Review - Chad Valley Air Pump Loader

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As you may already know we are part of the Chad Valley Play Panel and this month we have been sent the Chad Valley Air Pump Loader to try out. We have said it before but we are huge fans of Chad Valley and have been since we were children so for us to be able to showcase their toys on our blog is a huge honour for us. Even before we were on the panel are home was full of Chad Valley toys and I know it will continue to be like that until little J is too old for them.

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Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas For All The Family

Happy Christmas Twirlywoos

I have to admit that I haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet this year which is not like me as I usually begin as early as September. However I have started to make a note of some gift ideas that I have seen on other blogs and I have been sent some fabulous gift ideas to share with you. I have popped them below and I hope you enjoy having a browse.
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Hello Canvas - A Memory Captured


I haven't mentioned it on my blog as I just haven't got round to writing about it yet but back in April we visited Walt Disney World in Florida. It was a trip of a lifetime and something I know none of us will ever forget. I am planning on writing about our adventures and showing you all our photographs but for now you can have a sneak peek of one of our favourites as Hello Canvas have created a beautiful framed print for us to treasure forever.
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Review - Shark Bite by Drumond Park


We have a new addition to our every growing games collection this month and it's Shark Bite by Drumond Park. I've mentioned it before but even though he is only 4,  little J absolutely loves playing games and playing them regularly as a family as really helped with learning to share and take turns. Little J loves 'fun' games and Shark Bite really is just that. It's a game where you have to go fishing in a shark's mouth before he snaps it shut.
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Board Game Club Blogger - Pandemic


I have said before just how much we enjoy playing board games. We love playing games suitable for kids, family and adults. We love finding new games to play so when we were asked to join the Blogger Board Game Club a few months ago we had to say yes. It’s the perfect opportunity to try our new games and add to our ever growing collection. When this month’s game arrived we were excited to see it was an ‘adult’ type game. Pandemic puts you on a disease fighting team with the hopes that you will not only keep four deadly diseases at bay but also discover their cure.
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Disney Guess The Film

Disclosure - We were gifted Disney Guess The Film by Jumbo for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Disney Guess The Film game will test your knowledge of Disney movies by showing you just a small part of a bigger image. To win a token you must get correctly, if you don't you are frozen out the round. Disney fun for all the family.

Disney Guess The Film Game

Setup for the game is really easy as are the rules. Guess the Film is similar to Guess Who however you are guessing a film not a person. 
Guess The Film Game
How To Play

Shuffle all the movie image sheets that you’re going to play with and put them in the holder at the back of the screen with the coloured strip facing upwards. 

The sheets are divided into three levels of difficulty
Green - Easy 
Bue - Medium 
Red - Advanced level

Guess The Film Game
 When playing you take turns rolling the dice and open the window with the corresponding colour to the die. 

Guess The Film Game
Each coloured window reveals part of an image from the Disney film, and it’s down to you to guess which film the image is from. You must shout the film name out loud and the turn the screen towards you to check if you are correct. If you do guess correctly, you win a Mickey token. If you guessed incorrectly then you are frozen out of this round. If you don't want to guess you can just close the window and play will continue which the next player.  

If you roll the dice and reveal a star you can open any coloured window of your choice. 

Guess The Film Game
The first player to earn four Mickey tokens wins the game.

Depending how good your knowledge is of Disney films each game can last up to approx 20 minutes.  You can play with as little as 2 players and it's recommend for ages 4+.

Guess The Film Game
Disney Guess The Film really does test your knowledge of Disney and is a fun game for all the family. 

Unfortunately our giveaway is now closed however you can still enjoy Disney's Guess the Film by heading to Amazon to buy
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Review - Hot Wheels Roto Revolution


Hot Wheels has been popular with us since Big J was small. We have amassed a decent sized collection of Hot Wheels cars, and Little J loves each and every one of them . We were asked to review the Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Set, and Little J was so excited to try it out.
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Review - Mi Mic

As a family we love trying out new gadgets so we were eager to receive Mi Mic Microphone. We had seen it on TV and it looked great and lots of fun. The Mi Mic Microphone is a karaoke microphone and speaker in one. 

