Date Night

One of my resolutions is to spend more time with Daddy. Obviously I see Daddy every day but I do want to spend more time doing something just for us two. Being a parent is so time consuming and some days you don't have a minute to sit, chill and relax. When we do get to sit and talk we are normally to tired (or well I am) so its cut short.
I love being a Mummy and spending as much time with my two monkeys as possible but I do think its nice to spend time alone with Daddy.
We did manage a few nights out together in December which was nice. We are not big drinkers so a night out on the town isn't for us really. We don't go crazy maybe just a meal or the cinema. For those two hours or so you feel completely relaxed knowing that you don't have to worry about anyone or anything. 
One of our nights out was going to see the Hobbit - The Battle of The Five Armies. We booked our tickets really early to secure our seat at the Odeon in the Gallery. I love the Gallery and if you haven't been - you must. It's not available in every Odeon but if it is in one by you, do give it a try. It does cost slightly more than a usual ticket but the experience is so much more. 
We like to arrive at least 45 minutes before the movie but we got stuck in traffic with everyone christmas shopping so we were running slightly late. We headed up to the gallery which is located on the top floor. When the lift doors open you are greeted by a huge window the length of the cinema looking out over Liverpool. You can sit and relax on the sofa's while enjoying unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, nachos, popcorn and chocolates. 
I usually just have a Pepsi Max and Nacho's. I not a big fan of popcorn but Daddy loves it. The seats are so much bigger in the gallery too. You get a double leather sofa to share with speakers in. The Hobbit was in imax so the sound was amazing.
Once we were settled and had our goodies to eat and drink we were ready to watch the film. We are huge Lord of The Rings fans and have been for years. We watch the trilogy every christmas and have seen the Hobbit films as soon as they come on the cinema. 
Anyway the film was amazing and we didn't move for the duration which is probably a first for me because usually I am the one that squeezes past everyone to go the toilet at least twice through a long film. 
After we watched we returned to the gallery and had a chat about the film. Its sad to think that this is the last one. I hope Peter Jackson does something again in the future. 
So thats it, my resolution has been made that more 'Date Nights' are to be had for Daddy and I. We need to make the time and no excuses. 
Do you have 'date nights?' How do you plan them?

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