WOW Toys - Tow Truck Tim

9 September 2015

I am genuinely proud and honoured to be a WOW Toys Blogger Buddy and not because we get to try out cool toys but because its a brand that I really believe in. We have a few WOW toys now and little J loves playing with them. He is at the stage now were he is using his imagination to create little role play scenarios with his toys. His favourite is still cars and figures. It's very rare to see him without a car or a little man in his hand. He just loves toys and I could watch him play all day. When we received Tow Truck Tim to review he was so excited. He wanted it out the box and in his hands faster than I could get it there. He eagerly stood waiting for me to pop it out the box.

Tow Truck Tim is a motorised tow truck who comes to the aid of Rolling Ray. Ray is car that has broken down and needs help.

Tow Truck Tim comes in two parts. There is the truck (Tim) and also a detachable trailer with magnetic car winch.

Both Tim and Ray have a lift up clear plastic window.

Lift up the window and you can pop in Meena the mechanic, Ben the driver or any other WOW figures as they all fit perfectly.

After a little demonstration on how to work the magnetic winch, little J wanted to give it a try himself.

To rescue Ray you attach the magnetic winch to the back of Rolling Ray. Little J was able to do this with ease.

To bring Ray on to Tow Truck Tim you press the GREEN button once he is attached to the magnetic winch

If you want to release Ray once he is onboard Tow Truck Tim you press the RED button. Little J struggle with the red button but worked out quickly that if he placed one hand on the truck and one finger on the button, Ray was released. Ray rolled down off Tow Truck Tim.

If you want to keep Ray on the truck you can lift up the tailgate to close.

Little J played with Tow Truck Tim and Rolling Ray most of the day, acting out little scenarios. At one point a WOW robot was the driver. 

Little J loves the figures and they are perfect for little hands. Here he is showing us Meena the girl mechanic.


What We Loved

The magnetic winch is perfect to help with little J's hand eye co-ordination

All the WOW toys we have are excellent quality

No cheap and nasty small parts

Made to last - this is really durable and will provide hours and hours of fun

Tow Truck Tim works with all WOW cars so perfect if you already have some

You can extend the play by adding other WOW figures

What Could Improve

Some may say the price is a little expensive but I honestly believe you get what you pay for. Its currently £27.99 online and worth every penny


You can view more details on Tow Truck Tim and other WOW toys by visiting the website or you can Buy Online

*we received Tow Truck Tim for the purpose of this review - all thought, opinions and photographs are our own*


  1. My god-daughter would LOVE this! She's such a little tomboy at times and loves things like this.

    C x | Lux Life

  2. What a great toy! It looks very well made & I love that there's a working tow line. Perfect for little boys, my boys adored trucks & men too.

  3. What a great range of toys they have. I love the size of them perfect for toddler hands.

  4. I always have to drag N away from the toy shelves when he spots the Wow toys. He's too old for them now really, but that doesn't bother him.

  5. Aww my little guy would love that toy, he loves all his cars and vehicles. I've never actually seen any of the WOW toys range in person though, must try to find them :)

  6. This is a new brand for me I must admit, will have to keep an eye out when buying for birthdays.

  7. That looks lovely, I think my small aldy would love this, we're trying not to sucummb to an overpowering amount of dolls and fairies so trucks and farms are a big hit with us parents in my house

  8. What a lovely blog. I will certainly be back. Please keep writing! why not look here


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