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Super Wings Scan 'n Talk Flyer Jett


You may remember back in the Summer I teamed up with the lovely people at Alpha Animation and became a Super Wings Ambassador. If you missed it then just to let you know Super Wings is a hugely popular, action-packed, animation series that can be watched twice daily on Cartoonito. Little J absolutely loves watching Super Wings and we have just started to watch series 2. I have teamed up with Alpha Animation again for a fabulous giveaway to win a Scan 'n Talk Flyer Jett.

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Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure

Disclosure - We were sent the products below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

I'm not sure who was more excited about receiving the Oregon Smart Globe Adventure a few weeks ago, little J or John and I. I absolutely love anything to do with maps, countries, capitals but have never actually owned a globe so this was very exciting. The Smart Globe Adventure is an interactive globe giving you the chance to explore and learn about 220 countries, interesting facts, play games and even unlock a 3D Augmented Reality feature using an app on your smartphone.

Oregon Smart Globe Adventure
The Smart Globe comes with a smart pen so this took little J a while to get used to. He is only really familiar with touch screen on his iPad and our phones but once we showed him how he could easily use it. 

We explained to little J that The Smart Globe was a map of the world and the first thing he wanted to do was spin it. It is so much fun spinning a globe around,  it does spin left and right but it does not spin up or down. This can be annoying if you are playing a game and it asks you to find Antarctica and the pen doesn't quite reach it. 

Once he had finished spinning he asked where we are on the globe. We showed him the UK and he used his smart pen to touch it. It played a little song but to find out more about the UK or other countries we would have to go to the base of the globe and choose an activity. If you leave the globe idle for a few moments it will ask you what you would like to do. 

First we chose a 'find' game. You can choose from Continents, Capitals, Countries and our personal favourite The Ultimate Challenge. 

oregon smart globe

Once you have chosen what 'find' game you would like to play the Smart Globe will ask you to find and touch as many of your chosen topic as possible. It does tell you what to look for and plays music while you try and find it, the music will go faster as your time starts to run out. 

The Ultimate Challenge is our favourite and is a time challenge were you have to find as many places as you can in the time provided. We are very competitive when it comes to this game as so far we can't seem to get more than 10 on Level 1 however we are still trying. 

Next you can choose a 'touch' activity. There are lots to choose from including Continent, Name, Capital, Population, Area, Currency, History, Features, Geography, Language, Highest Point, National Anthem and Amazing Facts. 

oregon smart globe
oregon smart globe

The touch activities are jam packed with lots of different facts about the countries you touch with your smart pen. Our personal favourite is listening to all the different National Anthems from around the world. 

Within the 'touch' activities there are 6 that can also be played in French.

Next you can choose the 'compare' activities. You choose 2 different countries and the Smart Globe will compare the area or the population of both countries. 

On the base of the globe there is a more detailed map of Britain and Ireland. Here you can do all the activities that are mentioned above but for cities too. 

oregon smart globe

As we live in Liverpool it was nice to hear some facts about where we live. 

The base also has a pause, repeat and volume button which you will need as it is very loud. 

What We Loved

Great Quality

Makes learning fun with lots of games and fun facts

220 countries to explore

6 French activities

Detailed map of Britain and Ireland which allows us to find out more about cities we are close to.

Love hearing little J playing with the Globe and then shouting to us 'Where's Japan Mum?"

Will be a perfect learning tool throughout Little J's school journey.

What Could Improve

There are some places, mainly on the bottom of the globe which the pen doesn't quite reach and it takes quite a while for the globe to detect the pen. 

When playing some of the games you have to be quite precise with pen, this can get a little frustrating especially if you are playing the Ultimate Challenge and trying to beat your score. 

