How To Make Sure Your Children Are Healthy And Happy

24 September 2015

When you’re raising children, regardless of how old they are their health remains a top priority. A child’s health encompasses many things: their diet, exercise as well as their emotional wellbeing. It can be tough to juggle these concerns simultaneously and yet by managing to do so can only mean that you are doing the best for your child. Like anything else, practice makes perfect and parenting offers lots of chances for practice!

Here are some tips for ensuring your little ones stay fighting fit.

We let big J choose his own paint colour for his room and he even helped

There are bound to be disagreements between brothers (or any siblings, to be honest) but it is important that as a parent you remain neutral and take on board everyone’s opinion as much as you can. When the time comes to purchase a new bed, for instance, taking on board their opinions and ideas before making the final decision can help them feel like valued members of the family. This doesn’t need to be a stressful experience, either, as browsing online bedroom furniture shops like BedStar which have HD images and easy to navigate sections that help choosing between their enormous selection of products easier. That way you save yourself time and can easily navigate any sibling rivalry from the privacy of your own home, rather than in the shop.

Encourage them to eat their vegetables from a young age

It can be tough getting your children to take an interest in healthy eating if you don’t start early. A fun way to ensure that your little ones enjoy their food is to make sure that you yourself don’t see healthy eating as a chore, but rather something that can be fun and enjoyable. Cutting their vegetables into funny shapes can help when they’re reluctant to try something new. Similarly, appreciating the various colours and textures of vegetables can help – if your children don’t like peas, try something else! There’s no point trying to force them to love something but with so much variety of vegetables available, there’s bound to be something that they will enjoy!

Keep an active lifestyle 

Whether it’s walking to school instead of driving or treating yourself to a quick swim in the evening it is vital that your children learn the importance of keeping active from a young age. If they show an interest in a sport or hobby, encourage them to practice it and take an active interest in it yourself. This will not only help them develop confidence but will also help your relationship as parent and child.

Follow your own advice

Like any of the ideas I’ve listed, the key to making sure your children realise the wisdom behind them is to employ them yourself. There’s no point asking your children to be active and conscientious of other people’s feelings if at the end of the day you ignore your own advice!



  1. We have one of those free outdoor gyms near where we live and it is always so busy. As you say walking to school which we do i feel is so important to get fresh and awake before school, also the exercise helps. Luckly my Little Man and Bubs both love their veg so I'm a very lucky Mummy. x

  2. I think you are bang on with your last paragraph - we can encourage all we want but if we aren't eating healthy ourselves & exercising then what kind of example is that to set? Kids follow what we do more than what we say :) x

  3. Some great tips! It's definitely important to get kids used to veggies from a young age and to encourage them to lead an active lifestyle. I can't stand peas and sweetcorn, but love lots of other veggies! It's just about finding what they like.

    C x | Lux Life

  4. Slowly but surely my little one is eating more veg. We walk to school everyday and encourage lots of extra curricular activities to keep active, something I'm trying to be more of myself. :-) x

  5. great tips and if carried out from a young age it does make a difference.

  6. Some great tips here. I completely agree with your last point, I think modelling a healthy lifestyle for children is one of the most important things we can do as parents.

  7. Pickle stared his food journey loving veg - it's hit and miss now! Definitely have to practice what you preach! Kaz x

  8. Great tips on keeping your child healthy and it is important that children get their 5 a day. Which reminds me I need to eat more fruit and veg!


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