Our January Monthly Review Round Up

So January has come to an end and I am looking forward to February. I love February because its only a short month, the children have half term and its the month of love with Valentines Day on the 14th. 
I managed to read a book this month which I am shocked about really because over the last few months I just haven't had the time to do anything for myself really.
Jo Jo Moyes - Paris for one

Paris For Two One by JoJo Moyes is a Quick Reads book which was perfect for me to get back into having some 'Mummy time' 

Paris for Two One is all about Nell, a 26 year old women who plans a romantic getaway with her boyfriend to Paris. I love Paris but have only ever been as a family and infact the opening paragraph is just us...

Her gaze flicks back as the door from Security slides open. Another family - Disney-bound- walks through into the departure lounge, with buggy, screaming children and parents who have been awake to long. 

Sounds very familiar - haha.
Anyway back to the book. So unfortunately her boyfriend doesn't turn up, so Nell decides to prove all her friends wrong and takes the trip anyway, meeting up with some very adventurous people.
I really enjoyed this and I instantly went to google to see what other books were available by Jojo Moyes. The style of writing was right up my street and once I started I couldn't put it down, and I enjoyed a nice bar of Galaxy too.

Little J's hair is getting so long and curly now. Part of me thinks I should get it cut but another part of me just doesn't want him to lose his baby curls. 
When we wash his hair its right down his back so its important for us to just a good shampoo, I love it when his hair feels soft and smells good.

In December we tried O'right Dandelion Sensitive Shampoo and we noticed a difference straight away. Little J doesn't have a sensitive scalp or at least I hadn't noticed so I wasn't sure whether we would need a sensitive shampoo, but the way his hair feels, looks and smells I wouldn't use anything else from now on. We have since bought it and although it is a little costly (currently priced at £18.25 - 400ml)  I honestly couldn't recommend it enough.

I have been trying Perfect 7 by Seven Seas for the last week. As my readers will already know I am trying to be more healthy this year and I have been choosing a healthier diet and exercising when I can.
Perfect 7 for women helps support your body from the inside with a blend of marine oils, rich in Omega 3 and key vitamins and minerals.

I have another 3 weeks worth to take but so far I feel great and I haven't felt as tired as I normally do.  This could be a combination of everything I am doing but either way I'm a happy bunny.
*the above items were sent to us to try and any thoughts, opinions and photos are our own*

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