Aldi Special Buys

16 September 2015

As you may already know I am a big fan of Aldi and have been doing our main shopping there for a year or so now. We have had two new Aldi's open up close by now so its good to have one within a short driving distance. Although we shop there weekly, I had no idea about Aldi Special Buys. I do have a look though the non-food section and have picked up a few bits in the past but I didn't realise they have items on offer too.

Aldi Special Buys are released twice a week on a Thursday and a Sunday.  They are usually grouped together in categories, for example at the moment there are Rugby Special Buys and on Thursday 17th September all Aldi Special Buys will be Baby and Toddler.  A few weeks ago the it was bedroom ranges on offer and I was lucky enough to receive a few items to try out.
I did mention a few weeks ago that I am looking to revamp our bedroom so when I saw this duvet set I knew it would brighten up our room.

Firstly I loved the design it has a wintery feel to it so perfect for this time of year. The colours are really warm and I love the red, white and grey together. When I read it was brushed cotton I knew it would keep us warm on the 'soon to be' colder evenings.

When the duvet set arrived I loved the feel of it straight away. It felt so warm and cosy and I couldn't wait to wash, dry and pop it on the bed. We had also been sent some pillow protectors to which is a must for hubby as he changes pillows all the time so I am hoping this will give him a little more support and comfort.

The bedding looks really lovely on the bed and I love how it has somehow made our room seem bigger. When we got in to bed the first night it was so cosy and warm, it was hard to get back out of the bed.

 Daddy's pillowcase bobbled overnight - the photograph isn't very clear

I did however notice that the next morning Daddy's pillowcase seemed to have bobbled during the night. Mine didn't so we assumed it was maybe his stubble on his face as he hadn't shaved. It got worse over the next few days so after washing it again we gave it another try but it has continued to bobble. Its such a shame because I absolutely love the design and feel of the duvet cover. I'm just not sure how we can get round this problem, but other than this we love it. 

The pillow protectors are perfect for giving your pillow some added oomph and Daddy has had better sleep since using it. He usually wakes to fluff his pillow during the night but hasn't had to.


What We Loved

The design. It's so pretty and has a nice Christmas feel to it

Brushed cotton makes it so soft and cosy

Priced at just £12.99 - bargain

What Could Improve

The fact that the pillow has bobbled on Daddy's side is such a shame

I would have loved to pick up a few more as there were four designs but the offers only last a few days. I went in to my local Aldi and they had all gone.


To view Aldi Special Buys you can visit the website

*we received the duvet set and pillow protectors for the purpose of this review - all thoughts and opinions are our own*


  1. Duvets are so expensive usually so a good offer here. Shame it bobbled, but I guess that's not unexpected with the price

  2. I visit Aldi sometimes but I mostly shop online as I have two little ones so going shopping can be a chore. I never knew Aldi had special buys either, I have seen they sell all kinds of things but I never normally have a look. Your duvet set is lovely, such a shame it went bobbly so quickly xx

  3. Wow, what a lovely bed set! I love shopping at Aldi, you can find the best treasures. I love their fresh food & meat too. The set goes so nicely with the Disney pillows too x

  4. It was a great price, but such a shame it bobbled after one use. You can get such amazing buys in there though x

  5. Do you have 1 pillow or 2 pillows each? We sleep on 2. I put the "fancy" one on top for show and a plain coordinating one that we sleep on. Most pillow cases with sets have ridges or folds or buttons or something. Just swap them as you go to bed xx Sally

  6. I LOVE Aldi but you have to go as soon as the offers come out otherwise you miss out. I agree with more of a range too.
    Such a shame the pillow bubbled so quickly - annoying!
    Thanks for sharing lovely
    Charlotte x

  7. Oh dear that's a shame they went a little bobbly, I've never bought any bedding from aldi before but anything else I've bought for hte home I've been really impressed!

  8. I haven't been to Aldi that much to be honest. I like the sound of the weekly deals though, just a shame about the bobbling :(

  9. I had no idea that Aldi was also in the UK! It's funny, there's an Aldi near us that I never even knew existed even though we had driven by it countless times. It's one of those stores that seem to hide in the background unless you're looking for it, and as soon as I read about the deals you could score there, I was looking for it!


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