At the moment we haven't quite grasped the AR side of the globe yet as there are just so many features to get to grips with we are just having fun exploring at the moment. 

Little J has just started reception so I know from a learning point of view the globe will be a perfect tool throughout his school journey. for now we are enjoying finding out facts, exploring the globe and playing games.

The Smart Globe Adventure is recommended for age 5+ however little J is still only 4 and he really enjoys it.

You can find out more about the Smart Globe Adventure by visiting Oregon Scientific Store and it is also available to buy over on Amazon


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Half Term Travel With Virgin Trains


I know a lot of my readers will be enjoying Half Term this week although up in the North of England a lot of schools enjoyed their autumn break last week. We had lots of plans for half term but as you may have read little J got a stomach bug so all our plans went on hold. However as we missed out on a week of adventures we are planning a weekend away and I can't wait. You may have read recently that John and I headed to London for the day to see Wicked The Musical. We got the train bright and early and we were in the capital in no time. I love sitting on the train knowing that we will be in a new city soon, it's now one of my favourite things to do. We are lucky to be able to get a Virgin Trains Pendolino train and it's so nice to sit back and relax and let someone else do the driving. For our next break we will be taking advantage of the Virgin Trains family ticket at a fixed price for up to 2 adults and 4 children.
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Giveaway - Milkshake! Brand New Besties DVD


I have a very exciting giveaway to announce which is definitely perfect for this time of year. If you like to snuggle up on the sofa watching TV with your little one then you will love the new DVD from Milkshake - Brand New Besties.

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Giveaway - Teletubbies Big Hugs CD


We have mentioned on our blog before that we are huge fans of the Teletubbies and you may have read recently that we reviewed some Tiddlytubbies which are a new addition to the Teletubbies Dome and they are so cute. As parents we have been fans since big J was little, over 15 years ago. I absolutely love that they are still going strong and they have just released a new CD called Teletubbies - Big Hugs.
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Pumpkin Picking At Kenyon Hall Farm

We did our first ever Pumpkin pick a few years ago and at first we had no idea which pumpkin patch to choose as there are quite a few local to us, however we heard lots of good recommendations for Kenyon Hall Farm so we chose to visit there. We loved it and chose to go again this year too.

pumpkin in pumpkin patch
What To Expect At Kenyon Hall Farm, Warrington WA3 7ED
Kenyon Hall Farm has been growing pumpkins for over 30 years and has become one of the most popular and biggest pumpkin patches in England. 

As well as the Pumpkin Patch you can also enjoy a bite to eat or drink at the cafe, visit the shop or let the little ones explore the play area.

Boy in pumpkin patch

Boy in pumpkin patch
Pumpkin picking begins on the 1st of October and lasts right through till Halloween. (31st October).

Pumpkins can last up to 3-4 when un-carved so you can visit earlier on in the month however there is no guarantees it will last till Halloween. The only bonus about visiting early is the Pumpkin Patches will look prettier earlier on as they can become very muddy. 

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

If you don't manage to find a pumpkin in the patch you can head indoors where you will find lots of pumpkins to choose from which have already been picked and put on display.

Pre Booking your ticket is essential when visiting Kenyon Hall Farm. 

Tickets cost £2 each for adults and children. Children under 18months go free.

The play area is free to enjoy and was fully revamped in 2019. 

If you would like to visit the cafe, no booking is required. Turn up and order your food and collect from the hatch. There are picnic benches around the farm however indoor seating options will be reviewed during the colder months. 

