Project 365 Days 12-18

The days are whizzing past this month. Here is our project 365 Days 12-18

12/365 - Today little J went to his Nana and Grandads. He loves playing in his inflatable helicopter.

13/365 - I found a packet of Gluten free muffins in the cupboard that I had bought for a relative and big J asked could he try one. I take it from his smile he thought it was yummy!

14/365 - Little J has found a new way to eat his yoghurts. No need for a spoon just stick your tongue in.

15/365 - Daddy bought me the most toastiest socks ever. They are so thick and warm and perfect for my cold feet. 
16/365 - Caught red handed rooting through my shopping looking for treats.

17/365 - Daddy and I went to see Taken 3 at the cinema. I absolutely love the Taken films and I am gutted that this is the last one. Liam Neeson is just an amazing actor and didn't disappoint.

18/365 - Today we celebrated Daddy's Dads birthday. we all went for a lovely meal. I love this photo of all the boys together.

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