In The Night Garden Live - The Ninky Nonk Show Review

8 September 2015

In The Night Garden Live is touring at the moment and last month we visited the purpose built showdome in Manchester. Little J has never been to a show before so we were unsure whether he would like it. He loves In The Night Garden and has met Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy many times in Alton Towers. He gets so excited when he see's them so we decided we would take him along.

The showdome was situated in the car park towards the back of the Trafford Centre. We arrived early as doors opened at 9:30am with the show starting at 10am. We didn't have specific seat numbers so we wanted to make sure we got a good seat.

It wasn't very busy when we arrived so we had a quick look at the gift shop. There we lots of goodies for sale and people had took advantage of the pre booking a goody bag. I thought our ticket included a goody bag as it was printed on the ticket but unfortunately it never. On the day the goodie bags are £39 but you receive a discount of £10 if you book beforehand. We decided not to go ahead with the goodie bag as it contained a few items we had at home that were very similar. We did buy a light up windmill which spun around showing off lots of colourful lights. Little J loved it and waved it around throughout the show. It was £7 so wasn't too expensive.

When we arrived at the seating area we were escorted upstairs. The downstairs seating area was for premium ticket holders only. We had standard tickets but the views from the seats all looked good. We decided to go right at the back. The seats are tiered so we had an amazing view plus the show wasn't sold out so we had no one sat in front or to the side of us.

The stage was set in the middle of the dome with projections of the night garden all around it. As soon as it began all the children went quiet including little J as the title song began to play.

With the use of puppets and real life size characters the show starts with Iggle Piggle. All the children clapped and cheered when he took to the stage. Little J clapped and jumped out his seat. He was memorised from the moment it started. We then got the chance to see all the characters including Makka Pakka, The Tombliboos, The Pontipines and little J's favourite Upsy Daisy.

The Ninky Nonk show told us the story of how Iggle Piggle loses his blanket. The Pinky Ponk show tells the story of Makka Pakka washing everyones faces.

The show was just under a hour and I was so pleased that little J sat and watched the whole thing. With him just being two I thought he may be bored and fidgety, but he loved it.


  1. neither of mine have/are into In the Night garden. It looks fab and just a perfect running time i think for those little ones. Anything longer they get bored and anything shorter isn't worth it xx

  2. Oh what a lovely performance! My daughter would go crazy to see the night garden gang!! Too bad about the goody bag confusion! Who knew you'd have to pre-book!! x

  3. Looks like you all had so much fun. I've been apprehensive about taking my boys to a show in case they carried on half way through but it's good to see that your child sat still and enjoyed watching it x

  4. Looks like you all had lots of fun. I remember taking mine to similar shows when they were little.

  5. It's great that there's so many theatre shows for kids nowadays. N isn't a fan of ITNG, but I do try and take him when we can.

  6. My little one would loooooove this! She's still really young, but we watch about three episodes a day and she has all the toys. Geniuses behind this show, and they are def on drugs, with the far out things they come up with LOL

  7. That's great! Realy good to know that it can hold the attention.


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