Kenyon Hall Farm is open every day 9-5pm.

woman picking a pumpkin

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Preview - Xbox One X


It hasn’t been that long since I reviewed the Xbox One S, the 4K slimmed down version of the Xbox One. However, Microsoft have now announced that pre-orders are available for the next version of Xbox, the Xbox One X. Released on 7th November 2017, Microsoft are challenging the PS4 Pro for power. 
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Review and Giveaway - My First Scalextric


Scalextric has always been one of favourite toys, from growing up to today, there has always been at least one set around, even if it’s been stored in the loft until one of the little ones has been old enough to play.  I think I was more excited than anyone when ‘My First Scalextric’ was due to arrive for Little J to try. The box is quite compact and reminded me initially of the micro sets. We have had a couple of these over the years, transformers being the last I remember.  Included in the box are a simple track set up, controllers, adapter and 2 reasonably sized BMW cars.
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Our Sainsbury's Halloween Goodies

Sainsbury's Halloween Goodies

What do you get if you pop into Sainsbury’s for bread and milk with a 4 year old? A trolley full of Halloween goodies!! Last week was the first time I have seen little J be so excited for Halloween. As we walked through the door of our local Sainsbury’s we were stopped in our tracks by a huge display of Halloween decorations. Little J instantly ran over and started pressing try me buttons on light up lanterns and dancing pumpkins. At one point he had three dancing characters on the floor watching them as they spun around. I do usually buy one or two new decorations each year to add to our collection so I had a silly idea of asking little J to choose two new items . . . he wanted everything. 

We always have a Halloween house party each year but as big J is too old now and little J wasn't old enough we haven't had one for a few years, just a little tea party for the 4 of us. However this year I am looking forward to hosting a Halloween party for some friends. 

Sainsbury's Halloween Goodies
Whilst little J was playing with the Halloween toys I popped in the trolley some partyware. I know that we will have tons in the loft as I buy lots of it every year and never end up using it all but I had to buy a new table cloth, plates, cups and napkins. There were 3 variations but I went for the ghosts design They say Woo and Boo and the tablecloth has lots of eyes on it and is wipe clean. They were priced at £2.50 each for packs of 10 for the cups and plates, napkins are a pack of 20 and the tablecloth is single and cost £3.50. I also bought Halloween crackers which are cute and cost £4 for 8.

Sainsbury's Halloween Goodies
Little J wanted to get some spiders and spider webs which I think are great fun and look so realistic. We have had some similar before and they are very creepy but the web gets everywhere. It comes in a ball with the plastic spiders attached and the idea is you pull the web and the more you pull the more it looks like spooky cobwebs. We always put it over the lights, around the fireplace and up the stairs. These were great value for money and priced at £3 including lots of web and 6 spiders,

Sticking with spiders I bought some door decorations. They hang over your door frame and have glittery webs and hanging spiders. These were priced at £6 each so I bought two as we have two main doors downstairs however now thinking about it I should have bought 4 as I am guessing they will only cover one side of the door. 

Sainsbury's Halloween Goodies
This was my favourite buy and I just fell in love with them when I saw them. Halloween Ghost Bottle String Lights, They are sound activated however there is a try me on them and once I pressed them I knew I had to buy them They play the Alton Towers music. For those that know us will know we are huge fans of Alton Towers so this was a must buy. They were priced at £12 for 10 lights. 

Last but not least little J decided to choose a dancing pumpkin which when pressed spins round and dances to The Monster Mash song. There were others to choose from, including a witch and a skeleton. It was priced at £12 and is really cute. 

So that is just a few of our new additions to our Halloween decorations this year. We still haven't been to Costco yet which we usually do every year and will normally find something to buy so watch this space. 

Have you bought any decorations for Halloween yet?

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Is Taking The Kids To The Pool A Dad Thing To Do?


Both boys absolutely love the water and we try to take them swimming as often as we can. I probably shouldn't say we, I actually mean John takes them swimming whenever he can. I'm not fond of swimming or water if I'm honest. I don't feel confident at all and if something were to happen I don't think I would react well. I'm not quite sure where this fear has come from but I would hate the boys to pick up on it so I tend to take a step back. Don't get me wrong I will go in from time to time but if I can get out of it I will. 
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Our Favourite Bedtime Stories

Story time is a huge part of our bedtime routine. It was something we used to do together with big J and now little J too. Once little J has had his bath and is in his PJ's we climb into bed with him, snuggle under the duvet and read a book. Over the years we have collected so many great stories and our favourites do change all the time, but here is our top 6 stories we are reading at the moment. 
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Review - Havex Machines


