Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

Is it just me or is the Weebles jingle the catchiest song ever? I often find myself singing it even when I don't realise.  "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down" I hadn't realised the Weebles have been around for years, I have only noticed their adverts recently while watching TV with little J. This week little J received his first ever Weebles toy, Weebles Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn   

Weebledown Farm is a new addition to the Weebles collection. There are over 10 products to choose from including animal characters, mini farm vehicles and a wobbly tractor. Little J was sent Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn Playset to play with.

 When it arrived as always he couldn't wait for me to open it he just wanted to get stuck in. I did manage to open it very quickly so he could start playing.

Rusty the Rooster is included in the playset. Little J worked out quite quickly that if you push down the milk churn the windmill spins around. He did this repeatedly for about five minutes. Little J loves anything that spins and would be happy to just watch that.

I showed little J that there was a place for the rooster to sit on top of the windmill so he put Rusty up there. Then when he pressed the milk churn down it made the windmill spin and also it pushed Rusty the Rooster down the slide. 

Once Rusty the Rooster has gone down the slide you can spin him around on the millstone roundabout at the bottom.

What we liked.

Little J really enjoyed playing with the farm. Its very colourful and we like that it is all one piece. Sometimes playsets can become too complicated with lots of different pieces and add ons.

 The milk churn pushes down quite easily so at little J's age there was no need for adult help. 

Little J likes spinning the rooster around on the floor and found that very funny. 

Its nice to know you can extend the play if you wish by buying more of the same range.

What could improve.

I would have liked more than one character to be included in the playset.

The Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn is suitable from 18 months old and is part of a larger Weebledown Farm range. RRP is currently £29.99. Additional items can be bought seperately. Animals RRP £4.99, Wobbily Vehicles RRP £7.99 and the Wobbily Tractor £19.99

With little J's birthday fastly approaching I would consider extending his collection of Weebles because they are great fun.

*we were sent the Weebles Farm in return for a full honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photos above are our own*


  1. This looks like a cute toy. it's good that you managed to get straight into it. that was always the killer when I was a kid waiting to get something unboxed

  2. Awe, this looks great. We have some of the Peppa Weebles but agree more than one in the playset would be good! #TriedTested

  3. This is definitely going on Max's birthday list, he would love it! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. I absolutely love weeblys , still have some from my kids been small

  5. I too can't get the song out of my head. I'm singing it now after just reading this post lol! I might look into this for Amelia as I think she would like it. It's a shame that you only get one character with it though.
    Thanks for linking up and see you again #mummymonday (co-host) x

  6. It looks great and I am glad he had fun. I do agree their jiggle it's almost annoying unforgettable. I hum it as I'm cleaning, walking or doing almost anything.


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