Winning December

I tried to start my hobby again in December which is probably the worst time to start entering competitions but I did and I managed a few little wins. 

I thought I would share them on here so I had a little record of what I won in December. I mainly did twitter competitions which are a lot easier to enter than Facebook or websites especially if you don't have a lot of time. I do however like to have a browse at the website of the companies giving away prizes as sometimes you can come across sites you might not stumble upon usually.

My first win of the month was from Smooth Radio. There was a competition over on twitter which asked you to tweet a photo or a memory of Blackpool. I have so many memories of Blackpool. I have been going since I was little. Its such a fun day out and we try to go as often as we can. My memory however was the first time that big J walked on the Skywalk. The piece of thick glass that you can walk on which when you look down is 380ft. Its expanded over the years but when we first went on it it was only a small square and big J lay on it. He was bothered at all that you could see right down to the floor. He loved it. Anyway this was my memory and it won. I won afternoon tea at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Sounds lovely and we can't wait to go.

Next I entered a competition over a Hitachi Finance to win a Festive Betty's Hamper. I was so pleased when I got the message to say I won. Daddy loves christmas cake and there was a lovely one included in the hamper. The presentation of the hamper was lovely. It came in a gorgeous hat box which I will use for something else once we've ate it all.

Boyles Bingo picked me as one of the winners of their festive stocking competition and I received a stocking full of christmas treats including lovely Jelly lollipops which big and little J enjoyed. 
I did win a few other competitions but the prizes haven't arrived yet so I will include them next month.


  1. I must get into comping again! I used to win quite a lot! Some really nice prizes here!

    Laura x x x

  2. Oh wow... great competition wins! The afternoon tea sounds lovely!!

  3. December is the best and the worst month to start again....There are just so many comps and it gets a little crazy but it gives you more chance to win!
    What wonderful prizes! The Festive Betty's Hamper is gorgeous x

  4. My luck is having a break at the mo. happy comping xx


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