September, The Beginning Of My Year

4 September 2015

For me the beginning of the year is never January its always September. I think because big J starts his new school year September and my work year starts in September it just feels right. So with September here its time for me to start planning. They say there are 3 types of people, a past person, a present person and a future person. I am definitely a future person. I'm not truly happy unless I am planning something.
The iPhone calendar is a great way for me to keep on top of what I need to plan for.

So every year around this time I start thinking about the year ahead and what I need to plan and usually it involves working to a budget.

Our holiday in Cyprus

Holidays/Getaways – While this may not be feasible when the money is tight, we do like to take at least one family holiday in July or August. It gives us the opportunity to spend time together as a family and build memories. A long holiday may not always be possible, but at the very least a weekend or two away is a must for my budget plan. I like to try and book as early as possible to try and cut costs.

 Family Birthdays – We have family birthdays or celebrations every month of the year so I like to make sure we have money set aside each month for these. Usually we go out for a meal but I am hoping we may have an indian summer so we can have a cheeky BBQ or two. Buying supplies, food, beverages and decorations can be but I love having everyone round.

  Winter Wardrobe – It doesn't seem that long ago that we kitted ourselves out in shorts and t-shirts but if the recent weather is anything to go by we will be wearing our winter warmers soon.

Chritsmas - Our favourite time of year. I absolutely love Christmas shopping and buying gifts for everyone. I do try and have a set budget but usually once I go in the Disney store the budget goes out the window.

You can see how quickly all of these costs start to mount up. I feel really good about my finances when I keep these sorts of concerns in mind and build a budget template that includes them. I also start each Autumn season by checking my credit report here Experian Credit Report, in order to ensure that nothing suspicious or detrimental has appeared over the past year, and I am amazed at how many people neglect to take this simple step! Get on track for year with a brainstorming session, your budget and a credit report check.



  1. That's so organised! I think I'm a bit of a future person as well, I always seem to be planning, but never quite that far ahead. I know what you mean about September being a new 'year' too, however old you are.

  2. I never can set a budget for Christmas as us as a whole family just go way over the top and totally spoil the kids. I buy presents all year round though so it doesnt cost quite as much in one lump sum at christmas time xx

  3. It is crazy how quickly the summer goes by! It feels like one day you are buying shorts & the next sweaters. I'm working on my organization now too - things are piling up on me with the blog & I need a better system of keeping track :)

  4. I am just like you! I feel so much better if I have things planned especially when they are going to involve money so I dont get tripped up by unexpected costs that could have been avoided!

  5. oh god your so organised, I have to admit I am not good at budget planning and as a result have ended up with a good high visa bill but lately I have been cutting back and really need to get finances under control.

  6. I wanted to try and plan better this year, and mostly I did but not as well as you. I have decided that we must go away next year mind, we've not been on a plane since our honeymoon four years ago. Hoping to take both kids away next year which will mean planning and saving.

  7. We have seven holidays/breaks this year as I love to travel. I always like something booked to look forward to too! x

  8. September is definitely a new start in the year isn't it? I usually start thinking about Christmas around this time of year too, I try to get things organised as early as I can :)

  9. It's great that you're so organised - I need to take a leaf out of your book. Although I'm getting better... It doesn't help that my budget goes out the window every single Christmas though!

  10. My year tends to start in September too I always want to start a new diary. Although I have to admit I'm definitely more a present person!


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