Brothers By Willow Tree

Yesterday Daddy and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Its been a odd week with Daddy working lots and Big J on holiday in Spain. For most of the week it was just little J and I so we didn't make any specific Anniversary plans. Usually we will do something special but we decided to visit Alton Towers a few weeks earlier and maybe just go out for a meal on our actual anniversary.

Brothers by Willow Tree

Although we have only been married 5 years, Daddy and I will celebrate being together for 15 years this month. Because we have been together for so long we decided not to give each other typical 'anniversary' gifts this year. We have lots of teddies and other items with 'Happy Anniversary' on so it seems silly buying more for each other.

I didn't know Daddy had been browsing for a traditional Anniversary gift based on how many years we had been married. On the 5th year you are supposed to give each other a gift of wood. I wouldn't know where to start but Daddy had a few ideas in mind. He found the most beautiful figurine called Brothers by Willow Tree. The figurine was designed by Susan Londi.

Willow Tree is an intimate line of figurative sculpture that speaks in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves each original Willow Tree sculpture. Brothers is cast from her original carving, and then painted by hand. The figurine features older and younger brothers, made from resin and painted with lead-free paint. This playful pose between two brothers may be very familiar to parents of boys; it reflects the relationships that develop in childhood, and endure through adulthood. 

As soon as I saw it I instantly thought it looked like my two boys. I absolutely love it and its got pride of place on the fireplace.


  1. Aw happy anniversary!! Sounds like Daddy is on the ball and chose such an awesome gift!! Sounds like a good end to a slightly weird week. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

  2. Awww, well done Daddy! I love willow tree, got a really lovely one as a present when Monkey was born #binkylinky

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous gift! I love it when you receive gifts that have really been thought about, means so much more. #binkylinky

  4. My other half loves those Willow Tree figures we have an angel that was my grandmothers (we are not religious) and she has a mother and daughter one that the little lady and I got her. I have to say of all the tacky types of thing you can get I have a soft spot for these as well :)

  5. Happy anniversary cool pressie thanks for linking to the BINKYLINKY

  6. Such a beautiful figurine. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky


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