomas and Friends Gift Shop is also situated close to reception and is stocked with lots of Thomas  goodies. 

Outside at the back of the hotel is an outside patio with a selection of table and chairs.

There is also a small woodland play area for children. 

There are plenty of car parking spaces situated at the front of the hotel and an overflow to the side. 

If booking a Stay and Play trip you can use your tickets on the day of your arrival or on your departure day, the choice is yours. 

There is no pool, gym, sauna or steam room at the hotel which is a shame as I think this would be a great addition. 

When leaving the hotel on foot you can follow the yellow path marked PE (park entrance) this will take you to the back of the theme park within a few minutes. 

We booked our room quite late so there where limited rooms available. We chose a triple room which suited our needs. We did think we would be able to push two of the single beds together however this wasn't possible as there was a nightstand between the beds which was fixed to the wall. 

The rooms all come with tv, free wifi, toiletries and tea making facilities. 

Our room had an interconnecting door. I am not sure how many rooms are available with this choice but if required I would contact the hotel directly as I did not see an option when booking.  

If you would like to see our full room tour video you can see it here. Like I said earlier we stayed in a triple room however I think the room size, layout and features in the room are all very similar unless staying in the Presidential or Executive room. 

Would We Stay Again?
If the price was right we would definitely use the Stay and Play offer again when visiting Drayton Manor. Although the hotel is situated just 5 minutes away from the park, it was the school holidays and there was an event taking place it was extremely quiet. 

The rooms were spacious and breakfast set us up for the day with a full english available, cereals, croissants and fruit.

The Theme Park has a great mixture of rides and attractions and makes for a great day out. 

To find out more information about the hotel and to check out the special offers visit The Drayton Manor Hotel website.

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