Nerf Wars

I know we won't be the only ones that have spent many days and nights having our very own Nerf wars, in our living room. Nerf fights are just so much fun and we have played with Nerf for as long as I can remember. I don't think there has been one birthday or christmas were we haven't got a brand new Nerf gun, well maybe thats a fib because I can't imagine Father Christmas bringing a Nerf gun for big J's first Christmas.
So over the years we have built up quite the collection and we still use each and every one of them at some point during our fights. So last night we turned our living room into the battle arena and we set up bases for each of us. Now when I say each of us I mean Daddy, big J and myself. Now little J is very keen to join in and will be found wandering around with a unloaded blaster in his hand but he hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. He doesn't understand that we need to run and hide when there is a sponge bullet flying towards us, somehow though he manages to dodge the bullets with ease and seems to have a great time.
Big J somehow manages to swap his gun at least five times during a battle and will pause the game while he tries to pick up bullets that have flew around the living room. 
Last night I was using my new Nerf Rebelle that I had bought myself, its pink, purple and white and its just for girls, so all mine. I did cheat a little as I used little J's castle tent as my base so it was very easy to hide from the bullets but also sneaky enough to peek through the hole and shoot at my opponents. 
Usually we do have one casualty at some point in the game, someone will get hit in the face or worse the eye and that someone is usually me but somehow last night I was pain free and had lots of fun. 
I always say I am gonna count how many bullets we use per game because I am sure lots go missing throughout as we always finish with a lots less than we started, we usually find them behind the TV or other crazy places for weeks after.
Have you ever had your own Nerf battle?


  1. We have these in our house too! I always finding the bullets everywhere!

  2. Now you can't beat a bit of Nerf wars, used to be spud guns in my day!

  3. Growing up, my brothers always had loads of Nerf guns (and still do, might I add). I bought my husband one for Christmas and he loves it!...he only wishes I'd got our two year old son one too. Here's to many more Nerf wars!!!! x

  4. Growing up my brother and I used to always have nerf wars, They were so much fun x

  5. Nerf games still twenty years later are the best fun for adults and kids alike. glad you didn't get hurt this time and had fun. :) We are never too old to have fun. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


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