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22 September 2015

Little J has become a fan of Thomas The Tank Engine over the past few months. We enjoyed a lovely day at Thomas Land last weekend and little J is also enjoying his new Thomas and Friends books so when we were given the chance to review Thomas - Remote Control Train we jumped at the chance.

Remote Control Thomas is easy to control, the remote has just two large buttons which is perfect for little hands. The large green button moves Thomas forward and the large yellow button spins Thomas around so he faces the opposite direction.

The Thomas train is a replica of the real Thomas The Tank Engine, ideal for Thomas fans.

Little J absolutely loves whizzing Thomas around our front room. Thomas works perfectly on our wooden floor and also works great on the rug too. We haven't tried Thomas yet on a thick, deep carpet so unsure how it would work.

Big J will often play with Thomas too and drive him though little J's legs. Little J finds it so funny.

When Thomas is moving along the floor he says a variety of phrases including

Hello, I'm Thomas

Lets Go

Full Steam Ahead

You're A Really Useful Engine Driver

Let's Keep Steaming Along

This Is Fun

Thomas also makes engine noises and toot toot sounds.

You can view our video of Thomas so you can see how he works.


What We Loved

We are big fans of remote control cars, trains and planes so this was perfect for us.

Easy to control, just two buttons makes it so much easier than other complicated remote controls.

Thomas actually does what you want - we have had other RC vehicles in the past that don't work well at all and just do their own thing.

Its Thomas and everyone loves Thomas.

What Could Improve

We were not impressed that Thomas takes a whopping six AAA batteries. They are not included and we didn't have any so I had to go out to the shop to buy some as little J couldn't wait till the next time I was at the shops.


Thomas and Friends Remote Control Thomas is available both online and instore. Check him out here

*we received Thomas for the purpose of this review, all thoughts, opinions, photos and video are our own*


  1. This looks good but I think it's really bad that the batteries aren't included. It's a good reminder for me though. I once asked my Grandad what his one piece of parenting advice was and he thought about it and then said "always have batteries in the house on Christmas Day!"

  2. aw that's a great product my little nephew would love that. I will have to tell his mum and get it added to his wish list.

  3. We have this too! My little boy really loves it - it was a gift from last Christmas that has gotten tons of use!

  4. That looks great! I love remote control little things and my daughter is starting to like them too. But wow that is a lot of batteries!

  5. Looks like such a fun toy! I love that the remote is small & simple for little hands. That is a lot of batteries though & I know that difficulty waiting until you get some from the shop! x

  6. Great Review, my little boys are not in to trains yet and don't have great fine motor skills but hopefully that will improve and they might like trains. If they do I will certainly be buying the Thomas the Tank you reviewed above.

  7. Really great honest review. Such a shame it takes so many batteries, 6 is a lot for any toy. x

  8. We just got this to review too and I was als shocked about the batteries! 6?! It is a lot of fun for lamb though and fab as a first remote control toy xx

  9. How cool is that, my sons would love it. I love that it says phases too.
    Rubbish about the batteries though as kids will want to play with it straight away

  10. This looks so much fun but that is a lot of batteries.

  11. Looks so much fun and easy for little fingers to control too!

  12. My little one is a huge Thomas fan, he'd love this


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