Bananagrams Wildtiles Review

11 September 2015

As soon as Autumn begins I get all the board games out. I love playing board games and as much as Daddy and big J may protest because they would rather play the xbox they always end up having great fun. We usually get a few new games for Christmas but last week we received Bananagrams Wild Tiles in the post. I have heard of the Bananagrams before but had no idea what it was.

The game fits in a banana shaped pouch and consists of lettered tiles very similar to Scrabble. I love Scrabble but big J has never been interested enough to play with me but when I showed him this and how simple it was he agreed to play. There is no need for a board, pens or papers just the tiles and people.

The rules are very simple,  to start the game place the 150 letters out onto a table. They must be face down. The wild tiles version of the game includes 6 monkey tiles which, if drawn can be used as any letter you wish

Each player draws a number of tiles depending on the number of people playing the game. There was three of us playing so we drew 21 each. As soon as we had drawn the correct amount of letters, big J shouted Split. This is the signal to start the game.

Once the games begin you have to create words using your letters which must connect like a crossword puzzle. Once you have used all your letters you shout Peel. All players must then draw one more letter from the bunch. You then have to keep rearranging your puzzle so you can fit in the new letters. If there is a letter you need inside a word already placed you can take it out as long as the letters left still form a word.

If it is impossible for you to place a letter you shout Dump and you can put it back in the bunch but you must draw 3  more out the pile.

Play goes on until there are less tiles in the bunch than there are number of players. Then the first person to use all of his or her letters shouts Bananas.

The game then stops and all players must check the players words to make sure they are real words. If you think the player has included a false word then they become a Rotten Banana and all their tiles must be placed back in the bunch and play continues for the remaining players.

The winner of the game is the Top Banana.

What We Liked

No setup required
Perfect if you have a spare 30 minutes or even less depending how good you are
The monkey tiles are a great addition

What Could Improve

Honestly we wouldn't improve anything, we love it.

The banana pouch is ideal if you want to take it out and about with you to keep the kids entertained. 

Bananagrams WildTiles is recommended ages 7+, RRP £16.99 and is available to buy by visiting Amazon

For more information about the new game check out Bananagrams over on Facebook

*we were sent Bananagrams for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*


  1. This looks fab and a game that can really help with spelling. Love the fact it's in a little banana shape ouch so it can be taken anywhere out and about.

  2. I need to buy this, my boys aren't old enough but I need to.. For me! I'm a scrabble lover and this looks like so much fun. My dad would love it!

  3. I think this game is great. A fantastic way for kids to learn. I'll have to buy it for my niece and nephews.

  4. I have been looking at games for little one for christmas and I think she would love this as she's really into spelling at the moment.Looks like a really good game :-) x

  5. This game looks fab! Great for teaching new words and learning how to spell. Love the bag too! X

  6. This sounds great for older kids. I like the idea its easily transported, so its ideal for taking on holiday without the need for a big bulky box

    Cat x

  7. The bananagram tiles look like so much fun I bet the children love them!


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