Natural History Museum Shop - Personalised T-Shirt

23 September 2015

One of the many things I love about being a blogger is finding out about brands, companies or shops that I haven't heard of before. When it comes to buying presents I do like to find unique and special presents and I spend lots of time browsing through google especially around Christmas and birthdays.

I recently came across The Naturall History Museum Shop online and if I am honest at first it didn't appeal to me mainly because the ages of my monkeys. I honestly didn't think there would be anything for them but I was so wrong. It just goes to show that you should never judge a shop by its title.

The online shop is huge with categories such as souvenirs, home, clothes, accessories, books and even jewellery. I actually browsed through the jewellery for myself and some of the pieces are beautiful.

The personalised T-shirts collection caught my eye, I am a sucker for all things personalised. I think they make an ordinary gift so special.

The long sleeved blue striped Diplodocus tee instantly appealed to me for little J because of the colours. He really suits this type of blue and as winter is coming long sleeved t-shirts are a must.

The personalised part of the t-shirt is so cute. 

First you choose the size - currently ranging from 1.5-2yrs up to 7-8 years. 

Then you enter your child's name.

Your child's year of birth.

Then you choose a dino suffix SAURUS or OSAURUS

When your personalisation is created it will look like the t-shirt in the photo above. We chose to create an OSAURUS personalisation as it fitted better with little J's name.

The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and machine washable. Due to the printing on the t-shirt you need to iron on the reverse.

The quality of the t-shirt is lovely although little J hasn't been able to wear it yet as I accidentally ordered the wrong size. Although little J is only 30 months his top half is longer than his bottom so we always buy 3-4 years although in some shops he is 4-5 years old in jumpers and t-shirts. As there was no 4-5 years I ordered 5-6 years old which I now know was a mistake as its too big. 

I have put it safely in his wardrobe and hopefully he will be able to wear it sooner rather than later. I am unable to return as its personalised and no returns are accepted unless faulty which is understandable.


What We Loved

It's personalised

The colours of the t-shirt are so bold and will suit little J.

Long sleeved option perfect for autumn and winter days

100% cotton

What Could Improve

It would be nice to have some girly colours because I know lots of little girls who like dinosaurs and would love this. I'm not sure blue or grey would appeal to all girls.


To view more of the personalised range you can visit the website. The personalised long sleeved T-shirt is currently priced at £21.

*we received the personalised T-shirt for the purpose of the review, all thoughts, opinions and photos are our own*


  1. I love this! What a cute t-shirt. I'm a bit annoyed that they only do "boy" colours. I'm so fed up with every interest being assigned a gender. (Sorry, rant). Great review.

  2. I love this as a gift idea ... actually I am clicking on there right now to order one for my little boy. He would go crazy for these tops! such a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing, I am sure to visit that shop lots in the lead up to crimbo too. Great post, anna

  3. Ahhh what a cute top! Love the personalization & the discovered in 2013 part, that is so great. It's too bad they don't do girly colors too. I find it tough for my son who loves art, as most of the art sets are pink & have a girl slant to them. A pink dino would be adorable :) x

  4. LOVE the little top and Jakeosaurus is super cute! My little boy loves Dinosaurs so I am going to check it out and order him a special top for his upcoming birthday :D

  5. That is really cute! I agree some more unisex looking shirts would be nice. My little girl would love one!

  6. What a great top. I would never have looked at that shop online before now. Just goes to show x

  7. what a cute top and I agree about the colours. Although I love gender neutral colours too.

  8. I love this. I think it would be perfect for my godson/best friend's son, so reckon I might get him one for his 3rd birthday.


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