Time To Freshen Up Our Home

3 September 2015

I recently mentioned that our bedroom needs a makeover but after sitting back and thinking about it the whole house does too. We got a double extension on our house back in 2007 and we decorated from top to bottom. Since then it has only been painted once. I think when we found out we were pregnant with little J we didn't want to decorate then as it meant lots of work and we didn't have the time or money as we were saving for a new baby. Then it got to the point were we thought we don't want to decorate when he's a toddler because he will be drawing on the walls and getting up to all sorts of mischief. Actually little J is a very good toddler and I don't think he will have the 'terrible twos' at all, *fingers crossed* so we have decided to decorate the whole house.

The beige coloured walls and dark furniture were great at first but now its time to add a bit of colour.

Now we have the idea to decorate and give our home a makeover its just getting the motivation to actually start. We've been browsing for decorating ideas and makeover tips. We have every room painted at the moment and it would be nice to paint again but we would definitely need a change in colour.

The walls throughout the downstairs, hall, landing and stairs are a very plain beige colour. We loved it at first but now its just boring. It looks bright but the slightest of marks really show up and then it just looks dirty.

So we were thinking of completely changing the colour scheme and choosing something a little darker but still bright. I know it will take us weeks to decided on a colour, there will be lots of tester pots coming home with us.

Once we have decided on a colour we will then match our furniture around that and hopefully fingers crossed by Christmas our house will be all fresh and gleaming.

Do you have the same colour scheme throughout your home or does each room have its own individuality?



  1. That's so exciting - like starting with a clean slate and being able to make it look however you want. We have a few big canvases we use to brighten up walls, plus decals in my daughter's room, but I do love paint tester pots as well.

  2. We have recently started decorating here and have gone for 1 wall of wall paper for a pop of colour with the other 3 walls in a cream colour. That way we get a pop of colour but it still feels bright and airy. Good luck with the decorating xx

  3. Oh good luck with it all. We still have loads of decorating to do here, but we move in 18 months so I am thinking we might not bother! x

  4. I have the desire to change my sons bedroom but the husband is saying to wait till next year as I have just done the whole lounge!!

  5. We've just done our baby boys room, but now wanting to move onto the next project... The lounge!! Just need a few pennies first lol. Xxx

  6. Oh, how exciting! I can't wait to see what you choose. It's crazy because once you are done building your house, then the renovation starts then redecorating - it's never ending! x

  7. The apartment I am renting has the same white (though more cream) coloured walls throughout and I love it but could do with some touch ups.

  8. Sounds you have a plan to get things how you want them. Our house needs updating as well. We have a lot of cream throughout but then each room seems to have a different colour with it to break it up and they all work together swell and don't clash which I think works well. I still have a lot to do myself though. Hope you make the decision on your colour choices soon. :)

  9. Have fun with your decorating, it's always great to freshen things up and have a change. I wish we could change our magnolia walls but our house is rented :(


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