For the past week or so we have had lots of fun playing with Havex Machines. We had seen an advert on you tube for them and they looked amazing so little J was excited to receive two to play with. The tag line is Race Transform Battle and that is exactly what they do. The Havex Machine comes with a small micro car very similar to Micro Machines for those old enough to remember. You can play with the car but once you are ready to battle you drive the car into the Havex Machine and it triggers the machine to transform in to a bot ready to battle.
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Review - PJ Masks Headquarters

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset Box
Little J first heard about PJ Masks quite late on when we stumbled upon it on TV. We had no idea what it was but it was really good. Now, he absolutely loves it and like most boys and girls runs around our living room pretending to be Cat Boy, Owlette and Gecko. He recently was given some PJ Masks figures from his Grandparents which was perfect timing as we received PJ Masks Headquarters to review recently.
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Review - Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track & Cars Set

Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track Box
You may have read our recent announcement that we are back on the Chad Valley Play Panel and we are super excited. We love receiving toys and as part of our new role we were very lucky to receive the new Street Showdown Racing Track & Cars Set last week. Little J loves cars so was super excited to try this out.
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We're On The Chad Valley Play Panel and Giveaway

Chad Valley Play Panel Ambassador Badge
I am so excited and honoured to let you all know that we have been chosen once again to be part of the Chad Valley Play Panel. I mentioned last year just how much we love Chad Valley toys and how Argos and Chad Valley were a huge part of our childhood. I think everyone I know would spend the lead up to Christmas writing out their Christmas lists from toys in the Argos Catalogue. I used to write out the product codes too. Chad Valley have been making toys for over 150 years and I really do hope they continue to make toys for little ones for many more.  

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Disney Mickey Roadsters Super Training Tracks

Disclosure - We were sent the product below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

We are huge fans of all things Disney and especially Mickey Mouse. Little J absolutely loves the new edition to Disney Junior, Mickey and The Roadster Races. We first heard about it when we were in Walt Disney World and little J wanted to collect the cars. Then when we got home we found it whilst browsing the TV. If you haven't heard of Mickey and The Roadster Races before its very similar to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so you can imagine that its very bright, colourful and features the main Disney Characters. 

Mickey and the roadster racers super tracks
We were recently sent The Mickey Roadsters Super Training Tracks to review and as you can imagine it was a big hit with little J. He loves making tracks and cars so two of his favourite things in one package. 

Mickey and the Roadster Racers super tracks
Mickey and the Roadster Racers super tracksThe Mickey Roadster track is simple to set up - even I was able to do it. I followed the instructions and every piece is labelled. I'm not sure if you can see it on the piece above but They all have letters and numbers on to make it easier to build. 

Once the back of the playset was built I started making the tracks. The back has a lift which you use to take the cars up to their starting position. 

Mickey and the Roadster Racers super tracks
Last but not least I added the traffic lights to the starting lines. 

Mickey and the Roadster Racers super tracks
Mickey and the Roadster Racers super tracksOnce built you put the two cars in their starting positions and get ready to race. 

Mickey and the Roadster Racers super tracks
The set comes with Mickey and Pete. Mickey comes in his Hot Dogging Hot Rod and Pete in his Super Crusher. Each car can be pushed off the started line by using a flipper type switch. 

There is 100cm of track for the cars to race down.

Mickey and the Roadster Racers super tracks
Mickey and the Roadster Racers super tracks
Mickey and the Roadster Racers super tracks
The winner is the first car to pass the finish line. 

The Disney Mickey Roadsters Super Training Tracks are bright, colourful and perfect for roadster fans. It has 100cm of track which are easy to build with all parts labelled

The set features two cars, however they do work with normal cars too which is an added bonus. 

The Mickey and The Roadster Races Super Training Tracks is available from most good toy stores and online at Amazon.
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