Back to School Nike Trainers From Get The Label

2 September 2015

I think its just a 'boy thing' but I am forever buying trainers or tracksuits for big J. Trainers for running, boots for football, trainers for playing out and trainers for best. It goes on and on. With school starting he needs a good pair of trainers to be able to use for multi sports indoor or outdoor. I have used Get The Label before and was very pleased with the price of the items we chose and the service too so I popped online to take a look.

Big J loves Nike trainers and if I am honest they are usually slightly more expensive than other trainers he has had in the past but they do seem to last longer than others. They always feel light too which is perfect for running around in. There is nothing worse than trying to run in trainers that are so heavy and chunky. He is at 6 at the moment and they are always a perfect fit compared to other brands that feel slightly tight.
The website was really easy to navigate round. We first clicked on boys then we searched by brand 'Nike'
It brought up all the products available by Nike. The trainers he chose were actually in the boys up to size 5.5 section but there was a 6 available at the same price.

The trainers arrived via a courier and were great, exactly what we ordered and expected. 
Like I said earlier we have used Get The Label many times and I am always happy with the cost of the big brands items such as Nike, Adidas etc. You will find most items will have a 'saving of £...' attached. Brilliant value for money.

There is a giveaway over on Facebook for the chance to win a Get The Label Back To School Goody Bag.  and  don't forget to find the free delivery discount code on the main page for orders over £40

*we were received the trainers above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.*


  1. I want to get my boy his first pair of trainers he's 4, I am going to take a look on this site to see if they do his size. He's been asking for a pair of trainers for ages. I always put him in clarks shoes.

  2. Oh these are lovely! I've gotten really into wearing runners just around the house even as the support they offer to my feet is better than anything else!

  3. I love Get the Label, they really do have some great deals. Those runners look great, boys can never have enough runners can they - not if my brother is anything to go by! :)

  4. Great runners! My boys live in them. It's great to have a new pair for back to school. Thanks for the giveaway tip, I will check that out! x

  5. I've not heard of this site before, so this was really helpful for me. My son needs new trainers so I'll definitely check it out :)

  6. They looks great. I need to get some new trainers before attempting to get fit! x

  7. they look lovely, never heard of this site, must have a proper look at site later, thanks for sharing x

  8. I've never heard of this website! My ladies are still in Clarks shoes but in have to get a new pair of running runners myself so I must try this site!!


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